Gunnison Beach
Gunnison Beach


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佛蒙特456 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I enjoy the beach scenery. My husband and I was the only one swimming there at that time and people watch
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LexGSR200 条分享
I was there a couple times recently. The last, there was almost no one there... 2 couples, one family, and a few solo men. Very calming. I am mostly posting because one of the couple consented to a very nice picture that I wanted to post. (The footprints in the foreground are mine as I went to ask permission before snapping the shot.) Idyllic.
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俄亥俄Dover448 条分享
VERY crowded. Wall to wall people. Everyone almost touching each other. Some pretty loud people and many people drinking and hiding it from the rangers.
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纽约州Deer Park55 条分享
This was our 6th visit here. We usually make an annual trek as it's the only clothing optional beach in the area. We did not enjoy our last trip though. The beach has become more of a party beach where big social groups meet up. The LGBTQ section was overly crowded. Be prepared to breathe in the scent of marijuana as it pervades the air. Go in the water if you want to escape it. Also no matter where you sit, you are going to hear loud music. Try to sit near music you can tolerate. All in all not. as relaxing and pleasant as a trip to a clothing optional beach should be. Also they increased the parking fee to 20 dollars.
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Simone A
纽约州纽约市84 条分享
2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
Decent beach. Access to bathroom and some food trucks. Rentals are available after you park.

It is clothing optional - people will be fully nude.

Arrive early. The parking lot gets full. There is a long walk from the parking lot to the beach area, but once you hit the sand there is a blue sand sidewalk (I forget what it’s called). You can drop your stuff off from the Main Street before you park so that you don’t have to drag it so far.
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LexGSR200 条分享
I've reviewed Gunnison before, but I was able to get there twice recently, so I will not repeat what everyone says and instead off some brief updates:

It's a nude beach.
The crowd is very chill - all shapes, sizes, colors. The second of my more recent visits, the whole vibe was excellent. Clearly a lot of regulars and/or regular naturists. Friendly and noncreepy. Really, this is the naturist experience you want. The crowd definitely tilted older, with average age probably 50+, but that suits me.
The water was wonderful. If you've never skinny dipped in the ocean, you MUST try it. The water was calm and a good temperature. I spent most of one visit taking a "walk" in the water instead of on the beach.
It was after Labor Day, so it was free!

First visit - VERY windy. check the weather before going. If winds >10 kt, make sure you have one of those wind barriers.
Second visit - biting flies. They seem to have been more drawn to me for some reason... perhaps that I like to sit by the waterline. I got dozens of bites. I had to spend my time in the water (see above) as the organic repellant I had was strikingly ineffective. I saw a couple people with mosquito nets, so I know I was not alone.

Putting your clothes on at the end of the day. That's always a con!
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宾夕法尼亚Bushkill9 条分享
My husband and I had wanted to try a nude beach for awhile and discovering one so close to home like Gunnison seemed ideal.

We planned this particular beach vacation as a belated 30th wedding anniversary celebration. The Husband was more excited than expected to visit our first nude beach. After reading reviews, we decided to visit anyway.

Firstly, yes, it IS a bit of a long walk, but if you plan on loading yourself down with a lot of stuff, it'll seem longer. The key is to pack lightly and not bring a lot of heavy stuff to carry then the walk isn't so bad unless it is a busy holiday weekend.

Secondly, they DID make the "walkway" longer and it IS a help but it is narrow so you may have to walk single file on either side of it so as to not stomp through the sand.

Thirdly, I only saw one of the Rangers and a vehicle patrolling. We saw more of the lifeguards than of the rangers.

Fourth, the beach was really very clean for the most part but there were a few spots were people did not take their garbage with them and it made for a bit of a mess on a windy day.

Now, as for the nudity ...

At no time did we see any lewd behavior nor anything risque. The beach was surreal and by this I mean you saw a lot of different people from all walks of life, of all ages, and of all races just being nude. But the best part about this whole experience is that everyone was relaxed and very laidback. It was a peaceful experience. No one was super-model-esque because clearly if they WERE, why not go to a PRIVATE beach? But the people who WERE there were singles, couples and even a few families. Everyone was so cool. There was no pretentiousness and everyone accepted everyone as they were. Of course everyone were curious and you may get the occasional glance or stare, but the beach goers were respectful, no one bothered you except to say the occasional 'hello' or nod as you passed by. Some made small talk by asking where you were from and 'how do you like it?' or to answer a question about the area. We met some really nice people.

