Megaplay(Spring Lake)

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Choose somewhere else for your children
2020年1月 • 家庭
We drive all the way from Hope Mills to come here because my son who is two years old loves it and has such a good time but after today I will never return again! The treatment we received today was disgusting and uncalled for, a worker named Vanessa who I now know is one of the owners, approached me and rudely asked if we knew that only children who could not drink from a regular cup were allowed to have an outside drink, I replied that my son is only two years old and he drinks from a sippy cup and my friend who's sons are also 2 also drink from sippy cups, Vanessa then said whoa whoa you don't have to come at me like that! It caught me off guard because I was simply answering her question, I wasnt yelling or even giving an attitude.. I apologized (even though I had no reason to apologize) and said I'm sorry if I'm speaking loudly, I didn't mean anything by it, I just tend to speak loudly when I'm in here and also (making a little joke) said I'm Hispanic we can sometimes be a little boisterous . Vanessa again got all offended and said you don't need to come at me like that! I said I'm not coming at you like anything. Vanessa went on to tell me that she is African American and she doesn't raise her voice or use profanity and neither does anyone in her family so I shouldn't box all Hispanics in as loud just because I am... at this point I didn't really know where she was going with this and I wasn't about to get into it with this person in front of my child. Vanessa then said all I want to know is if you know that outside drinks are not allowed except for children who cannot drink from a regular cup?! And I said, yes and I already told you that my son is 2 and he drinks from a sippy cup, she then pointed to the table we had our things at and said look at that outside food and drink! I said the only thing on that table is a half eaten piece of pizza, a juice box and a little snack pack of cheese and crackers (that I purchased at the mega play concession stand) the only other thing was my friends water (that she bought from the mega play concession stand and our three sippy cups 2 that were her boys and 1 that belonged to mine. She then went on again about how I need to not come at her in that way... before walking away, she called over and instructed the guy that was monitoring the playroom to tell my son to stop playing with the large blocks because it was dangerous, she said tell him to stop! Get down on the floor and tell him to stop! Then I started to get annoyed and I told her that was my son and he is only playing, she replied.. oh that's YOUR son? I was honestly In disbelief that this person thought it was OK To speak to me the way that she did and on top of it even though I had not done anything wrong and I had not spoken to her in any other way than respectful I apologized And she still gave me an attitude. After all of this that the girl behind the counter kept eyeballing us and every time my friends little boy walked over to the glass where the toys were she would come out from around the counter, even though we were standing right there.
I'm DONE, we don't need to pay to be treated like that! we also won't be doing any parties as planned there this year And will be sure to let our other friends know so that they choose a different venue for their children's play time and birthday party.
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Cathy N
Belchertown2 条分享
Manager does make good on reservations.
I phoned and spoke with Kia (MOD) on Saturday. Everything was set for a Sunday afternon birthday party reserving a table for 1 hour. When I phoned on Monday to pay I found CoachV (the manager) to be extremely unwilling to honor the prior plans made by her employee after she denied they had been made. When I asked for names, she decided to check with her MOD for Saturday and found that what I said was true. CoachV still refused to uphold her employee's commitment and offered us an early Sunday morning time for the birthday party or a free pizza if we paid regular rates and held it during the week. Working and school 6 days a week only allows me Sunday to do this. Beware in making reservations.
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Selene Ravenheart
马里兰巴尔的摩471 条分享
Fun for the Kids
2018年6月 • 家庭
The experience is always pretty pleasant when we take out little ones here. There is plenty of manual activities for your children to be involved with and to burn off all that endless supply of energy. A great place to tire them out a bit as well. You have an assortment of age group categories for different age ranged children. Slides, swings, bouncy houses, gymnastic style obstacles that are on a second level and lower level tiers. They can climb, swing, bounce, tumble, etc... throughout all these attractions. There is also seating for the adults with wifi accessibility. They also offer decent snacks and drinks for both you and your young ones if you like. Slushies and other drinks. Pricing is as follows :

Monday - Friday : All Day Pass (over 2) $ 8.99. Under 2 Years old (if playing) $ 5.50

Saturday - Sunday : All Day Pass (over 2) $ 9.99. Under 2 Years old (if playing) $ 5.50

Adults are free and 10% Military Discount Mon - Thur (with valid ID, excluding Holidays).
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Christopher Lawrence
德国斯图加特85 条分享
Worth it!
2016年12月 • 家庭
Today there were 70+ kids there so the kids had a blast. School was out so it was crowded. But in a good way. I recommend this for kids 2 and up and adults (if it's not too packed) with their kids. There is security to check wrist bands so no kids get stolen.
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