Burlington County Prison Museum

Burlington County Prison Museum(Mount Holly)

Burlington County Prison Museum
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上午10:00 - 下午4:00
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Bonnie C.
宾夕法尼亚Newtown1 条分享

The prison museum was wonderful in itself. I highly recommend this museum to everyone. I cannot wait to get to the area to explore more. I would give the museum itself 5 stars, however the curmudgeon (an elderly woman in her late sixties or seventies) working there was complaining about the number of visitors that were there. She had nothing kind to say from the moment we got there until the moment we left. The young man working at the desk was lovely, kind, helpful & informative. He was trying to cover up this woman's negativity with extra positivity--as his embarrassment was palpable.

At any one time there were, at the most, about 6 people. We basically had each floor to ourselves (two of us) as we roamed the museum. It was wonderful. We got awesome photographs, took our time & enjoyed learning the history of the prison & exploring the geology of the rocks used to build the prison. It was a gorgeous sunny day & we really loved being there.

We explored the prison grounds out back for a while. While sitting at the picnic table, the curmudgeon woman locked the door...the only way for us to leave the premises. Had my fiancé not heard that clicking sound, we would have been locked inside the grounds all night. Which, hey, that would have been fun, however both of our cell phones had died while touring. Instead of apologizing, she complained that she had to lock the door again. Her behavior was unreal. Not very welcoming to history buffs.

The museum...awesome history. Unfortunately, no audio was allowed due to Covid. Which would be an easy fix using sanitizing products.
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William L
新泽西Burlington85 条分享
I did the self guided tour. You can wonder through the museum, including the basement. Didn't sense any ghosts though, unfortunately.
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Kaylee G
1 条分享
The staff is very knowledgeable, giving brief information of the history before you start your self guided tour.
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佛蒙特伯灵顿128 条分享
An interesting part of area history. It is a self guided tour with or without an audio headset. The headset allows you to get additional stories about each location, but is extra. We learned a lot about the prison, noted prisoners, and the advanced thinking of 1 man about prison reform.
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Happy in NJ
新泽西Cranford23 条分享
2018年6月 • 好友
I have been here twice. I have a bit of obsession with prison, maybe because I can leave. LOL. This one, though small is quite good. I like the life size models in the cells so you can appreciate how small the space was. Inside and outdoor displays. Fun visit.
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新泽西芒特劳雷尔60 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
I love being a tourist in my own state (NJ)! I was hoping to feel a spirit or two, but it didn’t happen. We took the audio tour, which enhanced the tour. Dennis added interesting tidbits about former inmates that came back to visit and about ghost clubs’ experiences there, etc.
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Jeff v
新泽西北布伦斯威克20 条分享
2019年3月 • 家庭
Had to check out this museum. We have visited Eastern State prison in Philly. This place is a lot smaller but still very interesting. You can go in the cells, see the yard, and read some interesting info. It was only 5 bucks to get in and was worth it. Nice town to check out while you're there too.
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德克萨斯州休斯顿675 条分享
2019年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Reportedly haunted. If any place is going to be haunted, this is the place. Prisoners had a miserable life and several were executed. This jail operated 1811-1965. Modern prisons are luxury hotels by comparison. One of The first buildings designed by Robert Mills, the guy who designed the Washington Monument. He was also an architectural big wheel in Philly, Baltimore, and Charleston. Great use of barrel-vaulted ceilings and arches inside. Small fee to enter: $5 for adults. Material available for self-guided tours that include warden’s office, cells, the dungeon, kitchen, dining room, and shops. We went on a Saturday afternoon and were lucky to take the free tour offered by Dave. For about 70-80 minutes he provided excellent commentary, anecdotes, and good humor. It certainly enhanced our visit. This is a unique museum that is worth a visit.
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Sharon P
Boonton316 条分享
2019年2月 • 好友
Historic prison, designed by the architect who also contributed to the design of Monticello, Washington Monument and more, in the early 1800s. I do highly recommend the audio tour (only $3), as it's short, to the point, and adds a lot of interesting info. You'll need about an hour with the audio. There's parking on the street, and senior rates ($3), and I heard someone say it's also listed on Groupon. Go to the Robin's Nest in town afterward for an eclectic menu with large portions -- and leave room for dessert!
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Melanie E
宾夕法尼亚费城57 条分享
2018年11月 • 家庭
If you're into history, looking for something to do and want to save money well, this is just the little outing. The Gentleman who works their was very informative, polite and good conversationalist. I went on a Sunday early afternoon, I was with my boyfriend and daughter who is 9. It took us about a hour to an hour and a half to tour the whole building. We all enjoyed our visit.
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