Van Cortlandt Manor
Van Cortlandt Manor
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地2,727 条分享
I was able to get a last-minute ticket to the last night at the last time for the Pumpkin Blaze at the Van Cortlandt Manor. I had not been able to attend earlier and at the last minute I called Historic Hudson River and they were able to get me a ticket for 8:00pm on the last night of the blaze. I really lucked out as it was not crowded and at 8:00pm which was the last tour of the evening on the last night of the event (everyone is now getting ready for Christmas). It was a great way to spend the evening. It was a cool but nice Fall evening with the rain kept away.

The displays are amazing especially the new ones of the New York skyline and the updated Pumpkin Bridge. A lot of the pumpkins you can tell had been recently carved for the Thanksgiving holidays. The Thanksgiving displays were amusing. The Van Cortlandt Manor house itself had been lit with all sorts of colors and faces of pumpkins. I love their version of the Museum of Modern Art, which was a hit last year.

The Pumpkin Cemetery of the Van Cortland family was interesting as was the pumpkin lit Old Albany Post Road. They did a good job decorating the whole estate.

The nice part was there were so few people so we were able to socially distance ourselves from one another and take out time to see the displays. At 8:30pm, there must have been maybe fifty people at the most at the display so it was nice to take your time and see everything. There were not the usual mobs of people there that night so there was plenty of space. Even the concession stands were still open when we left and they were discounting what was left.

I look forward to next year!
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纽约州Wheatfield100 条分享
I have wanted to go hear for several years after seeing it featured on a BEST of halloween experiences show. The tickets are very pricey, and they have to be bought in advance. The parking was well run, and entry and exit were very fast. It was awesome to see in person, I would recommend it. They put a lot of work into this and the organization of the even was great.
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马里兰Cumberland125 条分享
Went here for the pumpkin blaze and it was amazing. Definitely the highlight of the trip. Took about an hour to walk through. So many different designs
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Kayla R
4 条分享
This would be fun for little kids but as an adult, not at all worth the money. There were no real pumpkins, it was really just a light show. Whole thing took about 20 minutes.
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Greg Harris
纽约州Yonkers1,376 条分享
The Van Cortlandt Manor is a major historic attraction that primarily showcases the opulence and domestic life of the Van Cortlandts, a prominent and wealthy Dutch family that were highly influential in New York during the 17th and 18th century.

During the summer of 2018, I brought and treated my wife and myself for a guided tour of the Van Cortlandt Manor.

During our tour, we visited and strolled through the site’s heritage gardens and also entered and explored the estates’s infamous Manor House.

In the house, we came across an abundant collection of 17th and 18th century colonial based furnishings and our tour guide explained in great detail the life and privileges enjoyed by the Van Cortlandt Family.

In addition to learning about Van Cortlandt Family, our tour guide also discussed the African slaves that lived and worked on the manor, their way of life and the harsh realities they continuously faced during the 18th Century New York.

Both my wife and I highly enjoyed our tour experience of the Van Cortlandt Manor and definitely recommend this attraction for all visitors interested in learning about the Van Cortlandts and what America was like shortly following the Revolutionary War.
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地2,727 条分享
I went to the Pumpkin Blaze at the Van Cortlandt this year in the era of COVID and it was very well run. The crowds have been reduced to 25% so it is a pleasure to walk through the event without hundreds of people clamoring for the same picture. Now you go there and you have plenty of space to move around.

The parking is so well organized that you get in and out of the event and the event planners have the ticketing perfected that you flow right through. The event itself it a lot of fun and the pumpkins are so well displayed. The event has a new display dedicated to the Croton on the Hudson EMS and Fire Department which was nice to see. Don't miss the Pumpkin Bridge and the light show at the Manor itself.

It is a great event!
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Erin K
46 条分享
I have not visited the Manor on its own (though it is on my list!) but we were there for Blaze, their jack-o-lantern event. It is amazing to see the thousands of pumpkins artistically carved and witness the displays. Fun to walk through and admire the colors and artwork. You'll want to have your camera!
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华盛顿Burlington95 条分享
This is a cool place to visit on its own, but if you go during the blaze, you can enjoy some amazing pumpkin art along with Apple cider donuts a d hot chocolate!
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新罕布什尔州Rye Beach311 条分享
Amazing. This is like Disney for Halloween-enthusiasts.

We had driven down to the Tarrytown Halloween Parade (HUGE letdown), and were looking for something exciting to pull us back up. Someone suggested the Van Cortlandt Manor Jack O'Lantern Blaze, so we decided to give it a try.

The traffic just to get to parking in Croton-on-the-Hudson was over an hour. We also couldn't figure out why the tickets were so hard to get. There were people EVERYWHERE. Then we walked in the gates....WOW.

This place is amazing. Not sure what else I can say, so here are the pictures....

Don't miss this event.
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3 条分享
Amazing craft work of so many artisans. Was glad to know it's a benefit event. Fun for the whole family. Could have more food and drinks options.
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We are so glad to hear you enjoyed the work of our artisan carvers! It's a small team who carves more than 7,000 pumpkins for the displays. We also thank you for your support -- as you mentioned all proceeds go to support Historic Hudson Valley, an educational non-profit.
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