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Yallingup Maze
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上午9:30 - 下午4:30
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澳大利亚戴士柏70 条分享
I have been at the Maze many many times over the years..always loved it. As a local I took many visitors as well. Last time I went, it was extremely different. Inside there are only a few tables with very limited selection of games. Big part of the area was occupied by products for sale displayed on tables (not just shelves like before).
Coffee is in takeaway cups only. I do understand that shortage of staff is a big issue everywhere...but it was very quite and the staff there not busy at all. our coffees were much smaller that usual as well. It is such a shame! Not sure if It is under a new management but I really miss the "old, relaxing Maze" where old and young could have fun.
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Hi there Thank you for supporting our business over the years - Yallingup Maze is 13 year old this year. We have changed things up to adapt to the times, as you are aware it's been an interesting couple of years for small business owners. We reduced table numbers inside when the weather was fine to encourage people to sit outside in the fresh air. We have had huge shipments of jigsaws puzzles & have wanted to display them well and use the space inside effectively to showcase them. Take away containers are due to lack of staff. Coffee sizes are large & regular same as they have always been. Same management, different staff. The 'old, relaxing maze' is still there, it lives on! Young, old are still having fun and we are making memories everyday. We are adding to our dream this year with an 18 hole mini golf course ready end of July 2022. A candle factory and cellar door are also on the property now as well and our accommodation. We are a husband and wife team with few core staff. We hope you come back for a visit and discover the fun that is still the essence of out business. Hoping people can still find the fun in themselves when many have lived through much over the last two years. Everyday is different but we keep on keeping on.
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新加坡新加坡98 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
We wanted to book the other maze but it was closed on The day we wanted to visit so I decided to give this place a try as we don’t have any activity in the morning. Well, I’m glad we came and the kids had fun in the maze as They had not tried any maze before.

Luckily the weather was cooling and we spent about an hour in the maze before playing at the playground and climbing a tree to take photos. The admission is not too expensive as compared to the other place.

There’s a mini golf course under construction which will open soon which will make the place more interesting.
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thanks for visiting. We are closed Mondays. Its a great place for young & old and families. Much to do between the maze and the free puzzles and games and nature playground & soon to be finished 18 hole mini golf course. We try to make it affordable for everyone, people generally spend a couple of hours here or even longer if the kids are happy.
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Russell M
澳大利亚珀斯193 条分享
We stopped by for a morning coffee and found it to be excellent. Not a good range cakes to go with it unfortunately.
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Thank you! We make fresh scones everyday, served with homemade jam and cream. Raw treats and other homemade slices. Range of cookies from melting moments, double dipped, gingerbread men etc We are presently offering more slices and cookies than cakes :)
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澳大利亚西澳大利亚州74 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
A great visit for our family of four. The maze was a fun challenge that we all enjoyed. Would definitely recommend a visit - great fun!
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Excellent thanks for your comments
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Sharna C
澳大利亚杰拉尔顿41 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
Stopped in for a coffee and for the kids to have a play. We didn't go into the maze itself but instead got coffees and morning tea to enjoy in the playground area. It was free for the kids to enjoy the playground and a huge nature play area, Gold coin donation for the bouncy castle. The staff also bought out trays of puzzles to our table for both adults and kids to have a go at which was a lot of fun! Really recommend this for families with younger kids for a bit of a rest between other activities (or somewhere for the kids to burn energy without spending a fortune). Good coffee and GF options too.
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Thanks for visiting and glad you had an enjoyable visit. Yes there is no pressure to do the maze, there's lots of other things to enjoy as you found out. Kids 4 years & under go free in the maze if you do decide to have a go.
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Sheridan W
1 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
My husband and I absolutely loved the maze. We went with our 7 month old however adults would definitely enjoy it on their own. I wouldn’t recommend using a pram in the maze as the ground is uneven gravel and there are lots of turns. A pram would be very difficult. We had our baby in a carrier and she loved it.
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Thanks glad you had fun and enjoyed. Yes it's for big kids too! Our maze is pretty challenging, it's designed to suit a range of people with varying levels of challenge and options and exit points.
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澳大利亚珀斯5 条分享
I thought this maze may be boring (having never even been in a maze before) but it was so fun! It was shady in many areas of the maze too as well as cooling drink fountains throughout. The giant in-door cafe also provides free-to-play (as well as to purchase) board games for those members of our group who did not want to partake in the maze game. Plenty of outdoor shaded seating also available. Great for all ages honestly. Highly recommend. Would go again.
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Thanks for your review and glad you had so much fun! The maze is really a fun thing to do for all ages, keeps you young at heart. Kids love the adventure with their parents and couples love the competition that arises between them. Games and fun inside so great in wintery weather. We look forward to your return visit.
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Jade B
澳大利亚珀斯18 条分享
2021年4月 • 家庭
We visited Yallingup maze with our three young children.

