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区域: Paradise
  • Bally's / Paris Las Vegas Station • 步行 4 分钟
  • Flamingo / Caesars Palace Station • 步行 5 分钟

87 条点评

Sue L
2 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
The location for the ceremony was amazing
The wedding took place at 4:30 in November, it was just starting to get dark as the ceremony began. The photographer from Cashman was amazing and took the most beautiful photos. That was the only good thing we experienced.

The wedding coordinator Amilana did not pay attention to any details. This was the most frustrating experience for a wedding we have ever had. You are given a link to their planning website to add the things you want for your wedding.

First of all, she double booked my daughter for the rehearsal and getting the marriage license at the same time. The rehearsal got pushed down a couple of hours so we had to change our plans and wait around.

We booked for Mother and Daughter at the salon for hair and make up only to discover there was no booking for makeup for the Mother. We didn’t know this until the day before the wedding. Luckily the salon was able to squeeze in an appointment. The coordinator offered credits for the miscommunication but these are details that should have been taken care of. The credits were suppose to be applied to the wedding couples room and never were. We had to ask at check out and showed them the email from the wedding coordinator to get the credits promised.

The wedding cake was ordered from an off site vendor. The wedding coordinator said to have it delivered to the Chapel by 2:00 p.m on the day of the wedding. The cake arrived on time. However, when they arrived at the Valet parking they wouldn’t let them stop there to deliver the cake. My daughter luckily received the phone call while getting her hair done, luckily she noticed the call or wouldn’t have received the cake. In a panic we were able to get ahold of the wedding Coordinator who was able to receive the cake. Again, this should have been a detail that should have been taken care of. She should have known about the Valet and deliveries.

We were looking for something to hold the dress so we could steam it. We thought we could use a luggage cart, Valet wouldn’t let us use it. They said it was policy.

Part of the package deal was to have the wedding
Live streamed for our friends and family. We find out the day before the wedding that live stream can only happen in the indoor venues. The wedding couple went to Vegas in July and chose the courtyard location and at no time was it mentioned that live stream couldn’t happen. They didn’t receive the link until the following day in the afternoon. This was incredibly disappointing. Again, the wedding coordinator failed on this detail to ensure this was known when the venue was chosen.

FYI the video you get is 15 minutes long but your basically charged for an hour.

The photo package includes 12 prints, FYI you have no rights other than to put the photos In a frame. You are not allowed to post them on any social media. So you have no choice but to pay for the highly priced full digital download package.

All of these things you find out after you signed the contract.

There was a huge lack of transparency throughout this whole process. Lots of surprises and extra costs we weren’t counting on.

Housekeeping didn’t even show up when requested that one of the rooms ran out of toilet paper. This should have been topped up during the service.

They delivered the left over wedding cake to the room but don’t leave you with any plates or Cutlery to finish it. So either request it or bring your own.

I had much higher expectations of the Bellagio especially how much money they charge for ceremonies due to the location. Every detail should Have been taken care of. There’s a huge miscommunication between the wedding coordinator (Chapel), Valet and salon. This apparently is a known issue when speaking to others about our frustrations.

I hope this review can help another couple before they sign a contract and not experience the disappointments we did.
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Patty F
2 条分享
2022年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Our wedding at Bellagio was perfect!

Extremely organized, stress-free and so enjoyable. Photos are fabulous. Minister (McPherson) was so great...didn't know us but seemed joyous for us.

Couldn't ask for it to have gone better!
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥6 条分享
Our Bellagio Wedding was, truly, a Storybook Tale come to life. Every second, every detail, proved magical, exquisite, and heartrendingly beautiful. Hearts were opened, spirits soared, tears were evoked. Love was always in the air.

None of this could have taken place were it not for the superb work done behind the scenes by the staff. From the first moment of contact until the last, we were impressed by their care for our wishes, their attention to detail, and their enthusiastic support for our vision. Most importantly, they shouldered responsibilities, and made the project -- yes, weddings are projects! -- simple, straightforward, seamless and actually enjoyable.

We wanted to offer our guests a ceremony and reception that would touch their hearts and live in their memories, and the Bellagio fully accommodated our wishes. Our January wedding took place on the Terazza overlooking the Fountains, which took to flight in song and spectacle as we were joined in matrimony. We followed with a cocktail reception and dinner at The Mayfair Supper Club, a magical place every day of the year, immersing guests in a peerless dining, design and entertainment experience. Our guests found the day, "breathtaking" from start to finish.

The wedding planners, the restaurant coordinator, the Mayfair's manager, chef, cake creators and kitchen staff, servers, bartenders, and the spectacular Band, all made us feel welcome and, indeed, part of their Bellagio family. The Bellagio photography people, associated with Cashman, stunned us with the their photographs and videos.

And, very stunning, all of this was provided at the most reasonable of costs.

If you value magic, beauty and love, and want a wedding experience so exquisite that it will live in your, and your guests', hearts and memories always, go to the Bellagio.
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Ryan B
德克萨斯州休斯顿2 条分享
I cannot say enough good things about Weddings at The Bellagio and the entire team. We got married on 2/29/20 in the South Chapel and had a reception with over 100 guests in the Monet Ballroom (and cocktail hour on the patio), and everything was spectacular! Kimberly and Marissa and their teams made everything go off without a hitch. When I was first researching venues in Las Vegas for our destination wedding, one of the reasons I chose the Bellagio was because Kimberly and Marissa were so easy to work with and answered every question I had (and I had a lot!). The months of planning were so easy, and the few times that I was stressed out about something, Kimberly and Marissa were there to find a solution, offer advice, and basically take care of everything necessary for our wedding!

