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Surflight Theatre
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特拉华州刘易斯18 条分享
2023年7月 • 夫妻情侣
The sound system was caustic the night we attended Surflight’s staging of “Something Rotten”.
The acting and choreography carried the performers and audience through entertaining and hysterically funny scenes. Two of the singers were flat ( one seemed to be trying to sound bad but later in the show her last solo was suboptimal as well). The remaining cast had wonderful voices!
It’s difficult for actors to perform live with recorded music but most were up to it.
Ticket prices were reasonable for such a large cast. Always a delightful evening at the Surflight!
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Kerry B
2 条分享
On June 29, 2022, I took 13 people to see the children's show Cinderella at 6 pm and then to the Show Place Ice Cream Show at 7 pm. While I was paying my bill at the Show Place Ice Cream Parlor, I dropped my wallet and my pocketbook on the counter. About 8:30 pm that night I realized I lost $340.00 cash and a receipt paperclipped together when I went to pick up dinner at a local restaurant. I immediately called the Showplace and told the employee who answered the phone that I had lost cash paperclipped with a receipt. She told me no one turned any money in. I called back a little later that night and asked to leave my name and phone number and the person who answered said they didn't find any money. She did not take my contact information. One June 30th, 2022, at 5:54 pm I called the Show Place and explained my situation from the night before to the employee who answered the phone and the employee said, I am so glad you called back because we found the money last night when we were cleaning up and I am going to put you on the phone with the girl who found the money. The phone call was disconnected. I called back and the call went to voice mail at least 6 times. I called the Surf Light Theatre box office and spoke to an employee, and she told me she would go over to the Show Place and talk to the staff. About 6:10 pm, the employee called me back and advised that the Box Office Manager went to the show place and the employees told her that the money was found on June 29, 2022, and that it was given to Steve, the Manager who put the money in a safe place on Wednesday night, June 29, 2022. The Box Office Manager asked the employee to call me back to advise. When the employee called me back, she said the good news is that the money was found but that Steve was not there until 8 pm that night or 10 am on Friday, July 1, 2022. The employee advised that I would have to wait for Steve since the money was given to him and he had put it in a safe place. The Box office employee called me about 8:17 pm to advise that when she spoke to Steve at the theatre, he didn't know anything about money and that she was sorry to tell me that there was no money. This came as a shock to me considering that two different employees had reported to me just a few hours earlier that the cash had been found. I asked to speak to Steve, the Manager but from the minute he picked up the phone he was defensive and rude to me during the conversation. At no point during this conversation was he compassionate. I called back a few minutes later after explaining the story to my family, and it was agreed I would call back ask to speak to the Box office Manager. When I called back, I was advised that the Box Office Manager had left work. I spoke to the Box office employee who had been so helpful, and I told her I was so upset with my conversation with Steve as well as the fact that the story had completely changed. I called the Beach Haven Police Dept. to ask for some guidance in how to handle this situation and the dispatcher said she would send an officer to meet me outside the Showplace theatre. After I explained the situation to the officer, he wanted to speak to the employee I was speaking directly with. He asked to speak to her, and she told the story exactly as she had told me. The Manager, Steve was standing close, and he started accusing me of saying that the money was stollen by the staff at the Show Place. The officer immediately replied that no one accused anyone of anything. The officer asked me to wait outdoors. I was so upset with the response of the Manager and his entire behavior. Another officer came to the theatre and after speaking with Steve and other staff, they spoke to me and my nephew. Steve came out of the building and was yelling and made accusations about what I said. For a third time that night, I was shocked at the response of the Manager Steve.
It just doesn't sit well, and his reply still doesn't make any sense to me. The officers asked him to go into the building. It was at that time that I found out by the Police Officers that the entire conversation was recorded. I put in a phone call to the Box Office Manager on Friday morning, July 1, 2022, to ask her what employee told her the money was found, but she wasn't at work yet, so I was asked to leave her a voice message. As of today, I have not heard back from the Box Office Manager or Steve the Manager. It is very upsetting that the story changed within a few short hours and that the manner in which the Manager of a business treated a customer. I have told many people about the story, and they agree with me that the response of Steve the Manager, was extremely concerning. Most people who manage businesses and or who own them would never respond to a customer in that manner. I have been a longtime supporter of the theatre and the Show Place since 1988, but after this incident, I will never support the Theatre, or the Show Place based on the fact that there is a question of integrity here.
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亚利桑那图森1,250 条分享
2022年7月 • 好友
Great show! Went during our 4th of July vacation to watch The Addams Family. Truly professional and well done. The cast were outstanding and was very well done! I highly recommend and would return. Don't miss this fantastic show and cast!
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5 条分享
Great showcase of talent! Every show I have seen as been exceptionally great! This is a great way to see Broadway performances without traveling too far. I definitely recommend going if you are in LBI as you will be in for a treat! Prices are also reasonable.
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Donna R
新泽西Surf City1 条分享
Showcase for great talent, wonderful shows, terrific venue all at affordable prices. Love this place and all it brings to our precious LBI community of residents and visitors. Thank you Steve and staff!
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地3,716 条分享
I had seen the advertisement for "We need a little Christmas" back in the summer when I visited Beach Haven, NJ and thought that might be a nice idea. I never realized how bad things would have gotten in the era of COVID and that I needed this to cheer me up.

The theater has nice sized seats and it is a pleasure to be able to stretch out a bit. Broadway theaters you are packed in like sardines. We were also spaced out nicely too so we were not on top of each other. We also had to wear masks and the actors had to wear shields and microphones. That made it interesting. Still it was live theater and that was nice.

The show was really cute and obviously been rewritten for what was going on in the era of COVID and was the tale of a tough Christmas reunion amongst friends with COVID going on and a family house for sale. None of the songs were that original but it was still a nice show with great music and an uplifting theme. I thought the actors did a nice job.

It was just nice to go to the theater again with a show that was uplifting. Check their website for future shows.
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2 条分享
2019年8月 • 家庭
Wonderful afternoon with my 7 yr old grandaughter. We loved the show, the performers were awesome. No hassles, no stress, no big crowds....perfect day.
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Mary Ann C
2 条分享
A friend and I were fortunate enough to be able to see Ain’t Misbehavin’ at the Surflight Theater today. We were very impressed with the excellent cast, terrific music in a small theater setting. An unexpected treat in the middle of a fun stay in Beach Haven...
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新泽西Paterson156 条分享
We saw several shows at Surflight this year. The quality of the shows is getting better and better. The theatre is really nice and I don't think there are any bad seats.
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7 条分享
This place is soo much fun they have the stage actors doing a ice cream show with customer participation while you eat your favorite ice cream.they make it really fun and the price is right ! I highly recommend it it's really fun place.
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