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Alberta S
缅因州Old Town56 条分享
The grandchildren had a really great time. They especially enjoyed the indoor mini golf, out of the wind.
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马萨诸塞Pepperell295 条分享
2021年8月 • 好友
Really feels like you are back in the 80’s - they have all the classic games.

$5. $10 is enough to have a great time.

1: games are not well maintained
2: the place needs a renovation - carpet is old and the place is showing it’s age.

Upside: it does have a bar (you cannot being the drinks to the games).

Will try the bowling the next time we are there.
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Stephanie K
19 条分享
Great bowling alley and a fun arcade with a ton of games. Plus its super cheap! You get so many tokens for 20 dollars. Bowling was super cheap as well.
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Liz C
马萨诸塞大巴灵顿28 条分享
I was visiting from out of state with friends and their daughter. Everyone had an excellent time. My friends found favorite arcade games they thought they'd never play again. Their daughter won tons of tickets and got fun prizes.

Bar, food, museum of the old Funspot. Clean bathrooms, $20 for 125 tokens. Many games only take one token, although most take 2.

Classic and antique pinball and video games, plus plenty of new stuff. Did I mention bowling and skee ball?

Super fun in all weather, but especially helpful when it's raining.
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1 条分享
2021年6月 • 家庭
Our kids LOVE to come here and my son especially loves driving the bumper cars. We were out late and decided to stop by fun spot because we haven't been able to go since before covid. We googled Fun spot to make sure they were open still. We had a couple hours to play around so we went. We get there and over the loud speaker, they announce they are closing in 20 minutes. My son obviously wanted to ride the bumper cars, so he went over to ask an employee if he could ride them and the employee gave him an attitude and told him no that he and the other employees wanted to go to bed. I told him that when we searched Funspot hours, they stated they were open later. He told me, rudely, that the manager on duty made the call and that they would be closing sooner. He said my manager is actually right over there if you wanted to talk to him about it. He was very confrontational when all I was doing was trying to explain to him that we only came because the website claimed that they are open later. We definitely wouldn't have wasted our whole night getting ready and getting there if we knew we only had a short amount of time to spend there and on top of that were not even allowed to use some of the games because the employees wanted to go to bed. My kid doesn't deserve to be spoken to that way and asked the employee very politely if he could drive the cars. So we stayed for the short amount of time and played the games that were available but the employees just stared at us the whole time and made us feel very uncomfortable. They were still open and apparently these employees have never worked in customer service before. We have never had a bad experience at Funspot and typically enjoy going but tonight they have kind of ruined that for us.
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robin a
康涅狄格哈特福德48 条分享
2021年5月 • 好友
Unbelievable game selection, a real find on a rainy day. I don’t think the price of tokens was high at all based on other places we’ve been, we got $20 worth and only used 1/2 the tokens. It was very crowded though, hot and overwhelming for my 11 year old at times. Masks are not required.
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Plaistow3 条分享
Kids went down for an afternoon. Lots of games but with all the accumulated tickets the most they got was some candy and a few dollar type toys. Pretty sad when we spent at least $20 a kid and there were 8 of us playing games. Waste of money for sure.
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Shannon G
1 条分享
This place does not enforce masks AT ALL. Stay away during COVID times!!! Even employees were not wearing them. No sanitizer out of there as fast as I could!!
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6 条分享
We LOVE this place and the vintage arcade machines.

I'd give it five stars, but after our last experience I have to give it two.

Why? They are not enforcing masks for staff or visitors.
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William L
新罕布什尔州Sandown1,012 条分享
2021年2月 • 家庭
In my many years living in NH I had never been to this Fun Spot. As a youth I had spent a great many hours at the Dover location on Weeks traffic circle. I loved that location. While this location was larger it didn’t have the same appeal as the Dover spot. But my kids enjoyed it and I bet this spot would be better in summer.
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