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Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum(Uniondale)

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

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纽约州亨廷顿1 条分享
Went to see Elton John on Saturday after two years since I purchased tickets pre Covid. I paid $550 or so and the seats I had were horrible. It was section 216 row 16. Never been before but that section and row as well as many others are completely obstructed from seeing the screen. I didnt see nothing but the bottom of the screen. How do they sell seats that you cannot see the screen from cause of the overhang design. It was terrible. Section 212-220 rows 11-16 should not even be sold. I was so disappointed. Shame on the venue for deceiving people and selling seats to people that are unaware they will not be able to view the screen. Sat there for 2 hours could not see any of the video that was running in background. Not even TV's to view to compensate for not being able to see. Never again.
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Dana E
5 条分享
2022年3月 • 独自旅游
Im waiting for Elton John.They are not really ada compliant at Nassau colliseum. I had to explain to supervisors my story on why im disabled.that is totally illegal.after walking from the street and them having me stand for 20 minutes until someone came with a wheelchair they finally decided to upgrade my seat to a wheelchair capable seat.i went from section 211 to 104.
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乔治亚卡明38 条分享
One of my favorite places to see a concert. Ample parking, yet small venue feel from the inside. Definitely on my repeat list.
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纽约州纽约市1 条分享
2021年5月 • 独自旅游
I can clearly tell that this was built entirely for hockey. Not much else!!! While the ice is nice and clearly very useable for the players., it just doesn’t really do it for me. No one cares to enforce wearing masks! It is also a horrible venue to bring your kids or anyone that is not interested in the game because there is not anything inside the venue besides the seats, the ice and the food stands!! However there is a desent parking lot there for tailgaters. If you are not an islanders fan and happen to be in New York City, Madison Square Garden is a much better hockey venue and is far less boring than the nassau Coliseum
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Elvira C
Long Island, Ny7 条分享
2020年3月 • 好友
Went to see Celine Dion in concert on Tuesday night with my daughter. t
Tickets weren't cheap and it is a shame that people at the Coliseum could sell such obstructed view seats.
The upper levels across from the stage are the worst sections in the entire Coliseum. No one should be allowed to sell tickets for those seats. Hope something can be done-probably not.
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纽约州Deer Park166 条分享
I went to Celine Dion last night and she was amazing! As far as our seats...not so amazing. The price wasn't cheap either and I can't say you got what you paid for! We were in section 208 row 14, one the is view is horrible there is an over hang, when she was talking you could hardly hear her, it was extremely hot and you need more screens too. The row behind us which was the last row of the section the people went and complained and about 8 of them were moved to other sections....I guess we should've complained too! Also the price for parking is out of control as …..$30.00 really?! Being that you charge so much for parking you should hire more people for when the concert is over!!! The cars and people are out of control! The people walking do not pay attention, they walk right in front of your car! not safe at all!
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3 条分享
the islanders are always a pleasure . the coliseum is ok they still have long lines for the mens room the seats are a little tight but the experience was good. the down side is the charge to park. 40 dollars to park that is insane I understand the parking lot is run by a firm hired by the county . this is NOT MANHATTAN the normal charge i s 20 bucks. special events are more . I hope they are paying the attendants 100 an hour. I WON'T BE COMING BACK EVER I refuse to be ripped off .
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John G
纽约州Utica29 条分享
My son and I finally had a chance to come back to the renovated "BARN".It looks AWESOME. Our seats were 5th row from ice with excellent view of the game.
But,the concessions!They were exceptionally high.Coming from an area that has an AHL affiliate,I thought our prices were high.If they lowered them a few dollars ,could double sales.
But it won't stop us from attending any future games.GO ISLES!!!
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26 条分享
Went to NYCB for Monster Trucks show.
The show was good but the for prices are very high.
$20 for parking.
Can’t bring in your own water.
$7for a hot dog.
$20 for cotton candy which came with a face mask that is a “ throwaway “
Eat & drink before you go to any event & you’ll be fine!
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Gerard D
马萨诸塞波士顿107 条分享
I recently attended a New York Islanders game at the Coliseum. I found this venue to be a great place! Parking is located right there at the arena and is a short walk to the many entrances. Once inside there were plenty of concessions to choose from with all types of food and beverages. The seats were great too. Sight lines were awesome. The arena was clean and the fans were passionate! Fun times!
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