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Hartwell House Spa
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Pismo Beach, California42 条分享
Finally the chance to pen this review of my most recent October 2022 stay at the FABULOUS Hartwell House and Spa and their amazing staff! I have stayed here many times, and it's always a pleasure, but this time, they went above and beyond the call to make this widowed California Girl feel right at home. I come to Aylesbury every year or so, to visit with my dearly departed Don's extended family, most of whom have relocated to England from South Africa. We discovered HH several years ago, on the recommendation of one of our nieces. I hadn't been able to travel for almost 3 years due to Covid, and about 10 days prior to this visit, I had sprained my foot and barely made the trip. When I arrived, they took such good care of me. The front desk staff (Tracy, Georgia, Cynthia) had my lovely room ready for me on the top floor (I call it the Bat's Belfry Suite because the bats really do fly by he windows at night there - cool!). John and the bell staff were so kind to bring me ice for my foot (and my cocktails!) every day. They were so accommodating when I wished to go to the Spa and the pool. As I couldn't walk up the hill, they drove me up and down! They helped me with my packages to my room, and overall, just looked after me and I am so grateful, traveling alone as I do now. That's kind service and I REALLY appreciated it. Of course, the food here is tremendous. I thoroughly enjoyed the High Tea and it was so elegant and FUN! I took a great photo of myself with some of the Staff in the very posh, Olde Englishe bar! The rooms are impeccably clean and the views and grounds are beautiful. Best of all, I know I am safe and surrounded by people who remember my Don, so it truly is like home from home. Many thanks to everyone Hartwell from your loyal California guest - I will return again! Mrs. Cynthia Hughes ;-}
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英国艾尔斯伯里14 条分享
Ho fatto un percorso spa, col mio ragazzo. Abbiamo prenotato un pacchetto, completo per piscina, sauna, palestra e massaggio.
Se compriamo i pacchetti, la cifra e' ragionevole. Se invece, non compriamo pacchetti, le cifre sono alte.
La strutura e' grande, ci sono camere per ospitare turisti.
Ma dall'altra parte, sembra che sia abbandoanta, ci sono molte cose da rifare o sistemare, ed e' un vero peccato, perche' almeno una volta bisogna andarci e provare a rilassarsi dallo stress quotidiano o passarci un fine settimana.
Lo staff e' molto carino e gentile, sempre presente al momento delle nostre esigenze
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英国诺福克郡15 条分享
2022年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We had a two night stay in one of the Court Suites. The rooms were lovely, charmingly dated but that is Hartwell. It's a bit of a step back in time but thats a very welcome change. We had the dog with us who got a bed and bowl left out for him. Our bed was very, very comfortable and huge!
Room opened out onto the garden/grounds and we enjoyed some early morning walks around the grounds, the circular walk is delightful. We had to breakfast on the terrace as the dog is not allowed in the main house (anywhere) but the weather was good and the staff couldn't do enough to make us comfortable. Wonderful cooked breakfast. Why not 5 stars? Well to the rooms I like to have a shower that's not fixed head though enjoyed a bath, sumptuous towels and toiletries. Mainly though because we had nowhere to eat or drink inside the hotel with the pooch. I had a nice chat with the GM who took the observation on board very graciously. Other country house hotels seem to have found a happy medium with allowing us to eat in the bar or a corner tucked away.
That said we felt welcome and would love to return... as long as the weather is good enough to eat outside!
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1 条分享
This is a beautiful heritage hotel set in lovely, tranquil grounds. I called this hotel on several occasions to adjust our dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Each time the receptionist Heather, could not be more helpful and empathetic. Heather and her colleagues were professional and welcoming. We even got upgraded to a sumptuous room ... which my husband loved. We had afternoon tea which was delicious; and so many tasty cakes...! The staff here were accommodating and nothing was too much trouble. On the morning we left we met a lady who offered us a pot of tea before we were on our way back to Dorset ... Her genuine kindness and character will stay with us. She was warm and funny; and although the standards are very high here, they are grounded. Thanks go to this lady Linda and all the staff:)
We will go back again..... hopefully soon.
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英国英格兰348 条分享
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
I have given this a very good as there is no option for good and felt it is better than average. Beautiful hotel and grounds with an exceptional Covid policy. I had told them in advance we were celebrating a birthday but apart from a ‘happy birthday’ on check in it wasn’t acknowledged. You usually either get a card from the manager, maybe a chocolate or two in the room or a dessert with happy birthday written on it - nothing. Food whilst good was very overpriced and so was the wine. Spa was nice and the massage was good.
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Nipun J
2 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Hartwell House is snooty and stuck in a bygone era. There are several heritage properties and hotels around the world (several here in the UK too) that live up to the hype. Hartwell House, I am afraid is not one of them. My wife and I were gifted a night at this seemingly gorgeous property in Aylesbury. We were far too excited for our stay, but were only met with disappointment throughout.

