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2022年6月 • 夫妻情侣
I guess it depends on what you’re expecting.
— It’s not an actual natural geyser, it’s a memorial fountain. The fountain was working when we visited and area was maintained.
— you can see it as you drive up, so makes it a little underwhelming IMO. I enjoy the fun of at least a short walk to build up to beauties when I’m exploring, but it does make it a nice wheelchair friendly activity since you can see it from the parking lot.. Large grass area with picnic tables, good for dogs and kids.
— it’s a memorial to a few things, some nice signage. To the AA slaves who were forced to build the railroad. And to veterans of various wars.
So it’s nice, but not quite what I was expecting or looking for. The part I enjoyed more was walking down to the creek from the geyser and playing there, and the one lane underpass.
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2022年5月 • 家庭
This is a lovely spot for a picnic the river just a few miles from downtown Old Fort. The geyser is the focal point. The signage is somewhat disconcerting, however, and here’s why.

Wikipedia says that Andrews Geyser was built in the 1850s to welcome train travelers arriving in Old Fort. There was a hotel on the grounds. You can still see the rail lines. Wikipedia says the signage at the park explains this and commemorates the more than 120 men who died building the railroad from Old Fort to Asheville. That is an interesting story! However, since their installation in 2019, there is new signage commemorating the “world’s greatest Army ever built” —the Confederate Army—and the men from McDowell County who fought for it.

I hope the county will revisit this decision in time to come, and restore the signage with history of the geyser, the old hotel, the railroad, and the efforts of the town in the 1970s to preserve it. Like I said, that’s done interesting local history that relates directly to what the visitors are looking at. As it stands with its current signage, it looks like the geyser has been appropriated to resemble some old confederate monument, and that’s not what it was supposed to be.
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Matt C
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2021年12月 • 独自旅游
It was cool I guess. I went there with my dog as a fun bonding experience and it didn’t go as planned. My dog was very intrigued by the geyser and walked into it as it erupted. She shot into the sky and I still don’t know where he is. If you find him call 324-649-2000. I will give you a $5 reward.
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Mark B
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I don't know who needs to fix this, or where I need to send money, or how I can roll up my sleeves and help repair the pipe myself if need be, but this is awful. It's been several years now since the geyser worked, and if no one cares enough about it to fix it, PLEASE REMOVE ALL OF THE SIGNS and change the information on the web to "NOW DEFUNCT, THIS WAS ONCE A PROUD SYMBOL OF LOCAL PRIDE UNTIL WEATHER DESTROYED THE FEED SYSTEM". I went 20 miles out of my way, and was disappointed beyond measure. Please bring this back.
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Randi F
新泽西哈密尔顿2 条分享
My husband and I like following the brown historical signs to discover new places. We saw the one for Andrew’s Geyser and after a quick Google search decide to take a drive back to see it. We were disappointed to arrive to find an dry, inoperable fountain and neglected landscaping. Looks like it has not been cared for a while with grass needing cutting and trash needing removal. And a geyser that was bone dry.
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Righton M
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This is a nice place to have a picnic or just sit and wait for the 4 P.M. train to come by. For RR fans, it is one of the places where the train circles the site and can be heard and seen for intermittent periods while the track circles the mountains.
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Charlotte, North Carolina27 条分享
2021年5月 • 夫妻情侣
The geyser today is worth seeing, but the experience is much more interesting if you read the background information, found on several sources, about the building of the railroad around it and construction and purpose of the geyser itself. When I was a boy, living in Asheville in the '40s, we took the train a good number of times to and from Winston-Salem. The highlight of every trip was the opportunity to see the geyser several times from different vantages as the train wound up or down the mountain to and from Old Fort. The passenger train was pulled by one or more steam engines. Going toward Asheville the one-engine train would pause for awhile while a second engine was attached to the train to pull it up and over the mountains. From Old Fort the rails were often on the side of the mountain and passed through several tunnels. We would get as close to the windows as we could to see the engines puffing and pulling ahead of our car as we wound around sharp curves and into and out of the multiple tunnels. I suggest readers of this review Google the geyser and read the accounts about the geyser and the pictures of it from earlier times.
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印第安那Nineveh462 条分享
We were in town looking for the loops of the RR as featured in Trains Magazine. The article stated the best spot to view the train was from Andrews Geyser and even had a map showing it's location. Drove by it twice and missed it. It's a park on the west side of the road with a large fountain, that was not working when we stopped in October 2020. I'm sure it might have been impressive in its day.
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德克萨斯州威奇托福尔斯128 条分享
I had heard about this geyser that was built in 1885 and our server at Hillman Beer said it was worth seeing, so we proceeded directly from Hillman and were directly disappointed on numerous levels.
1. It was not working (not geysering?).
2. To me a geyser connotes an intermittent blast of water and steam ejected through a hole in the earth. Now, I knew going in that this geyser was man-made, but figured it would still be intermittent. Well, when operating, Andrew's Geyser is a constant blast of water, which to me is more of a fountain.
3. It's not even the original design or the original location.

Even when operating, this "Landmark" would be very over-rated.
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乔治亚伍德斯托克150 条分享
We passed this on the way into town from where were staying great place to walk around and take photos
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