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Van Cortlandt House
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Greg Harris
纽约州Yonkers870 条分享
Greg & Katherine Alleyne Harris Van Cortlandt House Museum Experience.
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
The Van Cortlandt House Museum is a truly remarkable historic gem of Bronx, New York.

The Van Cortlandt House is the oldest building in the Bronx, and it is a Georgian style mansion that dates back to 18th Century New York, a time in which slavery was legal and heavily practiced.

The home itself was said to have been built by African slaves for the Van Cortlandt Family, a prominent mercantile family, whom founded and operated a grist and plantation mill on the property.

When visiting the Van Cortlandt museum in June of 2018, my wife and I were impressed by the house’s carefully preserved Georgian style details.

We also viewed and learned much about the multiple furnishings and materials that belonged to the Van Cortlandt Family.

Being African Americans, both my wife and I were of course understandably sensitive and saddened to learn about the house’s connection to slavery and the life and treatment of the slaves that worked and lived on the property.

For those that enjoy visiting historic homes, learning about 18th Century New York, and it’s Dutch heritage, the Van Cortlandt House Museum is definitely a top destination to visit and sightsee!!!
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纽约州纽约市931 条分享
An Interesting Home from Revolutionary Times
My wife and I visited Van Cortlandt Park and came upon Van Cortlandt House Museum. The museum provides a self guided tour. It is very well organized.
The house itself is in very good condition and in many ways beautifully decorated.
We visited the park and found the House to be open by accident.
It was a happy experience.
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地2,427 条分享
Visit the Manor house for Christmas
The Van Cortlandt House is a wonderful place to experience what Christmas was like during and post-Revolutionary War. Remember that the Federalist period is very different from the Victorian Age with its post Civil War excesses and new traditions. It was after the war years when the country was still developing.

So Christmas at this time was more natural decorations of pine garlands, holly and mistletoe. The house is decorated with beautiful traditional wreaths and garland on the outside as well. The manor house had many different activities for the holidays that were earlier in the month so you have to watch their website to see when they have special events.

The house is charming and is fun to tour because it is not really busy. The house has all sorts of corners and niches and if you understand old Dutch families, you understand how the house works. There is different sleeping quarters for adults and children and the use of natural light in the house.

In the summer, the house is open air and nicely landscaped. It is a lot of fun to visit when you are up in the Bronx. It is fun during Christmas.
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Joan P
宾夕法尼亚费城10 条分享
Lovely slice of Early American History
2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Interesting self guided tour of lovely early American Dutch family house filled with interesting furniture; cloaks; uniforms; maps and a dollhouse. Curator was extremely lively and knowledgeable about family and early American revolutionary era history. Definitely worth a brief stop off the roadways going through the Bronx.
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纽约州纽约市31 条分享
Van Cortland House
It was, I was told, the first museum opened in NYC!
the visit of this mansion, at the edge of Van Cortland Park, is very interesting, the story of the Van Cortlands breathtaking, like a novel, the rooms, furniture, clothes of the time very mind fetching.
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New York31 条分享
Museum! priceless historical info
This was way down on my bucket list, but low and behold, a surprising gem in the Bronx. We luckily were able to tag along on a tour with David, who was the most informed tour guide ever! He talked about every little bit of history of the Revolution that we had not heard before and described all the objects in the house and their uses in the 1700's. This was great for antique road show fans. If you can get David as your guide do it! Otherwise, you will receive printed material for a self-guided tour. Be aware there is street parking, on Saturday no meters were enforced, but we had difficulty finding a space. Pay attendion to the parking information on the website. You can go to the golf course parking lot and walk, or take the #1 train from Manhattan or Bronx, and the entrance is right there. Well worth it.
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Sharon B
纽约州布朗克斯134 条分享
George Washington Slept Here
2018年8月 • 好友
Yes, George did sleep here, but more than that, this house is a significant slice of Bronx history and very well preserved. The tour guides are informative and the location in Van Cortlandt Park is well worth the trip, easily by #1 train from downtown Manhattan.
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18 条分享
Rich colonial and revolutionary history
2019年4月 • 好友
The Van Cortlandt mansion is a historical gem that should not be missed by anyone interested in the colonial and revolutionary history of NYC and the country as a whole.
The house hosted Washington, Rochambeau, Tarleton and the future King William IV.
In addition the Van Cortlandt family played a significant role in the history of New Amsterdam and New York. The interior of the house is beautifully restored. It’s an easy ride to the northern end of Line 1.
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乔治亚亚特兰大866 条分享
Another gem in the Bronx
2019年4月 • 独自旅游
Had a great time visiting the oldest house in the Bronx. Great location! The area is well maintained. Took the self-guided tour, but I ran into one of the Museum staff that was conducting a private tour and allowed me to follow along. Paul was extremely knowledgeable and knew the home like it was his. Reminded me of Rick Steves. All the furniture in the house is in mint condition. Only a $5.00 fee.
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地2,427 条分享
Don't miss this historical house for the holidays
2019年1月 • 独自旅游
This was my first trip to the Van Cortlandt House Museum. I had wanted to see it decorated for the holidays and it was a very interesting self-guided tour of the house.

You get to walk through the whole house by yourself and see all the rooms. Most of the rooms were decorated for the holidays with garland and pine branches all over the place and the banisters were also decorated. Since pre and post Revolutionary War Christmas was strictly a religious holiday with minor decorations ( the fancier things would not come in until the Victorian era), the house was simply set up for post war decor.

The dining room was the fanciest room in the house with wall paper and more formal furniture as is the palour room on the first floor which was also used for dancing. The upstairs bedrooms were furnished but not as fancy was the lower rooms.

The rooms are furnished with original family heirlooms and some of the rooms were brought back to different eras in the family history.

Don't miss the grounds with the formal gardens as well.

The location is easy to get to as it is the last stop on the Number One subway and then right across the street in Van Cortlandt Park.
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