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佛蒙特South Ryegate152 条分享
This is a great little science center, especially for kids but there's fun for adults too. Fun exhibits showing fundamentals of space exploration, gravity, electricity, inventions and many other aspects of the natural world. The docent at the desk was delightful and her enthusiasm for the museum was infectious. The giant Lego replica of the Mill District alone is worth the price of admission. I must have spent an hour just looking at that.
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马里兰Bel Air268 条分享
2022年4月 • 家庭
Awesome exhibit! Everything is hands-on, which means Mom is following behind everyone with a bottle of hand sanitizer. I loved that the exhibits explain things how kids understand (ex: cookie factory to explain DNA/RNA coding) and also that there were several placards in English and Spanish. The science center is two levels of fun. Our four year old found so many interesting exhibits and did not want to leave. We spent about 2 hours here. Free parking at 200 Bedford lot, but the street in front of the museum is metered.
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Boise Posh Mom
爱达荷博伊西6 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
Spent two hours here with my 10 year old son, husband. And 74 year old mom. Everyone has a great time. Two hours as perfect!
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新罕布什尔州曼彻斯特125 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
We actually go here often and have a membership which gives us a discount at other locations. Once all the quarantining ends this is a place you can really go to to catch up on a lot of missed subjects. There are exhibits that are hands-on throughout the building and they’ve packed so much into this little space its honestly amazing. If you have children that are preschool or school-age through high school this is a must see in Manchester
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20 条分享
Great place for adults and children. Shows the Manchester area and the revamping of the old mill section.
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新罕布什尔州曼彻斯特1,209 条分享
The science center has a number of hands on exhibits for the youngsters. It is more for the younger kids, but older kids who want to learn how certain things work may show an interest also. Overall, this is a good stop if you are looking for something to do with the kids for a couple hours on a rainy day.
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Hui Chieh H
新罕布什尔州纳舒厄106 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
This was something fun and educational to do with a my toddler on a hot summer day. He got to go see and touch all the different interactive displays. There was a bubble tank for him to enjoy and a giant Lego display of the millyard to see. It was nice to have a place for him to burn off all his energy. I will definitely bring him back for another visit.
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新罕布什尔州50 条分享
2019年3月 • 家庭
Was here once a very long time ago so it felt like a first time. Definitely a nice place to bring your kids if you want an outing that won't take all day long. It's not huge but they have quite a bit there to enjoy. Both of my kids had a lot of fun. Some stuff could definitely use some updating. I'm glad I got a pass from my library. Paying $9 ea for all 4 of us is a little steep, I feel, for what it is. It wasn't extremely busy on a Saturday which was a definite plus. I would take my kids again.
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新罕布什尔州Londonderry15 条分享
I recommend this as a rainy day activity. The interactive, hands-on exhibits are fun, the static exhibits not so much. But there is enough to keep kids busy for a few hours.
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34 条分享
2019年3月 • 家庭
We were traveling in the area and decided to make a stop at the See Science Center because we had read about a moonwalk exhibit and my son is absolutely obsessed with Neil Armstrong at the moment.

We paid $45 for our family and headed straight for the moonwalk. There was no staff to be seen but there was a sudden rush of kids on a school trip and we thought they might be busy with that. My husband went to the front to ask about the moonwalk and was told the guy who does it would be there in a few minutes, he was eating and then was going to do a static electricity demonstration first.

We looped downstairs to check out the lego display which looked like it used to have a train and some water but don'ts seem to be functioning anymore. We went back up by the moonwalk, so we wouldn't be stuck behind 50 school kids (who at this point were running around and knocking pieces of one exhibit on the floor, again no staff around). After about 20 minutes I noticed the guy was now at the front counter and the two women who had been there were gone. I went to ask if he would be doing the moonwalk soon. He said, "Um, probably in like a half an hour, 45 or sometime around that. We aren't really sure but we'll make an announcement." I explained that we were traveling through and had stopped in just for that, I didn't read anything about it only being available at certain times. He just shrugged. I asked for a refund since calling it an exhibit implies that it's ongoing and we had only been there a few minutes. He said he couldn't offer me a refund because he didn't know what I paid or when we came in. No problem, I had my receipt. He would not even touch the receipt. He just kept shrugging, shaking his head, and stammering that he couldn't offer me a refund and saying, "I don't know how..." He just stood there waiting for us to leave. I asked for a manager and when she came out she was very nice, listened to the issue, and once she saw the time on our receipt asked him if he knew how to do a refund. By some sort of miracle, he suddenly did. I would have preferred if they had just gotten it together and opened the exhibit but after seeing youtube video of what the "exhibit" is, I'm glad we got the refund.
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