Ramapo Valley County Reservation

Ramapo Valley County Reservation(莫沃)

Ramapo Valley County Reservation

Ramapo Valley County Reservation


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2021年12月 • 好友
Beautiful area with trails to a waterfall, or deeper into the woods. You can also just walk around the lake if you don’t want to “hike”. It’s usually pretty busy so make sure to go early to get a parking spot!
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新泽西928 条分享
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Ramapo Valley County Reservation is a great place to hike! Plenty of trails ranging from easy to moderate/hard. These trails are well marked and you can follow basic maps on your smart phone. Be warned it could be very crowded during the weekends. Also, when parking, be sure to park in a marked spot or else you will be ticketed.
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新泽西Montville6,751 条分享
Ramapo Valley County Reservation offers a diversity of hiking trails suited to a range of physical difficulty. One of the outstanding characteristics of the area is its diversity of landscapes. You can experience a lake, reservoir, mountain trails, waterfall , forest, swamps, river, streams and meadows.

I suggest the yellow trail which takes you to the waterfall and top of the mountain reservoir. The trail is mildly steep but only for a short duration. Other popular trails lead to Cactus Ledge (prickly pear cactus), Hawk Rock, Ridge Overlook, Castle trail and Scarlet pond.

The trails are for the most part well worn and signage is visible on trees. Sometimes the trail markers are far apart and leaf coverage make it hard to see the trail. Maps are sometimes available at the kiosk or park office. You can find trail maps to download if you GOOGLE Ramapo Valley county Reservation. Avenza Maps has a print out. Rest rooms are available at the park office building and there are porta pots in the parking lot.

Fall is a great time for a hike and Ramapo draws large crowds on nice weekends. The main parking areas fill-up by 12 pm. and there is no street parking. The area is patrolled even in the legal parking area and if you are not in a designated spot you will be fined. Masks and social distancing are advised but I did not see any people to enforce those guidelines.

The river and streams are stocked with trout. Lots of people walking their dogs and joggers like to run around the flat surface of the lake area. Ramapo College is about a mile down the road.
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Yu-Ting C
纽约州Nanuet41 条分享
Lakes, brooks, bridges, mountains, and waterfalls… can’t believe have all them in just a county park! The waterfall is small but beautiful and easy to reach. Check the map at the entrance so you won’t miss it. Go a little further after the waterfall, and you will find a beautiful cascade. My 4-yr son and I hiked (actually, walked) along the orange then yellow trails to the waterfalls. They are mostly shaded. Stroller is not possible. No Canada geese, so the grass is clean (no poops, which is No.1 pollution in many US parks). The only problems are parking lots and too many dogs. As a county reservation (not State Park), I think this is a very good one.
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Rochelle F
新泽西Randolph784 条分享
We randomly decided to hike this park this weekend (each time we try a new one) and the parking lot gate was closed, although the lot was not full. We did about 3 turns as we tried to figure out what to do, when suddenly the staff opened the gates (this was about 3:30 on a Sat). Our luck, we entered and parked. Lots of people in this park, o/w 75-80% were not wearing masks. There are port a potties available to use at entrance to park from the parking lot. We did the Vista Loop (yellow). Hiking sticks are useful as there is a fair amount of uphill walking (and then downhill). Once you leave the first waterfall area, many fewer people. It took us about 2 ½ hours (with stops to enjoy the vistas (which are wonderful - you can see NYC on a clear day); take in the lakes and to eat a snack. A very enjoyable afternoon. I am only giving this park a 3 because of the parking situation. It would have been a shame to drive all the way there and not to be able to hike.
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新泽西莫沃13 条分享
It can be crowded on the weekends but a great local escape during the week. Great way to unwind for an hour after work
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新泽西Ramsey863 条分享
2020年1月 • 家庭
We loved it, so beautiful there. We made a 4 mile loop around lake, up hill on yellow track, down on blue. Our 13 and 5 year old sons made it also and they loved it. As well as us, just gorgeous views and countryside. ❤️ we will definitely be back...
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新泽西莫沃3 条分享
2020年2月 • 独自旅游
My dog loves water, woods and people. This place has it all!! Please keep dogs on leashes if you come and pick up their poop. Other than that, a very friendly, BUSY place to come with friends and pups alike
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12 条分享
2019年9月 • 独自旅游
its crowded sometimes but you can find a path to find quiet . 1 mile walk to a little reservoir with a nice little incline to get the heart moving. good place to bring a dog (lots of dog walkers) good place to get back in shape and get back to nature.
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新泽西萨米特19 条分享
2019年8月 • 好友
Only reason not to give excellent rating is that parking lot was to capacity when i arrived. Its a decent sized lot but on a Sunday in August it was full.
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