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纽约州纽约市9 条分享
It is a beautiful estate that will make you gasp. Our group enjoyed having Kateri as our guide since she gave us so much useful information.
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Rochester194 条分享
Beautiful estate with lush gardens. I thought enough time was given on my Classic tour to appreciate most areas. It was nice that we went outside in-between different areas - saw the gardens and sculptures before visiting the art gallery in the basement. I hadn't noticed that we were to visit the coach house which was interesting but my main focus was on the house itself.
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威斯康星Hartland178 条分享
My husband and I had Grand Tour on Saturday afternoon in August. It took almost 3 hours, and it totally worth it. it is too sunny and hot outside, but we still really enjoyed every bit of tour. I highly recommend this tour.

Make sure you put visitor center address in your navigation, not Kykuit. You will be there in Shuttle bus from visitor center.
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Jenny H
2 条分享
I took your magnificent Grand Tour a few weeks ago. Our guide, Brian, was superb in every way. All was wonderful until the end, when we were faced with the giant Black Lives Matter mural in the car garage. As Brian explained, John D.'s wife was active in social equality, which was terrific. But to have the BLM mural and a Critical Race Theory poem, which derided people with white skin, in the car garage was highly inappropriate and disappointing. They removed us visitors from the estate's beauty and time period and threw us into today's specific politics and social issues. It tainted the tour for me, and I overheard others in my group say the same.
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Jonathan M
纽约州Tuxedo Park491 条分享
Kykuit combines a grand estate, fascinating people, lush gardens, and an impressive classical and modern art collection into an outstanding experience that is well worth the price of admission. We opted for the three hour Grand Tour option and were not disappointed. Our guide skillfully combined comprehensive knowledge of four generations of the Rockefeller family with a multitude of details and nuances of the house and grounds. While pictures of the interior of the house were not permitted, there was more than enough opportunity to photograph the pristine gardens, pavilions and stunning views of the Hudson River and the New Jersey Palisades. I came away thoroughly impressed by a family that seemed to realize that their wealth brought with it a responsibility to use it to benefit as many as possible.
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3 条分享
In summary: beautiful home and grounds but the 3 hour Grand Tour was very frustrating, rushed at points while slow at others, aggressive policing of guest activities, and clear bias in how the Rockefeller family is presented.

Extremely controlling and nitpicky, very little freedom to actually see and absorb the art, landscape architecture and design. Rigidly timed and rushed during the highlights of the tour (the priceless modern art collection including a mad 5 minute dash through the entire gallery, and the main rooms in the home) while lots of time was spent walking and meandering to look at small, inconsequential things outside. The website nor ticket purchasing process is not clear or upfront about the “absolutely no photos inside” policy but the tour guides are sure to aggressively remind you at every chance they get, as if a 110 year old estate belonging to one of the most famous families in history that is open to tours is a massive and private secret that must be preserved at all costs. I’m a photographer so this was my main desire for even taking the tour and such a blanket rule is frustrating. For $60 you’d think you could get 5 minutes of peaceful enjoyment of the grounds and maybe one photo per room, but you do not. Lastly, you can very much tell the Rockefellers fund the organization giving the tours as the focus is on their amazing unimpeachable unquestionable taste and their endless goodwill and philanthropy (aka amassing ungodly amounts of wealth, buying lots of land, and then donating some of it so it can have their name on it and calling it a service to humanity). If you are looking for a reasonable, relaxed, historically accurate and balanced tour that allows you to enjoy your surroundings and maybe get a few photos, this is not it. Glad I saw the grounds but I could do without visiting again. I recommend staying on the Metro North up to Poughkeepsie and touring the FDR home and library instead.
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加拿大蒙特利尔93 条分享
It is a lovely estate that can take your breath away
We had a lovely guide Kateri who provided us with so much great information, which our group appreciated
The grounds are extraordinary filled with sculptures and other artistic features
We visited the first and second floors of the mansion as well as part of the basement. This basement contained an art collection that was extraordinary
Wished the tour would have been a bit slower paced and longer so I could have had time to reflect on the information provided and included a break where i could have sat down for a few minutes. Nonetheless, Kykuit is a must visit
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Elizabeth L
12 条分享
We took the 1 1/2 hour tour and it was plenty for us. We didn't get to see all the rooms, but the guide was very knowledgeable and we saw the bottom floor and the gardens. It is impressive but not ostentatious like the Newport mansions in Rhode Island. Good time if you like history and great views! (One note - can get very chilly because of the breezes!)
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纽约州Brewerton667 条分享
Great history, we especially related to Nelson Rockefeller. Lisa our guide was awesome. Shocked that we didn't know about Nelson's obsession with sculpture, Ming Dynasty collections, Picasso vases, Picasso paintings. Loved the room with china collections! JDR's swimming pool, gardens beautiful. Highly recommend!
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新泽西239 条分享
We took the Grand Tour with Tom. Excellent tour with many details of the Rockefeller family and the many philanthropic activities they were associated with. We saw three levels of the 5 level house plus the outdoor gardens. And the carriage house with several horse-drawn coaches and several antique cars. The house is much bigger than most pictures show, and the views of the River are quite grand.

Be aware that in the 3 hours, we were in our feet almost the entire time, with very few places to sit, so if you cannot stand or walk for that long, take a shorter tour.

The tour starts at the Philipsburg Manor, where you park (free parking) and check in to get your wrist band inside the visitor center, then board the bus outside the building. The drive to Kykuit takes only a few minutes. Do not drive directly to Kykuit; that’s not where the tour starts.

The Grand Tour was $60 per person but worth it IMHO.
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