Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve

Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve(Merrick)

Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve
自然与野生动物区 • 公园

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纽约州纽约市462 条分享
2021年10月 • 好友
Great park! I’ve lived in NY forever and never knew about this park until a friend took me who lives in Merrick. I love parks and anything outdoors and this place is a nice surprise. Wide gravelly paths that gently slope upwards so not too difficult but not super easy either. Great for an general easy walk overall though. Total walk around is probably about three miles but you can make that longer or shorter depending which direction you take. Next to a golf course and good views at the top all around. Can even see the city skyline! Pretty views of water and little pond at top w ducks. Recommend for families and all ages. There are facilities but the hole in the ground kind. However the bathroom was overall kept clean. No sink so bring sanitizer!!

Not much shade at the top so wear a hat. Nice boardwalk out to the local waterway w benches to sit and relax. Parking lot was medium size and was easy to find a spot on a wknd in October!
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Lolly’s Look
纽约州纽约市12,718 条分享
2021年4月 • 夫妻情侣
My husband and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon walk at the Norman J Le y Park and Preserve. It’s an interesting park to do some walking. It’s actually a repurposed landfill that has water views. It’s filled with nature and animals. There’s a large bird cage, a barn with goats, and ponds with ducks, fish and turtles.
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Carol Katers
纽约州Merrick1 条分享
Lovely place to unwind and have a some good exercise for these old bones. I adore the goats and all the wonders of this place. I have been going here for years <3<3<3
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Alison G.
纽约州Rockville Centre48 条分享
The amenities of the Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve are admirable. Take advantage of land walks, water activities, and more. It is amazing how close this adventure into nature is to our back door.
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Jeff H
1 条分享
Love this place, keep an eye out for little red fox , maintenance sorely needed on fencing , Oh and check out the iconic wind mill the blades turn but no water comes out . Park Rangers say Town of Hempstead dragging feet on repairs since 2012, Wow !!! So thats 7 years , the windmill is supposed to circulate needed water to the ponds at top ??? WHATS UP WITH THAT ???
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Julianne D
纽约州Merrick120 条分享
2019年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Great views from this park! You can walk to a pier, and from the top you can see NYC skyline. Not a difficult hike, more like a gentle walk on seashells. Would be better if you could bike instead of just walking.
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纽约州56 条分享
2019年6月 • 好友
I was pleasantly surprised. It is a nice little hike. You can walk the whole trail or if you can not do the whole trail they have i guess you can call them turnarounds. I do suggest to go to the top. Try the sun dial. It is pretty cool. It is family friendly. However, the gravel may be difficult for strollers. Also, be sure to visit the goats and chickens. The goats sometimes wander free.
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8 条分享
Great place to walk or run. The goats are usually out or about. Pier is pretty. Just be careful. Dog ticks everywhere... even if you stay in the middle of the trail. We took 3 ticks off us today- one had already attached to my sons scalp.
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Diane B
纽约州自由港20 条分享
The Norman J. Levy Park & Preserve is a great place to visit when you just want a peace of mind. It is so refreshing to walk there.
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以色列特拉维夫17 条分享
2019年4月 • 家庭
My family and extended family met for a visit together in the park. The park was nice, but the grounds all around are very wet, so it really is recommended to stay on the paths! The top of the park offers an amazing 360 view, and we met the "working" goats that are used to "tame" the foliage.

However, please be warned! You MUST be careful and check for ticks after. We found one on my daughter after our visit. It was identified as an adult female dog tick.
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