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墨西哥墨西哥城27,839 条分享
Un conjunto de tiendas y casino con estilo y ambientación emulando el esplendor de la antigua Roma .

Recomendable el recorrido.

Disfruta de Forum Shops en Caesars - Compra y juega porque: ¡La un VIAJE!
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2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
When I arrived at the outlets the customer service was closed. I called the number on the sign and no one answered. Eventually I found a security guard and after about 30 minutes I was given a bag full of trinkets.
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纽约州布朗克斯1 条分享
People who love fashion and are trying new things just to build up their career can be a crisis at some point. They go store to store and find nothing that can easily inspire them. That is why I recommend one of my favorite stores, Macy’s. Macy’s is America’s Department Store, an iconic brand and retail industry leader. Macy’s customers come to its stores, e-commerce site and mobile app for fashion, value and high-quality products. Macy’s is proud of its heritage and the unique role it plays in American culture and tradition.
To begin with, the only reason why I recently tried Macys was because my mom was in desperate need of new clothes and because I really needed a new uniform since school was around the corner and my old uniforms were all torn out. I really needed a place for a new uniform since all of the other stores were all sold out and Macys looked like a great start to find my uniform, since it looked like a large business with a lot of clothes. What I really like about Macys is how there are different floors for different ages which is very convenient because in some stores they place all the clothes in one floor for every age and it makes it very difficult for people to find the right clothes for themselves or their children. I am a very credible consumer because my mom and I and my siblings usually go out to buy clothes on Macy's and other brands that sell clothes. My mom has been going to Macy's to purchase clothes for about a year and so am I and my siblings. Another reason why I really like Macy's is how their clothes are organized even though customers ruined their original placement, overall the coworkers do a splendid job. There are other brands that sell clothes, for example, Children's place. Children's place is one of my least favorite places to go and buy clothes. One reason for that is that their clothes are always messed up and out of order plus u see clothes all over the floor which is very bad because it can ruin their reputation. Another reason is that the coworkers are very slow,not meaning it like a bad thing. I just feel like they can work a little bit faster so people don't have to wait so long in the line to pay because their lines are usually very long and crowded.
I recommend Macy's to others because their clothes are fashionable and they are for all sizes, which some brands like this don't have. I love the type of clothes they have because they are comfortable and fashionable, if it's cold outside their coats are very warm and comfortable. Macy don't only just have clothes to sell they also provide shoes, beauty supplies, jewelry, etc which helps people a lot because they can just go to Macy's and buy whatever they need rather than going store to store and getting what they need. Macys sets it apart from other brands because they make sure their customers get the help they need and they make sure their clothes are neatly in place so it makes it easier for their customers since in some stores their clothes are not neatly placed and they are all over the floor which in my opinion it is disgusting to buy dirty clothes and wear them. The highest thing I recommend you to know about Macy's that causes people to want to go is that they sell different types of brands of clothes. For example, one of the people's favorites that are popular is nikes, puma, etc. The best part is that they have bathrooms which in my surprise are very clean even though some things are a little dirty, overall their bathrooms are way cleaner than other stores.
The type of person I recommend this is to people who are in love with, shopping for clothes and people who are into fashion/beauty. These types of people should be joyous for what they are doing because if they are doing a favor for their future and even, later on, they can create their own fashion company. I also recommend this to people who are willing to build up their career on beauty, vlogging on different types of popular brands and to people who buy clothes and DIY’s them into their own creative style. There are some things that consumers might see as a downfall towards Macy's is the long lines because their lines are usually long since it’s crowded with people. Another thing I feel like is a big downfall for consumers is how expensive their clothes are which in some cases some consumers don’t like to pay a lot of money for clothes. One thing that I personally feel that is a problem is that Macy's doesn’t provide a fitting room. In some cases consumers might think this is a big downfall because they want to see if their clothes fit them right and are comfortable for them, overall I really recommend Macy's.
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华盛顿斯波坎81 条分享
Very clean mall built on various levels. The shops are great with a nice variety. The food court provided various options (give Fired Pie a try for a great pizza) and the selections of store fit various budgets. My hotel was within a mile of Fashion Square so I used the shuttle to get there. Glad I did! I walked the whole mall; massive.
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Gaie K
加拿大温哥华2 条分享
Really enjoyed shopping in places such as Kate Spade and Tommy Hilfiger! Loved the rocking chairs outside as well; it was fun to sit in one while eating the ice cream from Diva Chocolates.
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Sheena F
1 条分享
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Driver was so fun & informative we got our Christmas shopping done despite getting lost numerous times due to lack of signage & shops not listed on map but that aside we had a fab day & are looking forward to next years trip
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英国大伦敦34 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
The coach was in time .. the driver informative.. and wow! The deals in Woodbury common are amazing
Coach, Karl largerfeld & Ralph Lauren we’re literally 70% of London prices .. the return coach was clean on time and with WiFi ... 10/10 for this excursion
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Rose R
Thanks Nicola! Happy that it all went well!
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Lourdes F
6 条分享
Lugar ideal para tus compras, variedad, calidad, muchas marcas , un sitio para recorrer vitrinear y caminar buscando novedades.
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肯塔基帕迪尤卡86 条分享
Nice place, we visit Scottsdale each fall for a business conference. Always a nice place to shop and relax
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新罕布什尔州New Durham7 条分享
Wonderful shopping experience such fun to walk through. Such variety of restaurants made it very difficult to choose. They were all so tempting.
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