Harry L Pub

Harry L Pub(Johnson City)

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I saw they did a ton of renovating, and figured I hadn't been there in a long time. I took my girlfriend with me, and my girlfriend is from out of state..... but I told her I had been to this place before and they are very good so she agreed to go.
I ordered a burger, and so did she. It took a while for our starter to come out, but at the same time, we looked around and could tell they were very busy and from what I overheard, they were short a cook... so I couldn't hold that against them.
The Bartender clearly knew me, but didn't want to be obvious about it, because as soon as my glass was empty, she brought over a full beer!
I ordered my burger as medium rare as a challenge to them, (but I really do like that style burger) and waited for my burger to come out. In the busy chaos of the night, the cook brought our burgers out, and biting into my burger I felt like I was in heaven! He cooked my burger PERFECT!!! I was SOOOOO happy with my burger I devoured that thing before my date could get half-way through hers! I will DEFINITLEY be going back some day!!
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纽约州Afton53 条分享
Love this place and great bartenders
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
We love to eat here and stop in quite often for drinks. It’s a perfect place to me up with friends when we’re out in Binghamton. Always great service and cool atmosphere with nice local customers hanging at the bar. In the summer when it’s hot it’s great to hang out at an outdoor table. Good drink prices too! 😊
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Charlie Arbuiso
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Great Food/Sneaky Credit Card Charges on Bill
I've been in 2x in 2 weeks. This past Thursday I noticed an "up" charge because I sued my credit card. It was nearly 9% of the bill ($4.19 on a $46.90 bill).

Apparently it's legal, but it's outrageous. I am not sure I can go back. The (nice) bartender/waitress said that the boss does this because he loses too much money on customers using cards. 9%??? Totally outrageous.

This might be the only place in the whole Binghamton region that does this, I have not noticed it before. Be careful, or you will get robbed (legally but immorally).
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Patient bartender
2018年12月 • 夫妻情侣
Chelsea was friendly, but not talkative to us. She had a challenging group of foreign people and dealt with them as well as anyone could (and didn’t have any side comments with other customers-even though some tried).
Nice, remodeled place, but bar counter was dirty from last customers and bathroom floor/ corners were yucky.
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Christine M
纽约州Johnson City22 条分享
Steamed Little Necks
2016年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Stopped into this neighborhood bar for a quick bite. We were pleased to see the special for steamed clams. The little necks were small, sweet and clean - no grit. It was a dozen clams with 2 cans of beer for $8 I think - a great deal.
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纽约州Johnson City20 条分享
Good food and friendly staff
This is our go to place for drinks and food. Wings, pizza, sandwiches.
Good live bands and dance music.
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纽约州Johnson City74 条分享
All Around GREAT!!
2016年1月 • 好友
Stopped in for some drinks, and it looked very busy.... was pretty packed, but I was surprised that the bartender still noticed us, and helped us out right away!! We have been there only a couple times before only here and there, so I wouldn't really consider ourselves as "regulars", but I was impressed that the bartender did what she could to make sure everyone was being taken care of.

My wife and I ordered the bacon and fries appetizer with the egg rolls, and they were DELICIOUS!!! Our friend with us ordered a burger, and after finishing it, he wanted egg rolls as well.... I DEFINITELY recommend the egg rolls! Certainly a good place to stop in whether it be for drinks, or a quick snack, or even a full meal..... Check this place out!!
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Dennis P
英国Montrose29,114 条分享
Enjoy good food and a game of pool
2014年9月 • 好友
First of all I don't why this pub is appearing in attractions rather than restaurants ??

It has a good choice of food and beer - really enjoyed the Angry Orchard cider and have it wherever I go if it is available.

My brother-in-law both had fish sandwiches which were nice and juicy and shared a selection of wings. Then we went to play pool where he very luckily beat me 4-1 :O(
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