Washington Irving's Sunnyside House

Washington Irving's Sunnyside House(Irvington)

Washington Irving's Sunnyside House

Washington Irving's Sunnyside House
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上午10:00 - 下午3:30
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Nicole A
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As a young boy, Washington Irving wandered the woods and was entranced by a stone cottage on the Hudson River. Later in life, with money in his pocket from his successful writing career, he was able to purchase it. He added details to the cottage (and an addition) based on his extensive travels. It is a charming house, with wisteria and ivy that Irving planted still there. It has some very cute details, especially the Parisian inspired guest room. Cosy but not ostentatious. The setting is bucolic - right on the Hudson, which would have been far busier in those days. The only thing marring the lovely house and setting is the train tracks that separate house from river - something that was done in Irving's day when Vanderbilt put in train tracks going into New York. A costumed tour guide takes you around. Unfortunately it was hard for all of us to be in the small viewing areas at the same time - it would be better if the tours were smaller. Also, FYI the house is closed Mon - Thursday. We were not aware but were lucky enough to visit on a Friday.
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密歇根大急流市40 条分享
I traveled to Sleepy Hollow as I have always loved the story. Being that I am an author myself and having just come from Salem and visiting the House Of Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne home I was very excited to visit the home of Washington Irving and learn more about him. Sadly, those that run the tours have deemed it to be a weekend only thing. I have to start back home to be back to work and can't extend it, therefore I miss out and am disappointed and that is putting it mildly. That and unlike Hawthorne's House of Seven Gables where you could get photos and walk around on the outside, Irvings Estate is locked down like Fort Knox. So, no chance there either. And being I don't plan on coming back this way again I get to miss out. So, those who run the estate and do the tours wake up! Not everyone can come on a weekend but guess you weren't thinking about that one were you! Again, disappointed in this and in the town in general. Was expecting a lot more.
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Monson147 条分享
This house was not special and would have hardly been worth the trip had not our guide been so informative. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" was not Irvings only book. He was a prolific writer, but most known for his legend story.
The time to visit is during the halloween season because of the town wide activities.
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Bea H
Ottawa, Canada13 条分享
Having visited Sunnyside as a child 50 plus years ago, I had clear and fond memories. What I found here was a sadly neglected house and yard that disappointed and upset me. It would have taken very little effort to clean up stray garbage, plant a few flowers or bushes around the house, clean debris from the pond and keep that large plastic garbage can away from the front door.

There were adequate people in period costume to show you the house and the gentleman in the living room made a real effort but some were only so, so. There was a lot more detail in what I had been told as a child such as how and why Irving made extensive use of the day bed in his study. There is also a woeful lack of connection to the author’s history (presumption that people are familiar with it and it was apparent people in our group were not). The house also badly needed to be freshened up from dusting and vacuuming to more significant things.

I had also hoped to get a decent copy of one of two of his books from the gift shop for my grandchildren. There were none on offer. The selection was small type, densely printed, cheap paperback with no illustrations.

There are opportunities missed at every turn.
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Justin W
新泽西哈斯布鲁克高地2,684 条分享
This little fairy tale house is the home of author Washington Irving and his family. The house itself was once a small stone cottage that the author expanded to be his weekend home and then his permanent home after he moved up from New York City.

The house and grounds still contain family artifacts and the barn and ice house are still in good shape and can be seen. The house's furnishings are family heirlooms that were bought by the Rockefeller family and brought back to the house. The tour consists of seeing the downstairs social public areas and the upstairs living quarters. It is not the biggest house in the neighborhood but it still is impressive.

The views of the Hudson are amazing!
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宾夕法尼亚Bellefonte277 条分享
Came here as part of a tour. Plenty to do especially for a family. There was a wonderful storyteller offering the Legend of Sleepy Hallow. Washington Irving’s home was surprisingly small, but the guide did an excellent job telling us about Irving, his family, the house, and the Legend. The gift shop has plenty of things to remember your trip by.
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纽约州布鲁克林27 条分享
Although you had to buy timed tickets we were still able to get sone and go in. The grounds had pic opportunities for kids and games outside for them to play. Small lovely house with beautiful grounds. Children’s crafts to do at ticket entrance. Dress up and take photos for adults. Nice gift shop. Sold snacks . Enjoyed the tour and the scenery
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Fernandina Beach, Fla81 条分享
We were tentative about visiting because of some review....but so glad we did! The tour is 50 minutes and our docent was Hal, one of the best tour leaders we have been with. His knowledge of the architecture of the house, history, and Irving's life was remarkable and helped us enjoy the visit. The video at the start is well done, informative. The gift shop offers a nice variety of books and gifts. One surprise, if you pay at the entrance i is $2 more per person that if you order tickets on line. We didnt now this but would have paid at the entrance anyway not wanting to commit to a timed entrance. We were staying more than an hour away and unfamiliar with the 's roads. The visit stimulated more interest in Irving's life, a truly exceptional one. I plan to read it biography next. I do recommend reading Rip van Wikle and Legend of Sleepy Hollow prior the visit.
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新罕布什尔州汉普顿247 条分享
Washington Irving's house was interseting and the guide's history of Washington Irving was very good. But the experience was disappointing. It wasnyour averagebtour. Not really a good stop.
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473 条分享
We were met by our docent dressed in period garb where we learned quieter a bit about Washington Irving and his life. Sunnyside overlooks the Hudson and Irving had a beautiful view form his porch. There are hiking trails and after the house tour is over visitors can view the ice house several outbuildings. There is a moist gift show with volumes written by and and about Washington Irving. If you purchase a copy of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the check will stamps facsimile of Irving's signature into book.
The house was modest and practical with an additional added after Irving returned from Spain.
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