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Nona H
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2022年11月 • 独自旅游
Paid for a pet friendly room which cost extra, thats fine. Room was very dingy. Previous pet hair everywhere including mattress that I could see because sheet was not properly on the bed. Room was very outdated and toilet would not flush properly and ran all night. Every elevator and hallway were not only filthy but reeked of Marijuana. I booked a 2 day trip and left a day early and just ate paying for 2 days and only stayed one. The hotel its self charges 5 star prices looking worse than a motel 6. Casino its self was fine .
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2022年11月 • 独自旅游
A very friendly and welcoming place to do some gambling - if you are so inclined. The staff are extremely and accommodating. The Harrah’s/Caesar’s Award Program also provides good promotions.
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Betty J
田纳西Hartford12 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
It depends on what slot you pick I go there at least once a month I win about every other visit won a bonus a month husband called me told me he just won 2.000 $ bonus so I go over sit down at machine next to him play while he is waiting to get paid I put money in and hit a bonus on my second spin of 1400$ .They don't give you much free play is true l am a diamond plus and I get 40$ that sucks.I go to Biloxi Mississippi I get 250$ plus free meals
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Lori H
Smyrna4 条分享
2022年11月 • 夫妻情侣
I was so dissatisfied with the service I received during my last visit. Your front desk staff and housekeeping staff was a horrible experience. I also did not enjoy the casino the payouts was horrible but that is part of gambling . I visited your casino with my husband and I played until early morning. We were awaken at 8 :45 am by housekeeping banging on hotel rooms doors loudly saying House keeping !!!!! We called front desk over 5 times complaining about noise of things being thrown against the walls as well as staff constantly waking up sleeping patrons. I spoke to several employees hers the list ...Sam (rude)
I asked for late check out for being disturbed and had to ask her 3 times to give me a later check out .. explained to Sam how loud the staff was early morning and she said basically this was normal to be loud at 9 am but she would agree to give me a 12 check out. I specifically asked her to please make sure the housekeeping staff knew. This was around 9:30 ish. But right before 11 am we get loud banging at the door my husband goes to the door and it is housekeeping staffer banging and shouting like a police officer his name was Nick . We told him we had a late check out tried to sleep but there is a loud thump like someone literally threw something against the wall behind us. We got up think we were being targeted for complaining to front desk rep Sam because apparently she did not tell housekeeping we had a late check out. We complained to several people Catherine front desk who blindly transferred us to Amanda house keep manager (who was useless) remember I am diamond member that got a free room but consistently getting awaken on the night before I am scheduled to check out. We complained to a Deliala that called me on my cell phone I basically just hung up the phone on Dilala because she was no help and I was exhausted. We spoke to. Cathy at front desk another wasted call. We ended up getting ready to leave right after Nicholas (Nick) banged on the door by now the damage was done. Before we left we called front desk again and was out in hold. I am so done with Harrah's Cherokee. I had bad feelings that this staff was all in cahoots together so I was not going to leave the room until someone could verify that before we left we did no damage to the room. My husband went out in hall and asked for a supervisor we meet a Shontel who was our saving grace not only did she listen to our concerns she allowed us to feel comfortable that the other staff would not retaliate against us by lying on us and saying we damage something in the room to charge us damages on the card we had on file with hotel for incidentals. Shontel wax the only staff member that we felt was professional and trustworthy. We checked out of the hotel way before our authorized 12 check out. Ironically when I was in line waiting to check out I heard one of the front desk check out members say to a patron that apologized to her for asking a question..the hotel staff member said to the patron " that if she was the only problem customer she had to deal with compared to other patrons it would be wonderful " now that told it all . I am done patronizing companies that do not care about the customer. Lastly I decided before this trip to stop getting offers though the mail because it was just so much paper wasted . I opted out to no mail being sent. No one explained to me that I would not get any offers at all. So. Basically instead of Harrah's saving trees and our environment by opting to use electric offers they penalize the card members who want to save planet earth 🌎 now isn't that disgusting. I am done with you Harrah's Cherokee !!!
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内布拉斯加州奥马哈6 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
Very poor 7star experience. Showed up and room had been canceled. Took 3 days to get reimbursed for flights. Limited, expensive food choices. Gorden, you better check how your food is being prepared. Of course, no housekeeping. Player escorted by employee to smoke in the high limit men's room.