For a first time experience, it was more than I could have hoped for. We enjoyed ourselves being on the beach and swimming in the buff. I don't think we could go back to a beach and wear a swimsuit ever again. We'll definitely go back again and are already planning visiting again next summer. The Husband wants to make this an annual thing and I heartily agree!
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Bedford, New Hampshire110 条分享
My wife and I were ending our week in New Jersey and decided to take a ride to Sandy Hook. The beach was vey crowded the day we were there (not much room between us other beach goers). Not sure if that was the normal crowd, or a result of a long holiday weekend. The parking lot was very far from the beach and then there is a long walk form the facilities to the actually beach. If you are looking for a quiet nude beach experience this is not the spot. Lots of loud music, people constantly walking back and forth to the water with close proximity to you.

BTW - parking was $20 for the day. They should have a lot much closer to the beach.

On a good note - you can see the NYC skyline on a clear day.
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1 条分享
We visited Gunniston Beach for the first time on July 4, 2021. My wife and I have visited nude beaches in Florida, Greece and Saint Martin. We made the trip to Gunniston from Virginia specifically for the nude beach.
I appreciated reading all of the previous reviews - especially those about the distance to/from the parking lot to the beach and people playing loud music on the beach.

Useful Information:

The beach is much smaller (width) than what I would have expected creating a much denser population. Loud music playing and smoking were issues.

The drive from park admission to the beach is a long way.
The ratio of men to women was 10:1; White-to-black/brown was 35% / 65%.

$20 entrance fee was steep but allows for in/out of the park all day.

To mitigate the distance from the parking lot, we left one person on the road outside of the Men's Restroom with all of the heavy items - this cut the distance/hardship to the lot in half.

We brought our own food, beverage and plenty of sunscreen.

Park Rangers patrol (on foot and truck) looking for alcohol. If you are discreet and bring a small quantity, you should be OK. We poured our beverages in to metal Yeti containers. We saw a bust where the Rangers confiscated two 1.75L bottles of hard alcohol. Don't be flashy or too loud - don't attract attention.

The blue mesh walkway does help getting to the beach but, it ends at the far North end of the beach - you still need to trek through the sand to get to the middle of the beach.

It was nice having a volleyball court.

Along the surfline on a clear day, you can see the Brooklyn skyline.

Overall, a 3 out of 5 for the reasons above.
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Jessica O
马萨诸塞波士顿475 条分享
While staying in Red Bank during a hot and humid spell in early June, my husband and I spent two days at Gunnison Beach. The air was ten degrees cooler there, with a steady breeze. The beach was remarkably uncrowded – perhaps only 200-300 people each day.

We walked between the parking lot and the beach wearing only our c-string swimsuits. As soon as we reached the sign for the clothing optional section, the swimsuits came off. I perked up, as my husband's masculinity became fully evident. The stiff breeze surely enhanced the effect.

We might have been the only people under thirty-five years old, and there were more men than women. Two lifeguards were on duty, and park rangers walked up and down the beach once each day. The clothing optional beach front is not wide, as it is bounded at both ends by long stretches of beach cordoned off for protected species of shore birds. It was necessary to bring sufficient food and water, as the food trucks in the pavilion were not in operation.

Some people set up windscreens on the far ends of the beach, blocking visibility from all directions. I imagined what activity might have taken place out of sight. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a windscreen of our own.

When leaving the beach on the second day, there were only three people in the pavilion area, so we rinsed off nude under the outdoor showers. For a lark, we took pictures of each other standing nude near the sign that reads CLOTHING OPTIONAL ONLY IN DESIGNATED AREA ON THE BEACH. One of the people nearby, an older gentleman in a thong swimsuit, graciously offered to take a picture of us with our bodies glistening and smiles beaming together by the sign.

For the walk back to the car, my husband put his swimsuit on – it was a tight fit – but I didn’t bother. Being nude – or topless, as I was all the other times when going between the car and the designated nude beach – would not usually be advisable, but conditions were conducive to pushing the limits. My husband expressed his deep appreciation for my uninhibited nonchalance after we got back to the car.
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