The staff at reception were rather curt and rude, and didn’t even offer us a place to sit in the hotel when we arrived early for check in. No accommodations were made whatsoever.

There is nothing one can even do at this hotel - it offers nothing besides a spa (which is perhaps one of the only redeeming features).

The food was good (except the horrid breakfast and coffee). But limited in its selection. The afternoon tea was the highlight. However, the ambience of the dining areas extremely dreary and haunted.

We felt tinges of micro racism too - my wife accidentally forgot to put on her mask as she was leaving the bathroom and was snootily asked to put one on ASAP. The same commands, naturally, were not given to any of our white hotel mates who we saw roam around the hotel without masks on several occasions. We were also one of the last tables to be served for dinner (even though we weren’t the last to arrive).

Also - we were freaking charged for the newspapers. The arrival form asked for a newspaper preference but nowhere did it mention that we would be charged. Also, which high end place charges for newspapers anyway? That was rather stingy.

In a nutshell - avoid at all costs. Hartwell House reminds you of a UK that I am sure UK doesn’t want to be. For this price point, you can surely get better heritage, better charm, better food, and most importantly, kinder treatment in other places.
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What follows is our response to a Trip Advisor review from the same guests who posted a review on the Hotel and Restaurant Sites of Trip Advisor. All I would add here is that we do our utmost to follow the Government’s mandatory guidelines on masks without fear or favour, and certainly without any racism micro or otherwise. Sometimes guests need very polite reminders on mask wearing procedures, which it is our duty to offer, as we become aware of situations. We are dismayed that these guests did not enjoy their stay. Because of all the Covid safety measures in place to safeguard guests and staff, smiles are concealed by masks, and the experience of the hotel has to be different in some degree to 'normal'. Nobody here is snooty or racist and our team represents diversity, and practices equal opportunity. The House is a Grade I listed property of the National Trust furnished in period and is unlike a modern purpose-built establishment.
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英国艾尔斯伯里25 条分享
Until Covid-19 this was a very pleasant place to visit, relax, swim, etc. Unfortunately we are now only able to have a 1 hour swim that has to be booked in advance which is not very convenient. Membership is no longer value for money and to make matters worse, the Spa has refused to give us a refund saying they will extend our membership for 4 months instead. At £164 a month just to have an occasional swim - what's the point? It is cheaper to go to the local public pool.
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英国Shefford150 条分享
I booked a massage for both myself and my wife at the spa as we were staying in the house for the night, but on arrival, once I'd filled in my questionnaire, my Therapist informed me that I would not be able to have a massage as I am being treated for Leukaemia and the company policy is to not provide for anyone with any form of cancer. I was a little disappointed as I have had 3 comprehensive massages at varying locations in the 2 years since my diagnosis. When you have such an issue, a bit of manipulation goes a long way to reduce the effect of the chemo treatment.

My wife thoroughly enjoyed her 55 minute massage, so that was good.

The spa building is very well presented and it looks like it may also offer accommodation separate from the main house. The pool area is in good condition and has no scrapes or blemishes on the walls detracting from the overall visuals. We've been to other high end spas recently that look "tired" to say the least.

Prices of treatments are competitive within the market and you could in fact spoil yourself with a couple of treatments.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区245 条分享
We were only able to use the pool, but it was really lovely, and the whole spa was very well appointed.
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Gary D
163 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We literally walked from our bedroom to the front door of this lovely stately home without seeing a soul! It was like we had our own National Trust mansion...

Staff were really pleasant and unobtrusive. Cream tea was a little odd as you just got up and left when you finished, a bit like being at home.

The grounds are excellent and despite being national trust, private so you can walk or run around them (We did both) in quiet. The lakes route plus round the tennis courts is 2 miles so a couple of laps is a nice morning run in decent paths...

The spa is good for a swim, sauna and hot tub but the gym is tiny with minimal weights, machines etc.

Our hotel room (no.14) was HUGE. It came with its own back story... Really comfortable and quiet so we had a great night.

The only downside was the crazy bar prices. £14 for a Hendricks G&T, £8 for a small port and then £3 service charge! It wasn't even in nice crystal glassware. I wasn't there to skimp but.... The Bugle Horn pub down the road is a 5 minute walk and a nice country pub for a few beers.
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