Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden(Warwick)

Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

Pacem in Terris Sculpture Garden

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纽约州纽约市20 条分享
Pacem en terris is not Disneyland and it’s not meant to be…..
2021年8月 • 好友
Pacem is not for everyone and honestly it’s not meant to be. It wasn’t created to be an exciting place but a place for reflection and tranquility. If you are looking for Disneyland definitely look somewhere else. To maintain the place they ask for volunteers and a small donation. This place was the dream of an artist and his wife. It features his art but it was his dream to share his oasis but people who seek it. I’m grateful for it. This place was always on the down low. Never seeking tourists. A place you would only find if your friends suggest it. It’s a place asking you to debrief from the chaotic of this world. I have brought many friends here and each experience their own peace. I have also come alone just to find my quiet. Not looking at your phone for the time here is not the worse thing to do. You might go away with more than you entered. Btw you can take a photo but are asked to spend first part of your time here without your phone. Probably a unique experience for a generation glued to phones. Enjoy the moment. Children are welcomed but as long as you make it clear to them it’s not a playground or hands on Museum but a place to ponder and respect. I always end the day with an ice cream at Bellvale Farm. Search it on Google.
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弗吉尼亚弗吉尼亚海滩26 条分享
Since when does a snack bar constitute a good time?
Can’t believe that prior review. What kind of slob would say that. Its a park with sculptures. You need a waterslide too? Get a grip you sad provincial creature. I would applaud any effort these days for art/nature. Who do you think you are?
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1 条分享
It was a Terrible experience. Do not recommend. Not a good choice. Would not suggest others visit here.
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Kim W
7 条分享
Don't Bother
There is no snack bar. There nothing to do. Go to other places that offer more value for your time. Don't bother.
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Kathe K
1 条分享
Don't bother.
This was a complete waste of time. I visited Pacem in Terris because I was in the area and had no plans. The sculpture was disappointing, there was no one to answer questions, and I cannot recommend it to anyone.
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纽约州Stony Point1 条分享
2019年4月 • 好友
I went with a few friends and was quite pleased. I go on new adventures with no expectations. It helps me have an open mind. Nature marries Art is my title if I had to title my day ☀️it was about 8 years ago I think.
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新泽西Fair Lawn36 条分享
Soothing location
Very tranquil and beautiful gardens. The brook running through it only adds to the setting of the sculptures. The drawings and paintings in several small galleries were interesting but some not to my liking.We went to hear a string quartet in the mill house. It was wonderful. My warning is to bring a cushion, you will be seated on a rock. Also, the steps could use some more banisters . I highly recommend the visit.
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Brie Valentino
新泽西Vernon675 条分享
Great place to go!
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Great sculpture garden! There is plenty to look at I went with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. I am a local and I always drove past it wondering what it was. They have another section of sculptures on the other side of the road as well! You have to go over the railroad tracks and go to the right! It is a very peaceful area! Great to go to if you have a lot on your mind and need to relax! There are ticks in the other sculpture garden by the way so wear sneakers!
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Gina B
新泽西莫里斯敦113 条分享
Very interesting
2019年6月 • 好友
This place is worth a visit in my opinion. I’ll start off by saying that it is free. So, keep that in mind. The location is great right on the river which really helps make it such a special place. It is quite unique & very interesting. The word I keep using to describe it is “whacky” but in a very good way. Don’t be discouraged by others who were disappointed & gave poor reviews. Just be realistic about the type of place it is & know that it’s an interesting place to visit but you only need about an hour (or less) to appreciate it. There’s a winery & lots of great restaurants in the area. So there’s plenty of other things to do before/after your visit.
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Lee R
新泽西海沃斯384 条分享
A hidden Gem
2019年5月 • 夫妻情侣
It's hidden because the curators want it to crowds.....just folks enjoying the surroudings....the peacde and teanquility...the beauty....the sound of the rushing waters and the art which populates the area.

Well worth the visit...bring your camera and shoot for a sunny day
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