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Defy Gravity Wilmington


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Too little supervision
2021年4月 • 家庭
Need more staff on the floor. Older kids and younger kids were not following guidelines. Kids were cursing at other guests. It was not a family friendly experience. Not recommended.
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We would go again!
2021年4月 • 家庭
We decided to drive to Wilmington for a fun Spring Break day. While we had a later reservation, the staff informed us that we could absolutely move our reservation time up when called and asked. That was very helpful!
We planned on the facility being super crowded, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was not. Plenty of room to jump/play and seating for parents/observers. I could see seating definitely being an issue on a busy day, however. There are comfy couches for observers, but more seating would be needed on a very busy day.
Be prepared to purchase their socks, even if you have your own trampoline park socks. Unless you have a sister company (rock n jump, etc) socks, you must purchase their company name socks.
Today was the hottest day of the year so far, near 90, and their air conditioner was not performing well or broken. We were sweating just observing our kids and their staff were also sweating.
The staff was very nice, which isn't always the case with young employees, but this trampoline park seemed to have a very relaxed, mature staff. No yelling, shouting at kids, over policing, etc. They allowed the kids to just have fun, play, and spoke to any who were breaking rules very calmly.
The bathrooms were surprisingly clean and the park itself was very tidy. The size of this trampoline park is smaller than others we have been to, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back to this location. They have the basic trampoline area, one trampoline basketball net, a small obstacle course, balance beam, a trapeze swing that my kids loved, a bounce off the walls option (trampoline that allows you to kick off the walls and flip, etc), two rope climbs, a high jump pit, and a dodge ball area. Parents can observe kids from second floor snack area or on the bounce floors below. You cannot see your children from all areas, however. We kept having to move from the front of the facility to the back to keep an eye on the kids, as there is a wall that prevents you from seeing the whole facility. If you want to keep your children in sight, be prepared to walk around to keep up with them.
Overall, this is worth the trip/money. Our kids loved it, would go back, made friends, and were worn out!
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Reality check
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Insane mandates
2021年1月 • 家庭
My kids absolutely love this place. There is no better "bang for your buck". The staff is amazing. The facility is clean. The thing that steers me away is the outrageous infringement of my freedom being made to subject myself and my children to a temperature screening upon entering. This temperature reading technology has documented negative effects on the human body. The enforcers of this action obviously have not done their research regarding such. Also the wearing of masks is a complete joke. I play along the idiocracy mask game upon entering but it comes off immediately thereafter and I will never wear it while jumping and have never been asked to. Doing any extreme physical activity wearing something that impeeds oxygen flow is extremely dangerous and anyone that does is 100% brainwashed and should seriously consider not watching the fake news networks anymore. WAKE UP SHEEPLE! GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR MASSKS!
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Usually fantastic, under new policy - dangerous
2020年12月 • 家庭
We are SO unbelievably sad about the new policy at Defy for all jumpers to wear masks WHILE they jump. I can't imagine a more dangerous situation. How does staff know if a jumper is choking, having a siezure, can't breathe or needs help in a pit full of foam? We have long supported Defy by putting our under 10 year old children in the camps, buying memberships and happily paying for any small service available. We truly wanted these folks to survive. But at the risk of death for kids, we have chosen to not jump at Defy until the dangerous policy is removed and children can jump without masks.
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Carmaria F
卡罗莱纳州威尔明顿8 条分享
So crazy!!
2020年3月 • 家庭
Its always fun to go here with my nephews and my nieces. This is my bonding time with them cant get any better than this!! Plus the pricing is great!!
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What a Workout!
2018年2月 • 独自旅游
In the winter months when it’s dark early and cold outside I go to Defy after work instead of going to the gym treadmill. It’s a fun change-up and an awesome workout! Be sure to get the loyalty stamp card to help bring down the price some. And check the storefor deals too.
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Ronak S
法国巴黎2,119 条分享
Unleash your inner child - An amazing experience.
2018年5月 • 家庭
Defy Gravity is an amazing trampoline park. It is huge and they limit the number of people, which is great because it doesn't get crowded. Since 2017, you cannot get your own socks and you have to buy socks from them, which cost $2 or $3, and their socks are really nice with much better grip. You get in the park by paying for the time you want to stay there for.

The park itself has a massive trampoline area, with 4 rows of 5 to 6 trampolines that end in sloping trampolines. To the left of the main area, is a trampoline area for dodgeball, which is a lot of fun. After that are 2 sets of obstacle courses, from hanging nets and ball bags to ropes, rock-climbing and ninja walls. And finally, there is a giant sponge pit with 2 trampolines to jump into. The whole area is amazing! It will take you an hour to just try everything out for a decent amount of time. One thing you must remember is that trampolining is quite tiring and a great workout, so be prepared for that.

While there isn't a dress code, I'd advise wearing stretchy pants because once at another trampoline park, I had my knees scraped badly against a slanting trampoline.

Their facilities are clean, the staff is nice and there is plenty of room. There are toilets and water coolers. There is ample parking.
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Not just trampolines, foam pits, ninja warrior course, dodge ball
Fun for all ages (kids to adults). They do require you to wear socks now. This is a change since last year, 2017. Clean facility, nice staff, equipment in good condition. They have a limited number of jumpers they will allow which is nice since it can get busy when school is out. Back rooms have foam pits and obstacle course with varying levels for athletes.

I wouldn't jump more than an hour if you have never been to one before. You will be using muscles you normally don't use. I've been there with fit friends in their 20s who came away sore after 1 hour!

Highly recommend this place! Expect to have fun, burn calories and possibly soreness (but sooo worth it).
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Travelin' Fool
特拉华州187 条分享
Wear socks!!! Fun for kids AND adults.
2018年3月 • 家庭
Make sure to wear or bring socks!!! I like the cleanliness of this place, as well as the variety of activities to do. It's not just a trampoline park, and the kids and adults were entertained for the entire two hours. My only worry is that it would be easy for a kid to walk right out (or be taken right out) of the building without anyone checking to make sure they are with the right adult (you know?). I didn't see a safeguard for this. Again, though, this place was really cool and everyone had a blast.
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卡罗莱纳州威尔明顿3 条分享
Bad service @Front Desk
2018年2月 • 家庭
First time we bring the kids to this place... so when we arrived to buy the tickets the front desk "girls" asked us to go on the computers to sign the waiver, then we go back to them, then they ask if we have gripper socks which we didn't.... to make the story short they gave us small socks for my little girl and when I go back to them the answer is: we dont exchange socks, mind you that she didn't really even put both socks on because of how little they were (the socks were not free or included in the ticket). Very annoying
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