Morehead City Ferry Service
Morehead City Ferry Service
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Anni R
伊利诺伊州皮奥里亚68 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Excellent trip. Well organized. We did the sand dollar trip but even saw some dolphins! Worth the boat ride and information about Morehead on our way back
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Jacquetta J
卡罗莱纳州罗利2 条分享
2023年7月 • 家庭
Sand Dollar Island ferry

If I could give 0 stars I would, because of the following reasons:

1.) We paid and then had to pull our reservations up to show because our names wasn’t on the reservation list
2.) As the ONLY Black family we were humiliated AND
3.) Then, for the Captain to tell us to wait until everyone else was on after the teen confirmed our reservations, that’s why we left

I was doing my morning walk on the waterfront and saw the pamphlet and called in reservations. We adjusted plans because we could go to Sand Dollar Island. However, when it came time to get on the boat my family names were missing from the list. Keep in mind we have beach chairs, cooler, 2bags and fortunately we walked from our hotel. We pulled the reservation up on our phone to show the teen checking everyone in, he told the Captain and the Captain told us to wait until everyone else was on the boat “to see if it’s enough room”. Again, BLACK FAMILIES AVOID!!!
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俄亥俄Sugarcreek142 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
We had an awesome time on the sand dollar island trip. Very nice captain and crew. Nice tip to the island. We found over 30 sand dollars that morning. A lot of fun and I would highly recommend.
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Dennis S
42 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
We enjoyed the trip to sand dollar island. We found a few sand dollars to take home. We found alot of live sand dollar which cant take but super cool to find. The staff was really great and was worth just spending a few hours on a private island which is really a sand bar.
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阿拉巴马蒙哥马利1 条分享
2020年10月 • 夫妻情侣
We truly enjoyed our stay at the Bask. We definitely want to recognize Shelia who always greeted us with a smile and went out of her way to make our stay enjoyable!
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卡罗莱纳州威尔明顿2 条分享
We had a great time on the boat and the information shared about the surroundings. I agree with another review posted that there was no social distancing. The boat ride itself for my family made it worth the trip.
However, the website is quite misleading about actually finding sand dollars. I think the biggest problem is the timing of the trip did not put us on the "island" at an optimal tide time. My kids felt the area should be called sand dollar sand bar. There was very little island visible when we got dropped off. This made it quite difficult to see anything in the water for the water was deep.. By the time we left almost 3 hours later, the tide had gone out a lot and the island was bigger and the water shallower. This would have been a much better time to have arrived. I had 3 people in my party and we only found 1 sand dollar. The boat was full and I would say well over 1/2 the passengers did not find a sand dollar.
I can't say we wouldn't go ahead but feel the website definitely needs to be changed. If the weather is great, you could spend the time swimming in the area. I also think they need to give each passenger that did not find at least one sand dollar a consolation sand dollar. As long as people understand what the experience will truly be like... I would recommend it.
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Thank you for your feedback. We schedule our trips around low tide. Once the tide stats coming in, we make sure that we have everyone off the island as it fills up quick. We carry thousands of people a year to the island, and there are times when conditions, whether it be tide or wind, affect affect the sand dollar pickings. However, these days are few and far between. Thank you again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again.
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Amy R
德克萨斯州休斯顿434 条分享
We do the Sand Dollar Island trip yearly. We usually come at the beginning of the season but due to 2020 we were unable to. We did not find as many sand dollars this year as they are more prevalent in the beginning and ending of the season, October area. Never the less is was still a great time and plenty of space to lay out and just enjoy and get away from everything going on this year. Captain Dave and his deck hand did an amazing job, even giving out prizes to all the children and who ever had the biggest sand dollar. The reason I could not give 5 stars is due to social distancing on the boat. It was booked which was right around 42 people not counting the captain and deck hand. Everyone was wearing face coverings but you were leg to leg with others.
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Thank you very much for your feedback, Amy! We require 100% compliance with face coverings. We are considered public transportation, which cannot practice social distancing on our vessel. We disinfect the vessels daily and our ferries in Beaufort, Morehead City and Harkers Island are the only ones requiring masks. We take this very seriously and want you to have a very good time.
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卡罗莱纳州新伯尔尼452 条分享
2020年6月 • 家庭
Spent the best afternoon as a family that we have had in months. Staff was amazing, especially George who made us feel completely at home. Views were amazing. Live sand dollars we’re plentiful to see and put back. Found a few white ones we could keep. Five year old son loved running all over the island, swimming in tide pools, and building sandcastles...Mom enjoyed an afternoon of feeling away, very away! Peace can be found on Sand Dollar island...give it a try!
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We are so glad you had a nice, relaxing trip to Sand Dollar Island! We hope to see you again soon!
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67 条分享
A group of 11 seniors went together as a group, and this particular ferry was perfect for the elderly, including some with minor mobility issues. Staff was available to provide assistance to get on and off the ferry, and once the ferry reached Sand Dollar Island, the ferry was equipped with a ramp that dropped directly onto the sand. Just a perfect destination, one of North Carolina's best-kept coastal sight-seeing secrets. About half of us found at least one sand dollar, no guarantee to find any since it is a natural moving sand bar after all. Just a perfect outing, and our Captain was the best, telling us about the sights on land as we passed by them all, including when we went past Carrot Island where a herd of wild ponies live. Beautiful, and we could see a little bit of the horses from the ferry!
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Thank you for your great review! Sand Dollar Island is definitely one of our best kept secrets! Our staff strives to make each trip fun, informative and memorable! We are so glad you enjoyed your trip and we look forward to having you sail with us again soon!
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卡罗莱纳州Cape Carteret7 条分享
I have lived here since 1985 and just learned of this unique bit of sand. My son from VA and I went 8/17/19. This is a great boat to use and it has a ramp to the "island" where two other boats used a 7 step and a 4 step ladder which can fall. The boat ride and sitting on the island is worth the fare, but there were no sand dollars on the island itself.
Two boats had arrived before us and if there were any sand dollars on the exposed sand they had already been taken. I tried to go into the water to look for some, but my feet sunk into the sand in the water and I lost my balance and almost fell. My son spent almost the whole time in the water and he only saw live sand dollars. It must depend on weather conditions for there to be sand dollars. I love birds so I enjoyed sitting under my umbrella watching the sea gulls, a few sandpipers and one yellow butterfly. Only very lucky people found a sand dollar. If you did not go in the water you would not find any sand dollars that day. It is a very small surface with sand. We learned the sand dollars die later in the year and then there will be a lot
more. 3 weeks ago friends found a lot of sand dollars. I think people should only take the few they need and leave them for other people to find another day, It was a very pleasant trip, but not finding one sand dollar was disappointing.
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Hello Dorothy, I am so happy you chose to go with us. It certainly is much safer with our ramp. The sand dollars are typically found in the tide pools. Some people like to walk around the edge while others like to get in it all the way. While some sand dollars are easy to spot and poking out of the sand, others are buried. We always ask people to PLEASE leave the live ones and only take the dead ones. Thank you to your son for leaving the live ones behind. I am sorry you did not find a sand dollar but I am glad that you enjoyed the trip. We look forward to having you back with us again.
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