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  • New Brunswick Station • 步行 5 分钟

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Elba C
新泽西9 条分享
a few Asher's by the exit door on roll M talking thru the whole show very rude and disrespectful too busy talking and not stopping the people with their freaking phone out
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新泽西新布朗斯维克4 条分享
The State Theatre holds their patron’s money hostage. A CATS performance had been postponed from May 8th-10th and the State Theatre still refuses refunds. All other Shows {numerous } that were cancelled or rescheduled Patrons were given the option of a refund or accepting the new date.
They are still “deciding” what to do with the CATS shows. They won’t even consider a refund now and making people wait on them. Shameful
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纽约州纽约市66 条分享
I took advantage of a NJ Symphony Orchestra sale to purchase tickets for a classical music concert at the State Theatre. Normally we attend NJSO concerts at the Mayo in Morristown or NJPAC in Newark; both of those theatres are comfortable with good acoustics, especially from the mezzazines/tiers where the tickets are less expensive. Our State Theatre seats were high on the mezzazine, accessible only by stairs. There was a very deep overhang which muffled the orchestra and singers but weirdly amplified the constant conversation of people seats away in the same row as ours. We looked to the usher to quiet them, but she was focused on scanning the seats for people who were moving closer to the stage and communicating with other ushers to intercept them. During intermission we explained how the acoustics were miserable from where we sat and politely asked her if we could move; she refused, saying that people paid more for those seats. We observed that there were MANY empty seats lower down, but she was adamant. Later, during the concert's 2nd half, she swooped down on an attendee who had moved closer and made him go back to the mezzazine, which created a distraction from the music. Given the bad acoustics, dated "circa 1970's" decor, hassle looking and paying for parking, and the longish drive, we don't plan on ever coming back to the State Theatre. Disappointing.
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Connie C
11 条分享
2019年3月 • 好友
This theatre is horrible for larger size people, the seats are not conducive to even sit in. My mom and I went to see James Galway as he is one of my favorite performers and I couldn’t even sit in the seat. I ended up out in the lobby for the performance crying. And NO ONE even approached me to see if I was ok. I was too embarrassed to say anything but maybe I would have if prompted. In a country where obesity has been on the rise for years this is so unacceptable. They just had a remake from what I understood and the seats were horrible. If you are a plus size person, do not waste your money.
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新泽西雷德班克257 条分享
Comparing it to the Count Basie in Red Bank, the building is just as beautiful. The seating is more comfortable with better leg room (I am 6 ft tall). Usher staff is friendly. Nice comfortable atmosphere. There are numerous (although not free) parking options within a few blocks walk. Tons of dining options.
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Thank you David for your 5-star review. Hope to see you again soon!
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Cynthia B
法国巴黎16 条分享
Went to see Jersey Boys which was excellent also!!! Been to this theater many times; never dissappoints. Staff friendly and helpful. All seats offer great viewing. We were in the back orchestra. Took NJ Transit - short walk to theater from Station. Theater is close to great restaurants.
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Thank you Cynthia! Hope to see you again soon!
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Nancy L
新泽西Bordentown174 条分享
We went to see a Dream Theater concert last weekend. We sat in the balcony and I don't think this theater has any bad seats! The sound was incredible. There is nothing like a good old fashioned acoustic theatre to enjoy your favorite band or singer.
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Thanks Nancy! Much appreciated!
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18 条分享
i have seen good and bad shows here. the place is very large so if i don't get a close seat i dont go anymore
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19 条分享
I complained to the State Theater about their inadequate response to an unruly patron at a Joe Jackson concert. In response, the Theater's PR department investigated, agreed with me, and offered me complementary tickets to a future show of my choosing. When I chose a show, they sent me orchestra tickets just a few rows in from the stage. The manner in whcih my complaint was handled was truly first-class, as befits a first-class venue.
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Thank you for your 5-star review. We appreciate your patronage.
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4 条分享
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Let me first start by saying that I went to the concert for Benatar and not Ethridge as I was not a fan, but Melissa rocked the house and Benatar put us all to sleep. After a raucous start with Melissa, and an encore that blew me away with her syncing up with her drummer and wailing on the drums, I was prepared for some old time 80's rock with Benatar. First the announcer comes on the PA and states that ALL video devises were strictly forbidden!! WHAT?? OK, so the show will be worth it even if I can't share my experience with others. But what a DUD! It was like being at a music hall event, her and hubby need to walk away and do their musical shows that they were talking about because she has TOTALLY lost her edge. GET OFF THE STAGE PAT and let Melissa rock!
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Hi there - We haven't had Pat Benatar or Melissa Etheridge at our venue in New Jersey in the past few months - might you have attended this concert at another venue?
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