Our RSVP estimates changed multiple times throughout the planning process, which ultimately affected our budget and freaked me out, but they were incredibly respectful of our budget and had great ideas for us and never pushed us to upgrade anything or exceed any budgets. For example, I am not very picky about flowers, so I gave Kimberly my floral budget and a couple examples of what I like and basically let her take the reigns. Fast forward to the wedding day, and I was blown away with how beautiful the bouquets and centerpieces turned out!

We visited the Bellagio a few months prior to our wedding for a menu and cake tasting and meeting over details, and the 5 star treatment we received really made us feel special. The food tastings Marissa arranged were fantastic, and our guests raved about the food at the reception (I am still dreaming about the cake and ravioli). Our guests loved the drinks, food, flowers, and every single aspect of our wedding! The officiant was wonderful and we really enjoyed his message. I also got my hair and makeup done at the salon at the Bellagio (along with my mom, MIL, and bridesmaids) and the stylists did a fantastic job. Kimberly made the appointments for me, as well as making the reservation for our rehearsal dinner.

The DJ we worked with (that we were put in contact with through Kim/Marissa) did a great job with reading the room and keeping everyone dancing. We also had a pianist during cocktail hour that our guests said added a really nice touch to the atmosphere! Our wedding package also included a limo to get our marriage licenses, which was a great way to start off our weekend. And ALL of the things I’m discussing in this lengthy review were arranged through Kimberly and Marissa at the Bellagio (including them creating an itinerary for me for the entire weekend, with reminders of when to send my dress down, etc).

Also, the photographer and his team were fantastic! Cashman Photography is the company that works with the Bellagio, and our photographer Ricardo and photo consultant Alis were incredible to work with. We are absolutely in love with our wedding photos! Prior to the wedding I exchanged multiple emails and phone calls with them about the types of photos I wanted, and they far exceeded my expectations. They gave suggestions of what locations around the resort to go to and when, while still keeping in mind the photos I wanted and balancing that with my somewhat short timeline of photos because I wanted to make sure I could get to the reception at a specific time. My bridesmaids teased me because I had so many pages of instructions for the photographer, but he did a fantastic job and was so easy to work with! I suggest setting up a phone call with them early on to discuss pricing so you know what to expect, but once we saw the quality of the photographs we felt it was well worth every penny.

In case it isn’t obvious by this review, to reiterate, if you want a beautiful destination wedding that is as stress free as wedding planning can be, I highly recommend the Bellagio.
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密歇根Okemos3,846 条分享
While walking around the Bellaio I noted the Wedding Chapels doors were open. Asked if I could look around and was told of course. There were two chapels, both are beautiful. A wonderful place for a Las Vegas wedding.
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德克萨斯州休斯顿4 条分享
Excellent location for a wedding. Beautiful hotel and received excellent service. Staff was extremely helpful, especially the wedding planner who answered so many questions we must have frustrated her but she was awesome. Highly recommend for a wedding.
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Richmond, British Columbia5 条分享
Awesome Job from Ruby and her crew, definitely ask for her and she will take care of you AAA+ treatment!
Our photographer Riccardo, was the best, photos he took were amazing, all of our family and friends cannot believe how great we look, all because we were relaxed, Riccardo is a fun guy to hang out with.
I would recommend booking everything through Ruby , dinners , rooms, makeup, hair etc. I booked my room through Mlife and the front desk didn't even acknowledge that we were getting married there, even though I mentioned it in the booking, not impressed, very poor. I booked a restaurant on my own and never got any acknowledgement of our celebration, even though it was posted in the reservation, very poor.
But when Ruby booked Prime Restaurant for us, we got VIP service and acknowledged by everyone!
Way to Go Ruby & Riccardo & Pastor Phil !
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宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡11 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Me and my husband decided to reaffirm our vows. We decided to do it at the Bellagio. Kim was our wedding planner and set everything up. It was terrific. Every detail, she coordinated and made sure it was scheduled and taken care of. On our day, we had both Kim and Robyn there to direct us. It was AWESOME! Riccardo was our photographer and we worked with Alis as well to pick the best package for us which was the whole package. The pictures that Riccardo took were just amazing. They showed us in our best light and the poses and where he took our pictures were just phenomenal!! It was just a wonderful experience from start to finish. My husband said he actually had fun getting our photos taken. If you are planning a Vegas wedding, go with the Bellagio! It was well worth it!
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1 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
One of the best decisions we could have made during the entire wedding planning process was booking CashMan Photo and Alis Mazlemian. Not only did our pictures turn out to be beautiful - but she was incredibly easy to work with from beginning to end. Alis and the photographer ware incredibly flexible and easy going. We highly suggest meeting with Alis and booking CashMan for any upcoming wedding photo needs you may have - They're worth every penny.
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Sara N
1 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
They were amazing and so accommodating- even with a miscommunication with the photographer Alis was kind and understanding
We have the most amazing wedding photos - i could not ask for anything more
Highly recommend
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