Locust Grove Estate
Locust Grove Estate
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Margaret C
57 条分享
Wonderful and informative tour with Elsie. It was our third tour of historic homes of the day. Elsie answered all questions enthusiastically.
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Cheryl B
伊利诺伊州芝加哥47 条分享
Nice trails through the forest, beautiful gardens, interesting antique carriages in the carriage house.
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Anne C
英国查塔姆4 条分享
Lovely house and grounds and excellent guide who had lots of interesting facts at her finger tips. plenty of time to see everything and to ask questions
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纽约州LaGrangeville480 条分享
Bucolic and historical Hudson Valley gem. The house is beautiful but it is the property that I have fallen in love with.
Over 200 hundred acres to wander and lose yourself along the Hudson River. Some days you can be the only person on the property. Other days, tons of people and their dogs. (They haven’t ruined it yet like they did Mt. Beacon which is littered with feces and debris now.)
I walk my baby girl 3-5 days a week at Locust Grove and every day we see something new. I allow her to dictate which trail we will take for the day. As you pass through the hospitality center and enter the grounds the sites and sounds of Route 9 dissipate. I can’t imagine what it was like to live at this period in time but I am envious.
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马里兰奥因斯米尔斯103 条分享
We were at the Moon, Serpent , and Bone Oddities Night Market as vendors & Got to explore this amazing building while we were there. The building was absolutely beautiful inside and out I wish I had actually been able to take pictures but I was a little bit shackled to my table. The bathroom was incredibly clean as well as the building and the grounds during daytime were absolutely inviting and in the night time just made for a spectacular evening. If you attend any events at this location you will have an amazing and lovely experience.
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Susan S
5 条分享
The house was closed on a Monday but you could walk the grounds for free. The gardens were getting toward the end, probably nice in late spring and summer. The house was well kept on the outside. We were able to look into one room off the porch which didn't have too much in it. Be careful of entering the property. It's a driveway gate right off busy Route 9.
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Sharon W
德克萨斯州休斯顿7 条分享
Beautiful place to walk around. And beautiful views of the river and the mountains on the other side of the river. Plus the gift shop has stunning locally made jewelry
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Debbie E
New York NY49 条分享
Locust Grove Estate was built as a summer house for his family by Samuel F.B. Morse, who made a fortune by inventing his eponymous code. It is beautifully situated on a stunning piece of property overlooking the Hudson. After ownership passed from the Morse family, it was bought by a wealthy family called Young, and it is their furniture and belongings that still furnish the house. This is notable, as many historic houses have period furniture, but often these items are not original to the property. The grounds are full of flowering shrubs and trees and must be utterly gorgeous in spring and summer. The house only recently reopened for tours, and one must sign up in advance for the tour. The tour is fairly expensive ($25 per person), but the good news was that it was private, which reduced fears of Covid — and the tour guide was extremely knowledgeable about every item we inquired about. The house itself is a treasure trove of furniture, decorative items, and collectibles. This place is not opulent in the manner of the Vanderbilt mansion, but if you enjoy historic houses, this is a good one to visit.
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纽约州Wading River2,463 条分享
The house is closed because of the virus, but the gardens and trails are open. We did the Lane Loop Road trail which is about two miles. The trail is wide and rocky in parts with a few inclines, but not too difficult. It goes through woods and a meadow and has a view of the Hudson River at one point. The garden is small, and had some pretty fall flowers in bloom. There's no admission to see the garden or go on the trails.
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纽约州布鲁克林49 条分享
Was there on Labor Day. Nice quite place. Grounds and the back gardens are nice. But nothing amazing to come from far away.
For us, the enjoyment was going down and up the trails that takes you down to the Hudson River. You can not real go down all the way to the river, because the rail road is running by the river right in front of the property of the estate.
We were there approx 2 1/2 hrs. It was very nice.
If you are of age or with a disability of walking or climbing it is a no no. Also would not recommend the trails for a family with small children. We met a family with small children on the way up. They had a difficult time with the children going up. They were exhausted.
But on the grounds and garden it is relaxing for all.

Best if you go when it is not very hot or humid. The way up will make you exhausted on a very hot humid day.

What knocked me off and you have to be aware off this is, the entire place does not have a public restroom. after 2 1/2 hours walking we needed a restroom. The lady told us "Sorry we do not have one for the public" I asked what to do? she told me to walk down the road to the next Gas Station... Which is quite down the road.

The estates were all close. It is because the pandemic. There is no date as of now when it will be opened again to the public.

Overall we enjoyed and it is a nice place to relax. Many shops gas stations are around not too far

Romantic Place? To hold hands, walk in a nice quite atmosphere in the woods together. Take nice pictures on the grounds next to the estate or garden ETC.
Is this place if you are traveling with a big group ? I would say yes. It would of make it way more enjoyable the hiking in a group. You can sing laugh together. The allow a picnic only if it is in a discreet manor.
As of now there is no charge but Donations which they have a box in the front is appreciated.
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