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Store has very anti-customer policies in place. While other stores have dressing rooms open, this one has them blocked off. In addition, they proudly defend their "store credit only" policy, NO MATTER WHAT. Well, in some aspects, I understand this. However, when you block off the dressing rooms and have a VERY poor selection of sizes for people (my daughter needed a L, all we could find were M, XL, and XXL) this is a very poor policy, likely chosen to force customers to buy something they don't want. We bought a swimsuit because my daughter needed it. I heard the clerk say we needed to leave the tags on for returns, but not much else. He possibly said something about the credit only on returns, but I missed it if he did, and it certainly isn't on their generic receipts. After getting to a restroom at the beach, my daughter was upset that it didn't fit, and didn't bother wearing it. We took it back within about 2 hours.

Since they had nothing decent that my daughter could use, their store credit was worthless to me. While telling a different clerk that credit was useless, he calls the other one out (that originally did my transaction a few hours earlier). The first thing he says as he's walking over is "DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU EARLIER?" in the most condescending voice I've heard from a store clerk. My reply was "Yes, and I left the tags on." The two clerks proceeded to speak to each other in their native language, which of course is never promising, and also highly condescending. Sadly I didn't get my money back. I requested my receipt back (had to say it multiple times before they did) and told them it wasn't over and I'd be disputing this. It's one thing that they only do credit. I'm fine with that. But when you DON'T have the merchandise to back up the policy, it needs to be relaxed. They were also happy to keep the returned items. So now I'm out both the money and the useless swimsuit pieces.

Needless to say, the customer is NEVER right in this place. They hide behind suspect and anti-customer policies, and close off the dressing rooms, likely to lock your money with them so you can't get it back. Staff is extremely rude. If you want silly beach items, it's probably fine. But if you want a swim suit, DO NOT RISK IT! These people do NOT deserve your hard-earned money.

Interestingly, upon arrival at their store, their door was shattered. My guess is a dissatisfied customer after an interaction with their rude staff. I'm not surprised frankly. Never have I dealt with someone like that in my 41 years of life.

Gladly went to another store, spent my money there. They had better selections, more sizes, dressing rooms open, and much friendlier staff.
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