First impressions were great - the kids ran to the playground and had a great time. The bouncy castle was also a hit. We settled in for a coffee and some free puzzles while we waited.

We were advised the maze had recently been extended, and that it was pram friendly. Our initial experiences were great - the kids easily navigated to towers 1 and 2.

However once we crossed over to 3 and 4, where the new extensions were, we all became flustered with the new extensions. The ground was soft and we couldn’t sit the kids in the pram and push it or else it got stuck in the dirt, so the kids had to walk. We went around between the two towers for a good 30 minutes not being able to find a way up to tower 4 or to the apparently easy exit stairs to the centre platform to escape the maze. There is no way to call for help once you’re in the maze, and with three kids under 5 crying and wanting to go, we ended up looking for help online and couldn’t find anything either. It was only through asking for help from parents watching their kids from the platform that we got out. They tried to help us navigate out but also couldn’t advise us where to go. In the end they got an employee who guided us to an unmarked panel that was a door to the stairs that we were out.

So overall I am not a fan of the extensions. We suggested that maybe a map might be helpful and were told that defeated the purpose of a maze. But without anyway to get assistance, and with new extensions that have no easy way for people to leave the maze should they or their children wish to finish, I can’t recommend this for people with prams or little kids until these issues are resolved.

Once we were out, the kids happily played again on the playground and bouncy castle and all the anxiety was forgotten. But do they want to go back? Only for the playground
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Thank you for your comments. It is understandable that you had a challenging time navigating towers 3 & 4 with 3 young children. Yes the maze is more difficult and that was the purpose for the extensions, to challenge ALL ages. We give people as many options as we can. It is your choice to complete one or however many towers that are suitable for you & whoever you are with. We deliberately have 3 sets of stairs throughout the maze, so if you need to leave that is where you need to get to as that is your emergency exit up to the bridge. This is explained when you enter. As for the ground, it has now hardened after the rain & sorry to hear your pram struggled whilst it was soft. We don't charge for kids under 5 in the maze. We try to provide many activities for the young ones, free nature playground, free bouncy castle, free puzzles and games. It is at the parents discretion to take under 5s into the maze. Please remember you have choices when you are here. After finding 1 or 2 towers you may choose to leave the maze via the stairs, or press on & really get lost!
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jason c
4 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
Def. Dont go wen its too hot,like the water pistols idea,my son had fun as did myself too,easy to find exits and very family orrientated.great job
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Thank you! Yes best to plan your day when the forecast is hot. Our cafe is air conditioned with many games to play for free on the cafe tables. Water pistols definitely cool you down pretty quick in the maze, and you can fill them up under each tower.
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John Perth
澳大利亚珀斯143 条分享
2020年12月 • 家庭
We spent easily two hours at the Amazing Maze and we didn't even get past the kids bouncy castle and adventure playground with our toddler aged grand daughter!
Super relaxed and friendly, enjoyed having a go at the puzzles and enjoyed a chat with the staff.
Will certainly return to have a go at the actual maze!
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Thank you for visiting. Yes there is plenty to do at Yallingup Maze besides the maze itself. A great place to grab a coffee or a fresh juice and explore the grounds or the puzzle shop.
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