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马萨诸塞Charlton8 条分享
My husband and I were staying in Asheville and were looking for things to do. I came across this and the reviews prompted me to give it a try. We decided to try it at the end of our stay as we worked our way back home to the Northeast.

We were very pleased with our experience we reserved the deluxe bath and arrived 15 mins early as directed. The check-in process was smooth, the facilities were well cared for and clean. We were then escorted to our private bath (#15). The view was great. The water was amazing. They had a small iron bistro set there. We saw deer at the rivers edge. Five minutes before our time was up someone knocked on the wall as they said they would. They indicated it was our signal to get out of the tub. We did promptly and the water started draining. The 5 mins was enough time to get dried off and dressed. Great experience no problems and would recommend to anyone passing through. It is worth the stop.
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Janet D
1 条分享
2023年7月 • 好友
The RV campground needs a lot of work to feel like a “resort”. Dirt roads and campsites created lots of dust and mud, Huckleberry & sweet gum trees with debris falling on the camper, made for poor sleep and sticky purple mess on the camper and the entire campsite. Lots of bugs and poison ivy around the campsites and near the river. The campground facilities need to be updated and cleaned. Campsites should be raked of debris and trash. They could use a shelter for groups to meet. Better signage would be helpful to know where public access is to the river, and they need an attendant at the gate all week to avoid RVs from having to try to back up and get an access code from the main building. Be sure to read the waiver that you must sign and know that no refunds within two weeks of scheduled visit. We did the standard mineral bath, but the trees are overgrown, making the view difficult, no screens to keep the bugs out. They start draining the tub immediately five minutes before your hour is up while you’re still in it. No towel or shower available in this area but they did have a restroom and changing room in a separate building. Attendant at the tub was giving us instructions while she was walking uphill away from us facing the other direction. Town is within walking distance which is nice.
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Elizabeth E
1 条分享
2023年7月 • 夫妻情侣
We loved relaxing at Hot Springs. The atmosphere was serene and private, the tub spotless, and the water comfortably warm. It was a great low key way to relax after a hike.
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Melissa M
5 条分享
Our group stayed in a campsite on the French Broad River. The site was lovely and it was very relaxing listening to the river rapids while enjoying a campfire. We enjoyed a mineral bath in the evening which contributed even more to the relaxation. Our only complaint is that the bathrooms were quite distant from our campsite.
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威斯康星密尔沃基288 条分享
Let's start with the positive. This is a chance to lounge in mineral waters from a hot spring while being quite comfortable. You will have your own private hot tub with jets that is "piped" with water from Hot Springs NC. There are several different tiers of hot tubs, but all feature some type of screening to provide privacy while you "take the waters".

The water is not super hot (if you've been in hot springs out west they are much hotter) but does clearly have a dense mineral element. It was a relaxing and hopefully healthful experience.

We wanted to rent one of the higher cost units but they were all booked and we were fine with the basic unit. An hour was just about right for the soak, in fact a tiny bit long. The resort itself is exceptionally basic. There is a small main building where you pay and where you can book a massage for after your soak.

Then you go out to a small hut where the team manages people's time in the tubs. They clean each one out carefully after each soak and I was confident they were clean. The change facility on the other hand had a long way to go. The change stalls are tiny, kind of dirty and not attractively finished.

This was my wife's idea and she'd probably give it a four. I am glad I got to do something nice with her; but I would not have gone and I certainly wouldn't go again. After dipping in the waters at Boiling Spring (in the northern part of Yellowstone NP) this was kind of blasé. If you've never been in a hot spring this might be great.
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Heather F
1 条分享
Just a few words to describe the experience. Amazing, delightful and lovely. Wonderful staff, beautiful setting-peaceful and relaxing. Definitely doing this again!
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3 条分享
2022年5月 • 独自旅游
Wish I could leave a zero. I just filled out yelp and and another and don't want to give the long one again. Ease check yelp. Room picture was not the room. Room is ugly. Staff was very rude and did not appear to know anything about the place. Maybe the cabins are better but our suite was just horrible and ugly. Again, terribly rude people who did not seem to know anyth8ng when we politely asked for help. No towels supplied at spa.
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新墨西哥拉斯克鲁塞斯2 条分享
First off, I did not stay in the hotel. Whenever I come up to Asheville from Florida the first thing I like to do is hit the tubs. Last time I was up here there was a problem and they weren't open so I truly was looking forward to this trip. First off, I am not a "Karen." I understand that things happen beyond the control of staff and management but I do expect civility and customer service. We had reservations on a day when the entire town was under a power outage. No one's fault. No one called us, however to warn us. The man who greeted us gave a half hearted attempt to say that he called everyone but no. He did not. The power went out the night before and we got there at 3:45. Plenty of time. We asked if we could perhaps make a reservation for the next day and he said the Internet was down. I suggested he make a pencil and paper list. Got a snarky reply. So we got back into the car (we are lively ladies in our sixties) when a young couple showed up. Not only did he bend over backwards to be nice to them, he offered to try and fit them in later in the day. Well, let it slide, he is stressed. We came back an hour or so later and got the same run around and snarky treatment. There were many cars in the parking lot but I won't speculate as to why. The facilities are lovely and we will come back but I am hoping this review will bring a change in attitude towards customers.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥799 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Relaxing way to spend an hour. Mineral water felt great, before and after. Wish they had towel service. Decent views. Friendly people. Some bathers not mindful of “quiet time”, but luckily they weren’t near us or that would have been tough to listen to.
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哥伦比亚特区华盛顿特区28 条分享
I did not stay in the hotel, though I might consider it in the future. The grounds themselves are very casual, in a welcome way. It's historic and natural vs. the level of overdone most resorts, historic or not, tend to sway. For example, I've also "taken the waters" at the Greenbrier...and while lovely, this is more my pace after a day of hiking. I spoiled myself with the Premium Tub, which was exactly the one referenced on the website, with an amazing view of the river and a fire pit table. I was unsure what the weather would be like, but my dreams were answered - it was a damp and mildly chilly day, so the combination of the tub and fire pit were heavenly. They will only check you 10-15 minutes before your tub reservation, so if you aren't staying there, checkout the town or wander around the grounds while you wait. The check-in process was easy. They have changing rooms, but I didn't bother - your tub "cabin" is very private from the resort and the river is what it is. You are escorted over and the tub and process are explained well, they will knock 5 minutes before your time is up so that you can get ready to go. I also asked about the history of the place, and abandoned pool, on the walk over to my tub and my escort was great about sharing. The soak itself is warm, not hot, which makes the 90 minutes a more realistic goal. My tub had jets, but the noise took away from the experience, for me, so I just leaned back and relaxed. Bring a towel. Really great end to my day en route between the Virginia Creeper Trail and Asheville.
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