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Arif Q
荷兰1 条分享
2020年3月 • 夫妻情侣
Wounderful time had there only if there was no virus 🦠 will visit again once get a time a long period next time
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Hi Arqas Thank you for visiting our store and your time to review us. Yeah on this situation was not good Hopefully the virus🦠 gone as quckly. We would see you again for next time. Even in your country we could help you as well if you need leather custom made. Hope you have a great holiday while was in Bali . Wish you come back again to Bali Take care all of you guys. Thank you Best regard Idris
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澳大利亚伍诺纳35 条分享
2020年1月 • 独自旅游
I had a lot of troubles getting them to copy a design of a shoe as they are used to making the “RM Williams look”. I have had shows made in Bali 5 times before and others has really copied per the picture an design no worries. They did preserve and give good service to get the product close but did not hit my expectations. They are friendly and courteous. However they are expensive thus the reason for the high level of expectation. I would try other shops if you want to copy the European styled men’s boots/ shoes.
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Hi Shane Cambell Thank you for your time to review us When did you come to the shop and asking to make the boot from pictures like R.M William the guys said yes we could make like it. The next day you come back for measurement and order the boot. The boot was ready and it fit well just the shoe maker forgot to doing the instruction as you want it. We change it to make it thinner around the toe and sides. It had chang it but you want it more. It's for the scond times we would change to be really thin. We explained to the shoe maker then he change it. Boot had done and we dropped to your hotel even you have moved to other hotel.you try the boot little tied. The guys said it will be stretch when you wear it. And it will be, The price was same price other clients for man boot and I though was much cheaper then in Australia. Hope you have a great holiday Thank you
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Evan B
澳大利亚Diamond Creek426 条分享
2020年1月 • 夫妻情侣
My wife and I were in Bali for 9 days and came to lemona on day 2. We had 4 pairs of shoes and two jackets made all within the time frame. We took in photos of what we wanted and they recreated it perfectly. Make sure you have front and back images. Would recommend to go if you want quality leather
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Hi Evan Burton Thank you for your time to review us Thank you for your trust to do your custom made for us. When you came to the shop and show us the pictures and some from our last post on social media for the shoes and leather jacket with synthetic fur lining. We took measurement all what we need it then we do it while you are on your new year holiday. In the second of January all the orders were ready and they are all perfect. Only your jacket you want to make it longer. we brough back to our tailor to put extra ban on the jacket. The tailor was so busy also with other client as well to finish other jackets. But we asked to finish it at night before you leave. Well it was your last night in Bali so we offering to drop your jacket to the villa where did you stay not so far from the shop. I left the jacket to the villa owner as you being dinner and she said will drop to you. I hope you always love them. Will wait your next visiting in and enjoy your holiday Thank you very much Best Regard Idris
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Michael J
5 条分享
I recently went to Bali for the first time. I had heard you could get quality leather goods made to order/measure. I did some research on TripAdvisor and came across Lemona. Lemona seemed to be the most highly rated leather place I could find - which was convenient as I was staying in Seminyak.

I wanted an overnight duffle bag made, two pairs of shoes, and a pen sleeve. I showed the guys photos of what I wanted and they told me they could make it. For what it’s worth the pictures I showed were of St Crispin shoes, a Mont Blanc pen sleeve, and a Brunello Cucinelli overnight bag - all of them very well made and high end products.

I could not be happier with the results. The bag cost ~$250AUD, shoes ~$130AUD each, and the pen sleeve ~$25AUD.

They delivered the goods to Double Six on the day they said they would be ready. At all times Idris was very responsive on WhatsApp and kept me in the loop during the whole process.

The only thing I was skeptical about was the it of the shoes. They fit incredibly well, well beyond what I had expected. The detail of the bag is almost identical to the picture provided. The shoes were very close, but you cannot expect a perfect recreation of a €1500 shoe. That said, I am over the moon with the product. I am curious to see how they last overtime (I don’t wear the same shoe each day as to give the leather time to rest and have the shoe tree absorb the sweat).