Won't be back.
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seattle127 条分享
We are here now. I had reserved a premium room in the Cherokee Tower and was assured the room would be very nice with a great view. We were not given any direction as to where we should park or that the Cherokee Tower was far away from the other towers. When we arrived and went to check in we were told that if we really wanted to be in the Cherokee Tower we should go back into the self park, move our car to the opposite side of the resort and the other parking structure. If we wanted to drag our luggage through the casino it would take 15 minutes. We were tired after driving almost five hours so we accepted the desk clerk's offer to put us on the 19th floor in the Creek tower. It is OK, and if you just look out the window from the bed you have a nice view of the mountains - still some pretty fall colors. The room itself is kind of dowdy, older furnishings, but it is clean.
We came here for my birthday, especially to eat at the much touted Gordon Ramsey sit down restaurant and enjoy his famous beef Wellington. This is advertised to be on the menu in Ramsey's Truffles' pub. It turns out that Truffles Pub is not open yet - it's almost a year over due because they have no staff. If you look at Cherokee Casino website today you will see Truffles Pub is advertised as open with pictures of the beef wellington. Instead of a nice sit down dinner of beef Wellington we were expected to eat from the food court. Gordon Ramsey should know that his brand is being tainted at Cherokee Resort . The casino also promises a Gordon Ramsey sushi bar. Nope, the only sushi is pre-packaged sold out of a market bin.
The Wicked brewpub, an offshoot of a local restaurant, is decent. You can sit at tables or in the bar. Good cocktails. We had pretty good burgers there last night (the Gordon Ramsey burger place in the food court required you to take your burger and find a seat on your own. We LOVE Gordon Ramsey's burgers in Las Vegas but what we saw being prepared at his place in the food court weren't appetizing. (We realize Gordon Ramsey just sells his name to these places but its his reputation that is suffering.)
Just saying, we believed the casino's hype about the Gordon Ramsey wonderful dining options and were very disappointed that the advertising was false - the restaurant that brought us to the casino to celebrate has been closed for almost a year and no one knows when it will be open. Not coming back.
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William A
Newport16 条分享
2022年10月 • 家庭
The Cherokee Host that called me supposedly booked me and my wife a king suite with a sofa bed because we were bringing the kids. Drove 8 hours to get there. Showed up at 2:30 p.m and the room I was promised wasn’t available . Spent 40k there last year between me and my wife and this is how they treat us. Packed the car back up and went to the new Bristol casino which is going to be a hard rock in Virginia. It’s Not as big as Cherokee but still won $2500.00 which was good because Cherokee is the tightest casino around and is extremely hard to take home a profit.
Please Don’t lie to your customers if she just would have told me there was a chance I wouldn’t get the room I could have made different arrangements. It’s going to be hard to go back after this.
Thanks, William
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乔治亚Manchester97 条分享
We did not stay in the hotel as it was leafs eason and the wekend rates were out of sight but still rooms were full. We came for a little gaming and a nice dinner. The casinos of Biloxi, Tunica and Las Vegas do not have to worry. The casino is dark and crowded but our great disappointment was in the food offerings. We love the buffets we have had in the past at any casinos but I understand COVID took care of those. This casino has a Ruth Chris Steakhouse which is probably great but I don't want to spend $50 for two crab cakes. That left only stand in line to order and carry your food on a tray to a table places to eat. Yes, lots of them but they really need a medium priced sit down restaurant or may two or three.
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Amy B
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2022年10月 • 独自旅游
Need more penny machines. Better odds to win. More staff on floor. Didn't win but I'd return again in the future if I travel through North Carolina again. May have been more enjoyable with friends.
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Richard Smart
南卡罗来纳南卡罗来纳州沿海地区2 条分享
2022年10月 • 夫妻情侣
This may be the largest casino I've ever been in anywhere in the world. They have six deck blackjack, which I like, although midday on a Thursday they only had 20% of the tables open and all were $25 minimum bets. Would have been nice to be able to ease into the day at a $10 table. Tge dealers confirmed that they only go down to $15. Plenty of slots to choose from, the staff is very heloful,
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