Appalachian Ski Mtn.

Appalachian Ski Mtn.(布洛英罗克)

Appalachian Ski Mtn.



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Our three first-time teens and five year old snowboarders had an absolute blast. Staff was helpful and pleasant and equipment was well maintained. Not sure if it was just because of the time of year but, we seldom waited for anything (equipment, lifts, food). Loved the observation area where we could continue to watch the children after we (oldsters) were tuckered out.
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佛罗里达Ponte Vedra Beach98 条分享
We're native Floridians who wanted to try skiing for the first time but didn't want to go too far... that's how we landed at App Ski Mtn. It was PERFECT for our first experience. It was not intimidating -- most people here seemed new to it. It was pretty busy on a Sunday in early March but not too terrible. Definitely get there as early as you can... it wasn't bad at 9:30am but got MUCH busier as the day went on. Everything ran very smoothly from renting clothing and equipment to taking lessons. All staff was friendly. I'd recommend packing your own food, if you can. The food here wasn't too bad but super expensive for the quality. Overall, this was the most perfect experience for beginners!
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This is my go to place to ski in the NC mountains. Yes, I know Beech & Sugar have more and longer runs, but they also have a ton more people. Longest I've waited in the lift line at App is 10 minutes, compared to 30-45 minutes at Sugar & Beech. Less people also equals less idiots screaming down the hill at full speed and running into you. Yes, I've seen this at both Sugar and Beech. Both of those are good during the week, but for a weekend trip, App is the only way to go. Easy in and out. Close to Blowing Rock and Boone.
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Patricia W
乔治亚Canton62 条分享
We came to Appalachian to do a few hours of night skiing at the end of our weekend. We knew it was going to be a smaller mountain that the others. We LOVED it. The vibe is awesome. Much more relaxed and the slopes were in great condition. We dealt with so much ice at the other two. Appalachian was nice and powdery. Great experience all around. Of the three in the area they seem to be handling this COVID mess the best. Staff is great. Reservations required. We are sold.
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佛罗里达迈尔斯堡9 条分享
2022年2月 • 家庭
After reading poor reviews on other local ski resorts, I chose Appalachian. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the check in process. I expected long lines and chaos when getting our boots and skis, but lines were short and everything went smoothly. The staff were so friendly and accommodating. Once we got on the slopes, the lines for ski lifts were minimal. It was a great first experience for my 11 year old . We will definitely come back!
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c madenda
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Been coming here for a number of years. I will say that it is a good place to get started, especially with the flex pass the and partial rebate on the ticket and gear if you ski less than four hours. I was visiting in early January (on a Friday) with family and chose the date specifically because (finally!) all of the "black" slopes were open. What actually happened, however, is that they closed two of the three black slopes and the terrain park just so that they could make more snow. They already had substantial full coverage, but it was more important to them to continue making snow on a weekday so they could build up the base even more for the weekend traffic, I suppose. Seems like they could have done a compromise and let people ski on those runs half the day and then made snow the other half. So it was a boring day on the slopes, not to mention the huge noise generated by the snow machines. Aside from that, for us non-skiers, the lodge was cold - women were warming their hands by the dryers in the ladies restrooms. All day I looked forward to getting back into the car, where at least there was heat. And the cleanliness of the place leaves something to be desired. I never see dining room tables getting wiped and the bathrooms (specifically stall doors and floors) could use a thorough cleaning. On the safety front, I have yet, over several years, to see them salt or scrape the loooong walk from the parking area to the lodge and it is invariably a layer of bumpy, slick ice. If you have any reservations about slipping and falling, use extra care. Pluses: nice staff and free wi-fi, and helmets come with equipment rental.

Went to Sugar Mountain this past weekend. The cost is really not a whole lot more and if you are any kind of an intermediate (or above) skier, you will appreciate the fast lifts and steeper, longer runs, as well as the increased number of runs. The lodge was WARM (hallelujah!) and the tables were continually being cleaned as people exited the dining areas. The parking lots and exterior walking areas were ice/snow-free. Be advised, they charge for helmet rental ($14) so if you ski regularly but haven't gotten around to getting your own helmet yet, it may be time. Cons: no wi-fi, so be prepared to hotspot.

Sugar Mountain was the winner for us. I guess I should thank App for having closed those runs, since it was really the clincher in deciding to go somewhere else and have a better experience.
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Daniel O
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On 2/6/22 at 3PM we had a terrible experience at the ICE SKATING facility as they misplaced my son's brand new boots we bought the day before at Sugar Mountain Resort. After we complained, Kelly the Mgr. said she would make it up for us in the form of reimbursement (after showing the invoice); and one day later she just said that they would not take responsibility for it. Shame on a place with no procedure for storing your shoes properly so that they don't get lost by someone else taking them without them even noticing it.
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卡罗莱纳州罗利14 条分享
2022年1月 • 夫妻情侣
Fiance and I were able to take a long weekend just in time for couple of inches of snow! The roads in blowing rock and app ski mountain were clear and we felt very safe driving to and from the mountain from downtown. We took private lessons with Dalton at Swiss Ski College (highly recommend for the individualized instruction) and we quickly/ safely progressed from the training slopes to the bunnies to the intermediate slopes. There are a lot of people there on the weekends so getting the basics of starting/ stopping and avoiding obstacles is highly recommended. When lines got busy they sent staff out to manage the crowd and fairly get people through lines (shoutout to Doug and Paul). The gift shop and ski shop had everything you could need at a reasonable price for the convenience. We bought our tickets and reserved our gear and ski class online and I think it sped up the process of getting our gear, fitted for our skis etc. It went very smooth. Lockers have to be reserved in cash. We ate lunch one day at the Lodge and it was about $16 for a combo (sandwich/ burger, large drink, fries) and it was pricey but pretty good and the line went quick on Friday. I heard it was a lot busier on Saturday but had specials for $13. There were some fresh food like salads and fruit and kid friendly options. All of our equipment and gear was in great condition and felt sanitary. We ice skated one night but it was short lived from where we were sore from skiing all day. The ski patrol was attentive and definitely wanted to keep everyone safe and provide a good experience. We overall had a wonderful experience and will be back.
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Winnie S
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Since I had to reserve in advance, I expected a less hectic experience; unfortunately on December 29th it was excessively crowded. That disappointed me. It took nearly 2 and 1/2 hours to get all of our rental gear, nearly missing our lesson. Granted, everyone was very nice; however, I felt a lot of anxiety due to the crowds and slow moving process. The next day was much better. If you are planning on multiday rental, I highly recommend renting a locker so that you do not have to go through the rental process each day. Be prepared to be in close contact with lots of people - When we returned, my entire family came down with Covid (albeit I cannot attribute that definitely to the resort and the omicron variant is particularly transmissable). Given that, you should protect yourself from potential Covid exposure, not all patrons are wearing masks indoors despite the protocols recommended. I am sure it would have been even more enjoyable if more slopes were open; however, the weather was super warm. A big shout out to the staff at the ice skating rink. There were very helpful and friendly. Some of our scenario was unavoidable; just be prepared for staff shortage and increased crowds. Be patient, especially since not all patrons are patient. Last note: the lesson purchased were great! I don't have the knowledge, so I was super appreciative of the teachers.
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livelife h
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2021年12月 • 好友
Beautiful ski resort the staff were super friendly. We took ski lessons and the instructor was super cool and patient. The slopes didn't have alot of snow but enjoy for beginners. They even took 50% off and gave us a credit. Definitely coming back
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