Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown

Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown(古柏镇)

Red Shed Brewery Cooperstown
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
下午12:00 - 下午10:00
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纽约州Mexico3 条分享
2022年4月 • 好友
This was a stop recommended by friends from out of the area. We didn't have time for all of the beverage trail locations, but this was one place we were very interested in. Bartender Steve was awesome! Very informative and knew just what to recommend based on our likes. Food truck outside delivered tasty burgers and fries, and this was a great place for live music! Not stuffy like, ahem, some other place nearby.
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Peter J
2 条分享
Friendly atmosphere in a relaxed environment. Indoors or outside n the beer garden. But most importantly, some of the finest ales in the region. My wife is especially annoying the Oktoberfest while I enjoy the English Session ale. There are always a good variety to choose from.
The food ain’t bad either!
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paige h
1 条分享
2021年9月 • 好友
I came here in a taxi with eight of my friends and we were greeted by a man who denied service to us. He said you were not allowed to come into the building without your driver staying there. We had not planned to have our driver stay because he is a taxi driver and has other responsibilities. The man explained that it was there policy on there website but this “policy” is no where to be found on the website. The man was extremely rude towards us and would not let us come in. My friends and I do not tolerate drinking and driving and we have came here plenty of times before and our taxi was allowed to drop and pick us up with no problems. We also live 30 minutes away and we drove all the way there to attend this brewery which we were refused service. We explained to the man that we have been here plenty of times and this never was an issue. We did not understand the mans attitude towards us and if this was there policy, why is it no where to be found on there website? We were extremely discouraged and went down the road to Ommegang Brewery and they had absolutely no problems with us coming in a taxi! Get it together. Do you really want your customers being at risk of drinking and driving?
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douglas m
佛罗里达Palm City50 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
I came here to hear a live band the night before Jeter‘s induction. There is a food truck and the chicken barbecue sandwich with cheese and bacon was one of the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had. The IPA was a little light for my taste but not bad overall. The red shed has a pleasant outdoorsy vibe.
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康涅狄格70 条分享
Visited the brewery on a visit to Cooperstown. Very friendly staff who provided much needed assistance. The flights of beer and cider were excellent. Brought home some Jessica's Red Ale cans. Food truck nearby provided excellent food choices. It was raining but my wife and I had an excellent time.
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Joe P
3 条分享
I purchased a flight. The porter and the IPA are real good. The venue is outdoors and the day was perfect.
They have a food truck on site the chicken was very good. Friendly place.
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纽约州Montgomery116 条分享
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
We stopped here while brewery hopping across Cooperstown and were pleased with the brews, the staff, and the atmosphere. We would return here, definitely.
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纽约州斯塔滕岛1,610 条分享
Cooperstown has a few breweries and I would suggest you visit this one if you have time. We enjoyed a nice flight of beers from the menu that intrigued us and then proceeded to enjoy pours of the ones that we liked best. The weather was great so we enjoyed our beers outdoors under the tents. A nice eclectic group of people wandered in and out during our stay. Great beers. Great service and a nice atmosphere. We will surely return when we visit the area.
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Laurie P
纽约州Cortland7,296 条分享
After lunch and beers at Ommegang, we stopped by here for a tasting. They have a great outdoor space. Since it was 2:00 on a Thursday, it was not busy...but there were probably 3 tables being used.
The staff was very friendly, and masks were in use by staff as well as patrons unless they were seated. We each needed to buy chips in order to fulfill the NYS rules. That was all fine.
The beer was OK. Had we not already done some tastings we would have purchased a glass also, but we had tried enough.
We will go back one day...and it looks like it would be nice to be outside for a concert at Red Shed!
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James C
纽约州Hurley139 条分享
Saw this on beverage trail brochure. Irt is just down the road from Ommegang Brewey- which everyone has heard of. This smaller brewery has an excellent and large assortment of craft beers and ciders- most made on site but some from surrounding cideries or breweries. Arrived early and had a great conversation with the very personable owner. Honestly, I liked the beer here better than Ommegang and you get a flight of 5 to sample. Worth the stop.
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Thank you James! We strive for a great NY state experience, and we are so glad you stopped by and enjoyed our beers. My husband David loves meeting new people! Thank you for the review and we hope to see you again! Suzanne
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