Spa Toscana at Peppermill

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Spa Toscana at Peppermill
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CO52 条分享
Take a deep breath and relax
Called and made appointment for a couples massage several weeks prior to our trip. The only availability they had was the last appointment of the evening (so definitely plan in advance, if you can). The spa itself if gorgeous. Well thought out locker rooms and quiet areas. A female staff member offered me a tour prior to my service beginning, which was helpful as my husband and I discussed meeting in the spa pool area and neither of us had been here before. My husband was not offered a tour of the spa by the employee at the men’s locker rooms. Not sure why, but it didn’t take him long to find me. He also didn’t know about the different areas of the locker room. The quiet waiting areas of the spa prior to your treatment was amazing. Dimly lit, quiet, snacks and beverages offered and they even had headphones you could utilize that played different relaxing music and sounds.

Our massages were with Jennifer and Nikki and were absolutely spectacular. They managed to work out every knot and ache that we had. Highly recommend these ladies!

After the massage we went back to the locker rooms to change. My husband said he felt a bit rushed to get out as it seemed like the employee really wanted to get out of there for the day. I didn’t have any issue with my hostess. When leaving, I wanted to pay in cash, however, they’d already closed their cash drawers and asked if I would please pay with a card, which I didn’t really want to do, but ended up putting it on the card. My thought is, if you are going to allow people to have a treatment that lasts until you are close to closing, either schedule them earlier, or “close” the spa, but require employees to stay longer to clean and close out drawers, etc..

Overall, a lovely time at Spa Toscana and we will be back again, hopefully a bit earlier in the day to enjoy all of the amenities.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥233 条分享
Worth every cent!
I don't often treat myself to spa services and these were a little more pricey than back home. But here the service comes with a day pass to their "33,000 square foot sanctuary of luxury and tranquility." That description is not exaggerated. If you get a massage, I highly recommend Tony, who is a master at his craft and worked out every knot in my neck and shoulders. After a phenomenal massage, I spent a little time in the Himalayan Salt Room, then the relaxation room, then the steam room, the pool, and finally one of their hot tubs. The staff is friendly and helpful. The facilities and clean and beautiful. Next time we are in Reno, making an appointment at the Spa Toscana will be the first thing I do!
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内华达178 条分享
Lovely facial with Catalina
2020年2月 • 好友
Absolutely phenomenal experience! From the first moment I walked into the spa, I felt totally at home. The hostess gave USA quick tour and then we were allowed to relax in the hot tub. We also purchased champagne to add the the provided juices and made mimosas!!
My facial was lovely, Catalina walked me through the whole process and was a dream to work with! I can not wait to go back!
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内华达弗吉尼亚市44 条分享
Very Relaxing
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
I have been to the spa many times and generally the staff is excellent and the atmosphere is very relaxing.

I would give it five stars, except the choice of food and drink at the pool area is very limited; and, the waitress did not know what a single malt scotch was... rather than just being honest, we were served a not so lovely low-end blend.

With that said, there are plenty of places to eat in the hotel and all the treatments I have received at the spa have been enjoyable. I highly recommend the pedicure.
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Atlanta138 条分享
I want to live here.
We stayed at the Peppermill. It was a last minute thing so we didn't know much about the property. Booked a couples massage for Thanksgiving Day. We both enjoyed our massage, one of the best ever. The massage table is not only heated, but gently vibrates along with the spa music. You also get a day pass to this spa-stravaganza which includes its own pool and jacuzzis, a zero-gravity or anti-gravity room (no idea) but it had comfy chairs and soft blankies and video of shooting stars and galaxies and dreamy music and a Himalayan salt room and a salon. I could, and will in the future, spend an entire day at this place ordering lunch pool-side and living my best life.
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1 条分享
Tuscan Ritual
2019年11月 • 独自旅游
I booked a Tuscan Ritual on Thursday 21st. I believe that was my masseuse's name was Tania? Best massage I have ever recieved. She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I highly recommend her very professional and made my experience enjoyable. An added bonus is use of the facilities: sauna, jacuzzi, pool and zero gravity relaxation room. Overall experience 5 stars will go back. Thank you David Fuller!
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加利福尼亚圣地亚哥79 条分享
Spa Not Trustworthy
This review is only for the Spa at Peppermill and not the hotel/casino at all. My husband and I enjoy coming here for long weekends a couple of times of year and it's the only resort we select to stay at because of the rooms in the Tuscany Tower, great food and PauI in VIP services is a wonderful host. That being said, let me just say that I hate leaving bad reviews, but I just came across my receipt from the spa on October 5th and all the bad feelings returned just now. We were in Reno for a work conference over at the Grand Sierra Resort. Once the conference ended, we could have extended our trip and stayed their in our gorgeous executive suite, but like I said, we really like the Peppermill and headed on over there. My best friend and I decided to book massages for the afternoon because I told her how great it is. Silly me decided to take my sunglasses along to perhaps enjoy sometime out on the sundeck, which I never ended up doing. They were put away nice and safe in locker #209. At the end of my service I was busy looking for a plastic bag for my wet swimsuit, noticed the time on my phone and realized it was time to go because we had dinner plans with our husbands. Since it was after 7:00pm by now my sunglasses weren't on my mind until the next morning driving home. I called at 9:00am and they said that if they find anything it goes to security and security told me they didn't have them either. So I just want to say to whomever found and kept my $500 dollar pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that I hope you are nearsighted like me and Happy early Christmas to you.
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加利福尼亚太浩湖1 条分享
Day trip
2019年10月 • 好友
Loove this place so much! Came to visit and do a little spa Day. Had so much fun. Will be back soon.
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加利福尼亚圣克鲁斯29 条分享
Duet Message and Pedicure package
My girlfriend and I had an excellent massage and pedicure! Ragina and her manager Isaac truly looked out for us and helped to ensure that we had a fantastic experience, thank you!
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Great Spa, Amazing Massage
Upon entering the spa lobby I was greeted warmly, I was checked in and offered a tour of the 3 floor facility. They provided complimentary comfy robes and sandals and let me know I was welcome to use the facilities all day. I loved the locker room area with hot tub, sauna and steam room.

I received a massage from Emma and she was outstanding! She greeted me promptly at my appointment time and made me feel welcome right away. She asked a few questions about my medical history and preferences during a massage, which made me feel like she cared. I have never been more relaxed after a massage!!! Will be back to this spa soon for sure.
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