Maison de Cadeaux Berberes
Maison de Cadeaux Berberes
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James G
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Excellent establishment. Friendly, gracious, informative and interesting host Hassan. Beautiful objects. We didn’t buy anything in the end but we’re made to feel like honoured guests throughout.
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意大利热那亚2,053 条分享
Tappeti di ogni genere e anche artigianato locale. Hanno offerto del tè verde a tutta la compagnia e ingaggiato “battaglie” sui prezzi che dopo giorni di trattative continue diventano un po' pesanti…
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no Marrocos, tapetes estão entre as compras mais desejadas pelos turistas. A grande variedade e beleza dessa arte milenar é oferecida e deve ser negociada: os preços começam muito alto propositadamente e baixam vertiginosamente. Não comprei nenhum tapete mas vi outros comprando e fiquei impressionada com o negociar, que também me pareceu ser arte milenar dos marroquinos!
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Richard N
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This establishment specializes in exhibiting and selling Berber carpets. They are all exquisite. But do not miss the basement in this store. There you will find jewelry and antiques that cannot be found elsewhere. My wife bought a necklace after several rounds of bargaining.
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加拿大Chicoutimi3,667 条分享
Cette maison de cadeaux vous offre l’opportunité de voir et d'acheter selon vos désirs et vos moyens des tapis et ou autre forme d,artisanat réalisé à partir de textile.

Il faut prendre le temps de négocier.

Possibilité de payer par carte de crédit et de se faire envoyer le tout par la poste.

Le thé était très bon.

N'oubliez pas d'enlever vos souliers pour marcher sur les tapis.
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Oakton, VA26 条分享
Purchased a 6x9 rug and had it shipped via DHL. Arrived promptly in about 10 days from purchase in perfect condition.
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明尼苏达Hanover223 条分享
The Berber village of Tinghir, Morocco is known for many things. Among these are the colorful rugs painstakingly woven by village women in their free time.

Our tour guide leads us silently through the narrow Tinghir alleyways coming to a stop in front of Maison de Cadeaux Berbere. If you love rugs, this is the place for you. Once inside and seated along the perimeter of the room, the shop owner welcomes us, and offers our group "Moroccan Whiskey", which is actually mint tea.

Next, he walks up to each of us sprinkling our heads and faces with rose water. "We give visitors rose of water when they come to visit," he explains. "It means we are very happy to see you."

The Berbers have been weaving carpets for several millenia. The hand-spun cloth they created was named for their individual tribes. In addition to rugs, they also made cloaks and other fabrics. Historically, the carpets were the preferred gift for those of an elite social class. Additionally, where used a hanging artwork, they customarily adorned palaces and sacred places.

"It takes three animals to make a carpet. Our carpets are made from camel, sheep and goats," the Berber proprietor tells us. "There are two kinds of wool: live (from shearing the sheep) and dead (the skin). The live wool is washed with lavender so you d on't smell the animal," he explains as he passes around a jar of lavender.

He then points to Fatima who is smoothing and combing the live wool to make it soft, and the other Fatima behind the loom who is busy weaving a colorful shawl for a woman's ceremony. The hanbel ("weaving" in Berber language) is a woven piece that is lighter and thinner than a rug.

Its use varies from region to region: It sometimes replaces the rug but but it may also be used as a blanket, a cushion or as decoration during celebrations.

We learn that the carpets are designed in both traditional and modern patterns, which are distinguished by the different knotting patterns, geometrics, dyes and fabric textures. He emphasizes that Berber rugs are made of natural materials and mostly feature cultural designs, which distinguish these traditional carpets from modern mass-produced Berber carpets.

All Natural
Not only are the materials natural, but so too are the colors. "The blue color comes from indigo rock and will rub off between your fingers," he says while passing around another jar of chalky blue chunks encouraging us to see for ourselves. "Henna, which grows less than two miles away, is used to make the red color. Saffron makes yellow, jasmine makes white, and the green color comes from wild mint. All of our colors are natural. We don't use chemicals to make the colors because it is dangerous for our skin and our lives."

Wool skeins come in fine, medium and large weights for design. Because silk is expensive, the Berbers don't use it. "The fine thread is like silk," continues the Berber bedouin. "The medium thread is for the carpet color, and the large weave makes the actual carpet design."

The Berber tribes developed a variety of weaves to adapt to the different Moroccan climates. For example, the rugs in the Atlas Mountains, where we had passed through earlier in the day, have larger loops and are more loosely knotted to provide warmth against the cold. In warmer climates the rugs have a finer weave.

Carpet Art
Berber carpets are known for their strong geometric designs and traditional diamond grid. "The bold colors," our host explains, "the in-depth patterns and weaving techniques have a distinct style based on the different regions where they are made."

Each tribe has their own unique trademark pattern and often a story behind that pattern.

We are then ushered into the carpet room where he begins showing us different rugs and items fashioned from the animals. As a completely different example of Berber products, he next brings out a colorfully patterned bag crafted from a camel hide.

Soon, rugs begin spreading across the floor. Five, ten, fifteen ... until the floor is completely covered with rug-on-rug matching the floor-to-ceiling rugs - each a different pattern. Some have elaborate embroidery stitched into the pattern, and others feature smooth undersides.

Surprisingly, there is no pressure to purchase a Berber carpet. These nomadic rugs ranging widely in materials, weaves, dyes and patterns are all contributing factors influencing a potential purchase. Although we leave the shop empty handed, the experience and newfound education relating to this ancient Bedouin art form accompanies us.
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捷克共和国霍穆托夫339 条分享
Moc hezké povídání o výrobě koberců a způsobu barvení přírodními barvivy. Těžko se však odolává nekoupit.
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Achtung: Wenn der gekaufte Teppich schnell eingepackt wird, dann besser noch mal einen genauen Blick drauf werfen. Erst nach dem Auspacken habe ich die Löcher und Webfehler entdeckt, für die ich Lehrgeld bezahlt habe.
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Christiane W
德国达姆施塔特行政区20 条分享
Ich war im April 2016 dort im Zuge einer Marokko-Rundreise. Es gibt sehr, sehr viele unterschiedliche Teppiche in allen Größen, Abmessungen, Farben und Farbzusammenstellungen. Einer schöner als der Andere. :-) Man ist sehr bemüht um die Kundschaft, versucht alle Wünsche zu erfüllen. Versand der gekauften Teppiche nach Deutschland kein Problem. Ich hatte mir einen sehr schönen Läufer dort gekauft. Wenn ich Geld und Platz hätte, würde ich dort noch mehr kaufen. :-) Im November bei meiner nächsten Marokko-Rundreise werde ich bestimmt noch einmal dort vorbeikommen.
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