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Willowbrook Mall


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Deb N
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2022年6月 • 家庭
Still a good mall, after all these years. When I was a growing up this place seemed like a shoppers paradise to me. After living out of state for many years we revisited on a trip back to the old home town a few days ago . It's still a good mall, large and with a good variety of stores and a decent food court. I expected it to be old and worn out after 50 years, it wasnt. Family members still living in NJ don't appreciate what they have. Still 10 times better with more variety than malls in Georgia and some in Utah.
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Denise B
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2022年6月 • 商务型
It’s a nice mall, however watch your surroundings, for the past weeks someone has been larking around following women to their car. I tried to tell Mall security who was not interested/ he was only interested in eating his lunch.
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Aidan M
宾夕法尼亚匹兹堡39 条分享
So far, this is my second favorite mall in Northern New Jersey behind Woodbridge Center in Woodbridge. It's more modern, with no fountains or plants and a nice food court. The elevators are Dover, Schindler, Otis, and Haughton. Lord & Taylor is GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, so the second Schindler will be gone in the not-too-distant future (The other one is in Bloomingdale's). If you're in North Jersey, check this place out!
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田纳西金斯波特9 条分享
Was looking for stride rite shoes for my granddaughter and found a store here. Was visiting from out of town and was pleasantly surprised at the nice variety of shops.
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新泽西韦恩3 条分享
2020年2月 • 家庭
Nice really convenient and in terms of ambience and comfort too ..food corners can have few now variety
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Anil B
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In north Jersey, Willowbrook Mall is a great place with many many options to eat and spend few extra hours you may have. Nice clean stores.
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Stefano Avitabile
意大利San Salvatore Telesino749 条分享
Tappa obbligata per fare shopping. C'è di tutto con prezzi migliori rispetto a New York ed altre strutture commerciali nei dintorni. Vale una passeggiata
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Old mall, stores selection needs to be updated, but improving. The best that is open seven days a week.
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TheGrymza .
新泽西韦恩144 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
ALERT: For the summer at least, though the Mall’s hours are listed online as 11 am onwards on Sunday’s, if you try to enter through Bloomingdales, you’ll find the shutters down till noon (despite the earlier opening time lusted on their website). Just pick another entrance - the Mall at large really does open at 11 on Sunday.

As to reviewing the actual place, having gone there for over 20 years, I can say that on the pro side: it’s cleaner than most, fairly compact and densely stocked with shops, airy, with lots of restaurants in or near the Mall, varying in range, but mostly midrange with some on the higher end; there’s usually plenty of parking just a short walking distance from your favorite shops. I feel that this Mall’s target demographics are later teens through the thirties. Cons: most of the high-end brands have left over the years, if that’s what you’re after - you wont find the same selection as in Garden State Mall or Short Hills Mall. Fun pop-up stores (or what’s there for such a short time that is seems to be a pop-up) are to be found :)
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Mary-Jo R
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2019年6月 • 家庭
I live in Springfield, VT. The nearest mall is 90 minutes from my home and doesn't have half of what this mall has. I got new sneakers, sandals, and my ears pierced (the cartilage) while I was there. And, best of all, I got to hang out with my daughter for 2 days!
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