I will be putting in more orders in the future and I can not recommend this outfit enough. Top notch. Thank you again guys, all the positive reviews are well deserved.
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Hi Michael Hogan Thank you for your time to review us When you came to the shop and were asking the over night duffel bag with you show me a picture to make. Sure we could make it and put the Initial on it In next two days you contact me again for the shoes made and a pen sleeve in three days left to done as you will go home. And i said we could done it You come back to the shop for feet measurement Then in three days after when the shoes and a pen sleeve made. I was asking to the guys to drop them to your hotel. Be pleasure the guys dropped them to your hotel. I got your message on whatsApp that you got all the stuff and the shoes fit well also the duffel bag and a pen sleeve. I was happy thats you got all the things did order before you leaved to Australia. Now you had known us. We kept the files and if you need us to make again for ship we are ready to help and made it again then ship to Australia. We would wait for your next order and see you next year. I hope you always love them. Thank you again for order in LEMONA Have a great day Thank you Regard Idris
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2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
recommend this outfit without hesitation. took a pair of battered sandals into them to get a replacement pair made up. left one old sandal with them, picked the type/colour of leather I wanted, went back 5 days later, a minor adjustment needed, went back 4 days later and all was good. great service, friendly guys and nothing too much for them. the 9 day production run was of my choosing as I was here for 2 weeks. Highly Recommended.

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Hi Mr Greg Thank you very much for your time to review us When you come to the shop and like to get the sandal replicate. I asked you to leave your old sandal with me who were much stretch. We brought the leather what did you choose at shop to our shoe maker. We explained to put form inside to be soft as well like the original sandal. As you stay longer time I asked to my shoe maker to not rush to make the sandal Then sandal were ready in few days I let you know to try. Was smaller than your original be caused we though have much stretch. We brought back to my shoe maker to stretch little bit and then the sandal fit well. Still little tied but I suggested you to leave it be caused when you wear two times it will stretch more as leather stretch again. Well the sandal had picked up and you are ready to wear it Hope you a have a great holiday Thank you Regard Idris
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1 条分享
Lemona Leather made me the most beautiful handbag, every stitch was perfect. I was extremely happy. Idris was very professional going above and beyond to ensure the bag was made to my requests. He sent me photos of a buckle to check whether the slight change was suitable. To enable me to continue on with my holiday Idris picked up fabric which I sourced for the lining then delivered the finished bag all the way to Ubud when my plans changed suddenly.
Great service with perfect outcome.
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Hi Thank you very much for your time to write down a great review. Yeah ini explained to our bag maker to the details and as you want to use the lining from your fabric. We picked up the fabric where had you leave it at the previous villa where did you stay. The bag was ready few days before you leaves from Ubud. So when i have free times i bring the bags for you. Hope you love the bag what had we made. Have a great holiday and see you again next time Thank you Regard Idris
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澳大利亚季隆32 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
After reading multiple reviews decided to get a handbag made up. Contacted 3 months prior to arriving in Bali however suggested then to get in touch 1 week before arriving so I did and leaving tomorrow with no bag! Spoke to other leather stores who have said shouldn’t take a week to make bag. Was looking forward to getting my bag and now too late to order from anyone else! Will tell my friends not to come here. Understand people get sick but should make sure finished on time!
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Aurelie J
1 条分享
i went there by curiosity, i was looking for sandals. found something nice in the shop,but there was only one size available.It was the eve of my departure.The guy accepted to produce 1 pair of sandal for me . I was very happy.I got the product on my last day in Bali, they came to deliver at our hotel.Am very satisfied of the product.. Fit me very well and good quality...if i had more time, i would order 2 pair...
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澳大利亚布里斯班地区26 条分享
2019年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Perfect service, knew exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond. The quality is incredible, no issue with translation, genuinely lovely people who are so good at what they do. I would have no issue using them again, they’re wonderful and the workmanship is very impressive 😊
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澳大利亚曼斯菲尔德82 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I had Idris make me a fantastic leather jacket. At the fitting it was a little too big so without any fuss he made the alterations and had it delivered to my hotel the following day prior to us flying home.
The jacket is so comfortable and fits like a glove.
I'm so happy I discovered Lemona. I will continue to use Idris on my future visits to Bali.
Terima Kasih 🙏🏼
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