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Dartmouth Coach

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Joseph R
德克萨斯州奥斯丁21 条分享
Great service
Bus was on time. Helpful driver. Much better than renting a car and driving on winter roads.
I will use it again
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密歇根Ironwood422 条分享
Convenient and worth every penny to Boston
2019年10月 • 家庭
We reserved the coach to go into Boston for a day trip and it was very convenient. The bus showed up on time, was clean, friendly, and comfortable. We traveled we a senior citizen and a ten year old. Everyone was happy with the experience. They supplied earbud, pretzels, and mini waters for the trip. Unfortunately, our plugin didn’t work in our seat but those around us all worked. The trip home they did work on that bus though. When leaving Boston we wanted to leave a bit early and they were very accommodating to let us go on an earlier bus.
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Carla Mora
2 条分享
The Very Best
I adore the service and convenience of this bus line. I have taken the bus to NY and to BOS several times and it has always been the best ride. I adore the comfort of cleanliness, spaciousness, and the little treats of water, pretzels, wifi, music, and movie to add to that comfort. I am grateful for this bus line! Thank you and all the best!
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15 条分享
Better Off Driving to Boston Myself
2019年8月 • 商务型
Horrible. Passenger etiquette is non-existent. Driver does nothing to stop phone conversations that last so much longer than the quick ride update. Airport passengers get on the bus without tickets and then get them at south station. Now bus is too full to take all south station people. No ticket, no ride. You buy online before your trip. Simple as that. I take this bus regularly for work in Boston and this summer has been the worst for airport passengers. There are some really good drivers and I’m grateful they get me to/from safely. But there is a woman driver that hits the brakes so hard so often I find myself getting nauseous. Myself, along with other passengers, slide forward in our seats every time she’s driving.
I’m starting to drive into Boston a little more because I don’t get as aggravated as I do when I take the bus lately. Go figure.
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4 条分享
Service that never dissapoints!
Where we live in Vermont, travel arrangements can be challenging ,but Darmouth Coach give us some options with flights and air travel.
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Blue Chip Chris
纽约州伊萨卡131 条分享
Great option for Logan Airport
2019年6月 • 独自旅游
If you are trying to go between Logan Airport and Dartmouth, this bus is a great option. I used this bus to visit Dartmouth when my flight was cancelled. The bus driver was also very helpful.
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Skip E
新罕布什尔州Claremont62 条分享
Great way to travel
Our son flew into Boston at an odd hour for us to be able to pick him up at Logan. For a very reasonable fee he was able to catch the Coach outside the terminal and two hours later was in Lebanon! We will be using this service whenever we fly out of Logan.
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Hanover, United States70 条分享
Excellent bus service!
2019年5月 • 独自旅游
This service makes travel to/from Hanover tolerable and actually relaxing. Always reliable, clean. Good service. Who thought a bus service could be so good!
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佛蒙特Lyndonville16 条分享
No worries
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
Take the stress out of the drive to Boston, Logan
$4 p/day parking at terminal in Lebanon.
Good bus schedule
Comfortable busses with WiFi.
Sit back and let someone else deal with traffic.
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Jordan W
纽约州纽约市84 条分享
Round trip Manhattan to Hanover. Most luxurious bus ride.
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
1 and 2 seating. I'm used to 2 and 2. Wide aisle. Soft leather seats. Each seat had 3-prong power. Ear buds in plastic bag provided for each seat. Movie and other entertainment. Both drivers were unusually careful. The passengers were extremely quiet. I grabbed a snack both ways. Fare is expensive. Run does not include a rest area stop unless requested. No request either way. Excellent overhead storage. More like an airplane's locking storage. Wi-Fi. Cup holders.
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