Mount Jo

Mount Jo(普莱西德湖)

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East Brunswick13 条分享
Mt. Joe - Short trail vs long trail?
It was our first time hiking at Mt. Jo. We got there early. They have limited parking. So the earlier the better. We decided to walk the Heart Lake trail to start because the Summit was foggy. Some nice photo ops during this walk. We brought our lunch (totally recommend Simply Gourmet in Lake Placid) and ate outside the Park Ranger station. They had picnic tables set up.

The fog cleared up so we took the "short trail" up to the Summit. I have to say it was very steep with lots of rocks/boulders and unless you are in top shape I don't really recommend it. Once at the top there are two Summits. The first one as you get off the steps and then the second one you have to walk through a very short trail straight ahead as you get off the steps (at the time there was water on this trail) to the other side where you get more views and you can see Heart Lake. Very beautiful.

On the way down we took the "long trail" and it was much more manageable. I would recommend the long trail both ways for people with children, especially smaller children. It is much safer. When taking the "long trail" down or up there is a small stream that runs through it at one point. You just have to walk along the side to avoid walking through the stream. They said it is about 1 mile up and 1 mile back. I think it took us about 2 hours round trip? Not 100% sure. But definitely worth it!
Have fun!
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宾夕法尼亚Horsham347 条分享
Great short hike
2021年8月 • 家庭
This was a fun hike with a little bit of everything for a beginner. We took this hike to introduce our son’s girlfriend to hiking. Note that this trail starts in an area that has a fee to park- $15 per car. The summit is about 700 ft climb from the trail head. You can go up and back on the same trail or make it a loop. We took the “short” trail up, this is the right fork. This side is more boulders and a steeper climb. There are a few spots that you might call a rock scramble, but nothing crazy, and no ledges. The steepest section at the summit has wooden stairs over the rock. You get great views of some of the real high peaks and of Heart Lake. The way down we took the “long” path. This was not as steep, but the path was less boulders and more tree roots. This side was also wetter than the short path. Other trails are accessible from the same parking area, and there is a snack bar and ice cream shop that opened at 2pm.
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Leslie T
卡罗莱纳州派恩赫斯特318 条分享
What a Hike!
So the rating of this being a medium hike is not accurate when you have to climb over boulders. Nice view at the top.
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130 条分享
Great 2 mile round trip hike to great views
Weather looked iffy so wanted to do just a short hike. Took steep hike up and easier hike down, great views from the top. Parking cost $15.
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Shu Y
纽约州纽约市11 条分享
Very cool place to hike!
We did six different trails in the last week, and Mount Jo is definitely one of our favorite. The trail is so interesting. You can choose either "short access" or "long access". We decided to choose "short access" when we go up and come back via the long one. It was proved to be the right strategy. The short access is very steep and rocky. You need to be careful, especially during the rainy seasons. It's not very very muddy, but very slippery. Remember to bring gloves with you because you will need to use your hands to help going up. And it feels much longer. But you will feel very happy and satisfied once you reached to the summit!
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纽约州布鲁克林59 条分享
Moderate hike
2020年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Believe all the reviews about this Trail's difficulty. We are first time hikers and it was definitely doable but challenging. We took the short trail up and long trail down as everyone suggests. We also used hiking sticks which were very helpful on the climb up. The summit makes it all worth it but be prepared for a workout. Round trip took about 3hrs since we spent about 30 mins on the summit and on heart lake.
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宾夕法尼亚哈里斯堡213 条分享
Excellent beginner hike
Close to Lake Placid - so great location. Pay for parking and the staff provided directions to the trailhead. The hike is short but required some effort in part to scramble some rocky incline. The summit was nice - windy with snow showers. Very invigorating. Loved it
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纽约州罗切斯特61 条分享
Stunning Mountain Top Views
We consider ourselves moderate hikers, in our 50s. This was a challenging, steep, rocky hike (short trail up, long trail down). We are used to walking 3 miles a day, so it was not the length, but the climb. If you have bad knees, avoid this trail. It is a stairmaster. But the views at the top are worth the effort, and it is a stunning trail both ways. We are so happy we took the trail. We just wish we had not also done another 4 mile trail that same morning. OUCH. Hike on!
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纽约州Rexford546 条分享
Challenge accepted
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
I can’t believe I’m typing this review but I finally did it. Mount Jo is not an easy hike, despite what other reviews may say. If you’re not experienced it is definitely a challenge. A lot of large rocks to climb and every time you think you’re past that set of rocks, there’s another huge set of them waiting for you. I always said I would take the long trail but we just decided to go for it and took the shorter, more challenging trail up and the longer trail down. We took a lot of breaks and paced ourselves. We’re not hikers and will likely not hike another mountain after this! The view at the top is AMAZING! The foliage right now is gorgeous so that was an added bonus. Tips are to wear good footwear and bring hiking poles or find a good walking stick to assist you. Bring a snack and tons of water. Layer up.
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纽约州Buchanan3 条分享
Amazing experience
My husband, our chaweenie and I took this hike. We are not experienced hikers, but we managed to make it. We took the long (easy trail) trail both ways. Just before you reach the summit there’s a pretty challenging climb along a stream, I almost wanted to quit then because I was intimidated, so glad we didn’t. Great first hike for our pup ❤️
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