Hatteras Island Horseback Riding

Hatteras Island Horseback Riding

Hatteras Island Horseback Riding

Hatteras Island Horseback Riding

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Linda H
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200 or less don’t bother contacting them despite what their site says
2021年6月 • 好友
The website says they strictly adhered to a 200 or less weight limit, however “If you are tall and over the weight limit give us a call. We are mindful that not everyone is the ideal weight and height.” So we contacted them because my husband is tall and “not ideal” since he is an ex-pro athlete and I am just over that despite looking at me no one would put me over 180. My daughter and I English ride every Saturday here at home. We have done tours like this all over the country on every family vacation. We rode through, Yellowstone, Colorado, the Tetons and so many more. Do they usually have to get the “big” horse for my husband…yes. As an avid rider who also share boards I understand weight restrictions and that horses have limits. My frustration is in an organization/barn that says “we currently have a strict 200lb weight limit. If you are tall and over the weight limit give us a call. We are mindful that not everyone is the ideal weight and height.”, and then is not understanding. Piece of advice/lesson learned if you are 201 do not even bother to inquire…the answer is a firm no because they are not “mindful”.
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Nate L
马里兰Severna Park28 条分享
Fun, Unique, Kid-Friendly, Beautiful Horseback Ride Along the Beach
2020年9月 • 家庭
We drove 2 hours south from Kitty Hawk to surprise our kids with a horseback ride on the beach! It was worth the 2 hour drive!

The kids walked freely on 2 beautiful horses, Gus and Shadow, along the beach. The horses were extremely calm and well-trained. There were 2 very kind and personable guides that walked beside the horses. The horses walked on the beach and in the surf. They walked the whole time, so perfect for young kids. They even let mom ride with son for a portion of the ride. They also were very friendly in taking lots of family pictures we asked them to take.

They sanitized the provided helmets before giving them to our kids.

They also allowed our kids to feed the horses carrots (which we brought with us) after the ride. The kids LOVED this part!

We wore shorts, shirts and water shoes - no need for jeans or tennis shoes. This is definitely a casual beach ride, no shoes is fine!

We would highly recommend making a day of your trip down here. We wish we would’ve brought our bathing suits and beach gear, as the beach down here is calm, clear, not crowded and beautiful! There are also tons of amazing shells to collect!
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We are so glad you and the kids enjoyed the ride and time with Gus and Shadow! They surely enjoyed the carrots!
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Rude as F
Worse horseback trip ever.
One horse was 20 years old and wouldn't walk.
I started out wanting to ride on the beach with my lady.
Started out 2 guys in hoodies on a hot day meet us with 2 horses. We get on and start walking on the beach with a guide walking beside each horse.
The person walking in front of my horse stayed on his cell phone talking. the other guy walked with my lady or stood beside her talking and not walking in from of the horse.
I asked the guy walking my horse to wait on my girl to catch up I wanted a relaxing ride with her not by myself. So he waited.
Then we took off again, within a few mins we were a few hundred feet ahead again, and then in no time we were so far head it was ridiculous.
I again asked to wait on my girl as this is not a very romantic ride on the beach with her, and I wasn't enjoying ridng alone.
He said here I can help, put your foot over here and had me side off the horse. Then side the ride was over, Now were 1/4 to 1/2 mile away from my girl and he made me walk back to her, and made her get off and we had to walk back to were her shoes were left at the starting point.
This is a very rude company and I do not recommend using them, even if Satan asked me who I would recommend, I would not tell him to use this company as he would send me to the same hell this ride turned out to be.
They Sucked that bad.

Is this a romantic place or activity that you would suggest for couples? Hell NO, not in this lifetime, less you want some strange dude standing by the none moving horse chatting up your woman while his rude friend leads you off.
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Mom of 3
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Beautiful Family Experience
We had a beautiful ride on the beach. Horses were calm and sweet. Took my daughter for her 11th birthday. Guys who helped out were upbeat and fun but let us have our space to enjoy the moment. Offered to take lots of pics. All around a great experience.
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Glad you had a great time and thank you for allowing us to be part of her special day.
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Jenny Olson
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Kids had a blast
2019年6月 • 家庭
My daughter and son rode the horses and they had lots of fun was perfect to have the 8am spot weather was perfect and wasn’t too hot yet, both horses were very gentle. Highly recommend
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Deborah M
纽约州Cedarhurst53 条分享
Bucket list #1- check!
2018年7月 • 夫妻情侣
I have forever dreamed of horseback riding on the beach and alone with Gus and Shadow, my dream finally came true. This ride is 100% on the beach- as promised. The horses were beautiful and calm. Jeff (the human) and his wife and son were a pleasure to deal with. A very positive experience and, for me, a dream come true!
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Thank you Deborah! We had a great time meeting you and making your dream come true. Hope you will come again!
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德克萨斯州Prosper4 条分享
Dream come true!
2017年8月 • 家庭
My son & I had the best time riding Gus & Shadow. They were so gentle and having an entire hour on the beach riding was a dream come true! We highly recommend. If we ever travel back to the OBX we will definitely book with Hatteras Island Horseback Riding again!!!
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西维吉尼亚马丁斯堡22 条分享
Fun ride on the beach
2016年8月 • 家庭
My family and I rode with this company last year, and we had a great time. You get to ride through the woods first which was fun because being at the beach you don't realize all that is there. Then we got to the beautiful wide beach with hardly anyone on it. We were able to run the horses if we wanted. We then cooled off by riding back through the woods at the end. It was an enjoyable way to spend the morning, and something different to do at the beach rather than all the water activities.
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Thank you for the response but you must have ridden with Equine Adventures. Our ride is a full hour on the beach without going through the woods. I am glad that you had a great time.
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马萨诸塞列克星敦2 条分享
Picturesque beach riding
2016年4月 • 家庭
We had a relaxing hour long ride on the beach. My two daughters, ages 11 and 14, and I had ample time to ride on the horses, Gus and Shadow. My mother also decided to join in for a quick time and my 2 year old nephew sat on the horse for a picture too. Fun for the whole family. The horses Gus and Shadow were gentle and the owners Jeff and Suzie were friendly and accommodating. Lovely horseback riding on the beach, great for the inexperienced rider, and good price for the experience.
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新泽西Ramsey24 条分享
Horseback riding on the beach
This was so much fun for the adults and the kids! 30 min ride on the beach with such great horses and guides. Highly recommend.
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Thank you for your review. We have such fun meeting all of our riders/guests. Just to clarify for others, the ride is for one hour with everyone getting the amount of ride time they desire.
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