Harrah's Reno Casino
Harrah's Reno Casino


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Ryan W
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It was great to Visit Reno after many years. The prices and deals in this city are the best including food and beverage. One thing I found shocking was the amount of rude arrogant street people. Being from a high crime City VICTORIA BC I wasn't expecting this in RENO. Was I ever wrong...... probably won't come back.
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Todd O
威斯康星Nekoosa39 条分享
I lived in Reno and worked at the Comstock Casino 35 years ago. The entire down town was alive both day & night, with casino's door to door, and people constantly on the go, 24 hours a day. Used to love to go to Harrah's and watch the live entertainment. Buffets, gambling, music, dancing, drinks, the lights....it was such a fun and exciting city then.
I came back the summer of 2019, and my mouth literally hung open when I went down town and saw what it has become. What happened? There's very little left of "The Biggest Little City". I saw only a couple of casino's remain, the rest are either torn down, or have been repurposed. There's absolutely no life there anymore. There's pawn shops, souvenoir shops, and homeless people every where. I did not even get out of my vehicle. I was stunned. I could not believe what I was seeing. One of my most favorite places to stop for food and a couple beers (not a casino) has been demolished and replaced by a baseball stadium. Who wants to go to Reno to watch a minor league baseball game? Things change in time, but Reno has died.
I drove to the Peppermill Casino, went inside, it is still a nice place, but I played the slots for about an hour, and could not get a drink. Not one person approached me and asked if I needed or wanted anything. They don't do that anymore in the casino's? Wow....I was heart broken to see what such a once fun place with a great night life, had become. I drove a very long distance to revisit Reno, and had plans on getting a nice resort / casino hotel room, and going out on the town for a night of gambling & revisiting the town. I got there to Reno, and within 3 hours I was gone again. Reno has died, and will never be revived. Sad to see this.
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加利福尼亚费利蒙542 条分享
Harrah's has long had a very spacious casino in both buildings. The staff is consistent in their service. Sense of winning ... not so much.
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Our Parallel Universe
西维吉尼亚Elizabeth158 条分享
Been to a lot of Caesars properties and this is by far the ugliest of them all. We had a 3 day trip planned in South Lake Tahoe at Harveys Casino (A sister property) but with a bad snowstorm ripping threw on our last night we asked to be transferred to Harrahs in Reno to avoid getting stuck the next morning and possibly missing our flights. They happily transferred us to Harrahs and off we went. Looking back I wish we just stayed and chanced it.

FIrst I must stress out of all Harrahs hotels we have stayed in this was the most rundown by far. Everything from the room to the rugs on the casino floor and the women that work there were wearing things that only 125lb women should wear NOT 195lbs. Almost every employee we came across was rude and clearly not happy with their jobs. Service was terrible and not like Harveys. There vent system was useless so if you are non-smokers like we are I would recommend you come prepared to be second hand smoked to death because it took 2 loads in the washing machine when we got back home to remove that embedded smoke.

While we were there we decided to go outside around 9PM at night to get some fresh air from all the smoke we choked on for hours in the casino and let me tell you outside Reno at night is probably not the place you want to be. We took one look at some of the freaks, and tweekers and decided we would go back inside and take our chances munching on the ashtrays again. Just a god awful experience. I wouldnt recommend Harrahs in Reno
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gene B
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great time steak house fine dinning great smaller casino nice people look like it might shut down the casnio late this year some have a better menu choice in there 24 hrs restaurants no basic on menu and not service all the time of hours
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加利福尼亚Forestville104 条分享
Harrahs Reno Casino is an Iconic landmark. It is part of the casino history. Good food, entertainment and gaming. Hotel is excellent. Easy downtown location.
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Lee T
加利福尼亚英格尔伍德16 条分享
2020年2月 • 夫妻情侣
Went there for Valentine's Weekend!! Never stayed there before!! Every Person that I interacted with as an employee who was representing the establishment? Was respectful & courteous! Even if English wasn't their language! I liked the quaintness of staying in a "Classic Nevada Casino!" They even had a section of the hotel called "Sammys Room!" Dedicated to Sammy Davis Jr.! A person that I actually met & admired!! I understand that it may be living on borrowed time!? But! I will go back again! Before that !! They also had slots that Pay!!!😀😀😀😀
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William B
新墨西哥阿尔伯克基278 条分享
My friends stayed here for a week and I visited them often. We played some games, had some food, hung out. It's a nice casino, not super risty or fancy, felt comfortable. Has Hash-A-Go-Go, an Oriental rice dish order at the counter and eat at your seat place, all the normal stuff.
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2019年12月 • 好友
Christmas Eve/Eve. Ceasar salad had way too much dressing. Chatubriand ($80) and the bernaise sauce was watery.
Both meat and sauce were so salty took home for dog.
The excess salt or msg left those funny little pucker bumps on my tongue.
The waiter Stephen, tried to take our order ever before our drinks were served!
Honestly, we have lived here 35 years. This place is just awful.
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佛罗里达杰克逊维尔海滩9 条分享
This review is based on one evening of gambling. I did not stay in the casino.

The casino was slow the evening I visited on a Thursday in mid-December. The slot options are nothing to write home about and there is a clear propensity that the casino favors the famed Buffalo slot machines as the multiple machines/styles outnumber any other machine theme. So, if you like Buffalo head to Harrah’s Reno.

I felt the waitress service was strong on the upper crossover bridge level (two Harrah’s buildings connected) but not quite up to snuff on the lower level (main casino...West I believe) as it seemed one waitress was covering too much area. Everyone I spoke to was indeed friendly and helpful. This was a big plus as one bad customer service experience is enough to leave a negative view overall.

One last note...I did not find the slots to be very friendly relative to Vegas. I never expect to win so my statement does not reflect a person who “really” thinks you can expect to beat the slots over time.
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