Prospect Mountain

Prospect Mountain(乔治湖)

Prospect Mountain

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Hiking up Prospect Mountain
Great trip. We arrived at approximately 1 pm and made our way to the entrance of the trail. The trail was short, but very steep in certain parts and contained a lot of stairs. We saw several people have to stop and rest halfway through the trail due to how steep the trail was. However, the view at the top was absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking and well worth the hike. The peak of the mountain made for an amazing photo opportunity with the water in the background. A little further down the trail, was an old cable railway, which was historically significant to the area. Along the drive back down, was a stop that provided for another great photo opportunity of the area.

Tip: I recommend spending an hour here if you truly want to see everything.
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加拿大卡尔加里13,646 条分享
Stunning views, excellent road and viewpoints, friendly staff
We didn't know how it worked, and arrived shortly before closing. We didn't make it to the true summit, but still got a some great views from the stops on the way to as high as we could go. At every point, the staff were friendly and explained the closing procedure clearly but still cheerfully. The facility is a fitting tribute to the heroes who served their country.
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Heather Z
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Prospect Mt
2021年10月 • 好友
Prospect Mt is always a must stop whenever visiting Lake George. Simply beautiful...the 3 stops on the ride up offer differant vantage points of the lake. The shuttle bus to the summit is currently not running which makes entry free...short hike to top.
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纽约州Liverpool81 条分享
Great views of Lake George and surroundings.
2021年7月 • 好友
If you are staying in Lake George or traveling through, take the time to drive up Prospect Mountain. Views are lovely as we’ve enjoyed during Summer and Fall. There are stops along the way up the mountain to pull off and observe the beauty of the views and once you reach the top, views are breathtaking.
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Beautiful Overlook
We took the drive to Prospect Mountain on a beautiful clear day. At the time of our drive, they were not charging the $10 entrance fee. There were several places to pull off and take in the views of Lake George. At the last stop, visitors can park and take the hike to the top, but the views on the way up are spectacular, if it's not something you choose to do or can physically do.
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Very challenging
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Well, my wife Vikki and I Eddie 64 went up two days ago after the rain. Vikki was a runner and I was a Ironman triathlete in my 40’s. Now we basically walk minimum 7 miles every day. We did some challenging trails but we basically happy normal terrain Walkers. Maybe because was the first time on this one and we weren’t talking the best route climbing. Well, the indications was not that clear and a little to the right or left of the invisible best route, was the difference that made it even harder. Our conclusion rating of the trail is “hard to believe this is for the average Walker” it is a great trail, just be realistic with your expectations, be prepared! We had lot of fun. Met some great people like Lincoln and Beth who took the picture 🤗
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新泽西特伦顿3 条分享
Amazing views
2021年8月 • 家庭
The views are great. There are several places to stop along the way to the top. There’s a place to park and a small hike up the summit. We chose to drive, but you can also hike all the way to the top right from town.
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Greenwich, Connecticut3,873 条分享
A Fun Car Ride
2021年8月 • 夫妻情侣
For $10 you drive up a well maintained road to a large parking area at the top. There are a couple of areas you can stop and take in the view on the way up. Then a short 10 minute hike to the summit is worth the effort. The summit has grills and tables. It is a shame that the road closes at 5. It can be casually done in an hour and 1/2. We arrived at 3:30 and stayed until they told us to leave. Would have stayed longer if they let us.
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Diana D
新泽西Old Bridge6 条分享
Beautiful views
We entered this park and drove up the mountain stopping at each of the 3 levels to get out and take in the views. Although there was quite a bit of brush we were still able to look out and see the town of Lake George and the gorgeous views from the mountian.
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Family time in the mountains
Very nice views and a great place to bring family.
Excellent experience with breathtaking views
We like to finish up our trip each year by coming here
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