Van Cortlandt Park

Van Cortlandt Park(布朗克斯)

Van Cortlandt Park
公园 • 徒步路径


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Thomas V
加利福尼亚奥克兰12,712 条分享
This is a huge city park on the northern edge of town, up in the Bronx. Good place for a long hike or a picnic. You can get here by subway.
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纽约州纽约市602 条分享
Coming from a rural place to NYC has been fascinating and exciting, but I've missed being able to hike. So, when a student told me about this place, I was dubious until I experienced it. What a wonderful, peaceful, and quiet place for a hike! There's also an historical home/museum on site, tennis courts, athletic fields, golf courses, and plenty of other activities for people of all ages and interests, but for me, it was all about the hike. Fair warning: I did have a tick on me when I was leaving, so it might not hurt to buy some bug/tick repellant.
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Thomas V
加利福尼亚奥克兰12,712 条分享
This is a huge park on the edge of the city, in a borough that needs a lot of green space. It really is lovely especially in the fall. Come and take a hike.
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纽约州罗切斯特35 条分享
great fields to rest or play in; various playgrounds; a golf course; a take out cafe; this is a great place! also don't miss the mansion there; from the 1700s I believe...a nice resting and relaxing city treat
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纽约州罗切斯特35 条分享
very peaceful...nice new playground on northern end of it; and a handy and good food truck in the southern end of the park
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加利福尼亚旧金山4,867 条分享
2021年5月 • 独自旅游
Another of New York city's amazing public green spaces. probably designed with locals in mind, this is also a fantastic getaway for a Manhattan tourist. I hiked from isham Park in northern Manhattan, across the Henry Hudson Bridge, and on to Van Cortlandt Park. Read up on the geology of the area, and you will make the same hike.
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Stephanie W
64 条分享
We went on the nature hike- For those trying to get out of the city on a weekend, I probably would not recommend the nature trail-- Reasons below:
It veers on the side of the highway for a good 3/4 of a mile and then goes into the forest which is pretty isolated. The trails link up to the Croton Aqueduct but again, pretty far into the forest and not many people around.

If you do head out on this trail- I'd recommend going in a group! Next time I think I'd try out the cross country trail !
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1 条分享
back in the 1960's we used to go hiking and having fun fishing in the lake all the time. There were even some deer in the park back then and lots of carp in the lake as we used to sell them to the people hanging out at the lake for candy money later.
great growing up in the north Bronx but even better getting old in Tucson AZ.
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德克萨斯州达拉斯102 条分享
2019年10月 • 好友
This is a gem to go to in the heart of Bronx, NY. It is very easy to get to on the metro, last stop on the red line. Beautiful green park with lots to do. Hiking, games, people were playing Lacrosse when I was there. There are several great aspects of the park to see. 1. Van Cortlandt Manor House, historic site with tours. 2. Grand Central Stones, which are located in the nearby woods. If you don’t know about them, look them up. Awesome story around them.
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纽约州纽约市114 条分享
2019年9月 • 好友
Participated in the hike only portion of this year’s Hike-tober fest and absolutely loved it! It was my first time experiencing Van Cortlandt Park as an adult. It will not be my last.

For starters, the park is massive. And, it is beautiful... I mean beautiful. It’s landscape includes large, gorgeous trees, running streams, trails, etc. The Hike-tober fest organizers gave us three hike options from which to choose. My friends and I decided on the Cass Gallagher trail. This is because the guide described it as 1) covering a large area, 2) providing beautiful scenery and 3) giving us some altitude. Indeed it provided all three. However, we also learned about the park’s history, the trail itself and the different types of plants, trees, birds, insects and animals that call Van Cortlandt Park home.

I was completely blown away by our experience and soooo happy we participated. We experienced a transformational and lovely journey. It didn’t even feel like we were in NYC. (let alone the Bronx)

I highly recommend visiting Van Cortlandt Park. It’s just as, if not more, beautiful than Central Park, Prospect Park, etc...
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