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Carmela G
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2021年10月 • 家庭
I’ve been to this place for several years but this year was horrific. It took 15 minutes to get into the parking lot another 45 minutes to get in with prepaid tickets. The place was overcrowded and the animals all look malnourished and sickly. You can buy food to feed the animals and birds but they wouldn’t even eat cause there were so many people and they were being over fed. I will be searching for a new place next year. This place should be shut down for good.
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Steven C
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2021年10月 • 家庭
Run the other way. If there are 10 places to visit, go see the other 9. A beautiful Sunday in October and the line (for prepaid tickets) is endless. Far more tickets sold than the place can handle. Oh, and no refunds. Very disappointing. Sorry to be so harsh, but it is deserved.
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纽约州纽约市12 条分享
I have to echo other reviewers here with regard to animal cruelty. unfortunately, uneducated consumers attend this fall festival not knowing they are contributing to the cycle of abuse of these exploited exotic and farm animals. Each ticket continues the cycle.

I paid for pumpkins, saw the exotic animals and was horrified and immediately asked for a refund.

White Post Farms knows exactly what they're doing wrong they clearly do not care about animal welfare and their website suggesting they contribute to conservation efforts is a joke once you see their practices.

I can't believe any parent with a conscious would expose their child to animal abuse like this, It's unfortunate that many people do not know that petting zoos are not appropriate and feeding and housing exotic animals like this is really horrid.
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纽约州韦斯特切斯特县1,147 条分享
This farm/zoo is overcrowded with lots of rubbish people taking their families of 5 to 8 kids there. It is also understaffed, and the animals are not adequately taken care of. The owners should be ashamed of themselves, and PETA and the ASPCA should get involved. Definitely not going back here, ever.
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Josh S
new york3 条分享
My little ones loved this place. The bird feedings were alot of fun. Tip: Go to the birds early since they get full by middle of the day and don't interact as much afterwards.
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Derek K
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DO NOT GO HERE!! This place is absolutely terrible and the conditions for these animals are horrendous. They are all malnourished, on hot concrete, or trapped in little "playpens". There are some beautiful, exotic animals that should not be trapped in a small shed or on concrete for the rest of their lives. They should not be allowed to have these animals and the fact that they have giraffes and zebras is truly heartbreaking. It's clear that they only care about making a profit off of these poor, innocent animals. I begin to wonder how these animals can even survive in these conditions. Take an extra hour out of your day and go upstate and visit an animal sanctuary that actually cares about animal welfare. Woodstock Animal Sanctuary & Arthurs Acres are just two of the many amazing places that you can visit to see animals in NY State. Do not go here and tell your friends the same until these animals are in a loving environment. 
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马萨诸塞波士顿1,359 条分享
Lot's of animals to see. place is quite big, so even when it is full, it still feels spacious. Bring some snacks with you as the food prices inside are quite high. Also restroom are limited in number.
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Sid Gomez
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This is by far the worst place to see animals. This is a literally a road side zoo with malnourished animals. To start off, this place is overcrowded with people and barely any type of staff - except for the gift shops and "food court".

The animals are placed in small concrete pins. No grass, no real food. Clearly, the animals are in distressed by the conditions in which they living in, and the numbers of visitors. Pigs have not shade, nothing to play with or eat, supposedly on a "special diet". The primates are in 3 separate cages, back to back, on concrete floor. Many of which are either eating their own feces, have an injured limb, or clearly bored out of their mind. The giraffe was stored away --- without any sunlight besides the small window in which you can see the animal barely moving. The donkeys/horses have a terribly sad look. And the goats! The poor things are barely moving.

This place has a huge responsibility to these animals. Hire more staff to take care of the animals and monitor the visitor. There were a couple of people feeding the camels their ice cream cones. Where was the staff? Limit the entrance capacity. You need to give back more to this animals who are clearly making you a big profit.
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Deborah B
纽约州长岛14 条分享
2020年10月 • 家庭
In October, my husband and I took our son to White Post Farms to see the animals and attend the fall festival. I was disappointed in our experience for multiple reasons, and do not plan to go back.
First of all, it was apparent as soon as we saw the first animal pens that the animals’ care and conditions were subpar. There is not nearly enough space to house exotic animals such as giraffes, zebras, and camels. Additionally, the more typical “farm” animals were in extremely overcrowded pens. There was no evidence that these animals are fed on any schedule; instead, they were fed generic food at the convenience and capability of the crowd.

Additionally, the farm was unbelievably, uncomfortably crowded. They do have a mask policy as per current guidelines, but most areas there was no one checking for compliance. Ironically, the only place anyone was checking was near the food stands (where you might be allowed to have a bite of something). There is no system for ensuring that people do not stay all day, so crowds accumulate and it was nearly impossible to get around certain areas. Even outside and in a mask, I felt very uncomfortable at times.
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2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This farm has a wide variety of exotic animals in deplorable and inhumane conditions. They have animals such as zebras and giraffes in small concrete enclosures with no water, no grass or plants whatsoever, & no other animals. All of the animals (except the goats) appeared to be exhibiting high stress behavior, such as teeth grinding, swaying, biting their enclosures, head pushing and more. Monkeys were being fed fruit loops. Exotic and endangered animals are not meant to live in captivity being fed processed food with 5 year olds screaming in their faces. This was the saddest excuse of a family friendly farm I have ever seen. They are hiding behind the trope of being a family owned small business to exploit animals without guilt. Sickening.
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