Shotgun Sallys Rock N Roll Saloon

Shotgun Sallys Rock N Roll Saloon(大福克斯)

Shotgun Sallys Rock N Roll Saloon

Shotgun Sallys Rock N Roll Saloon
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00
下午4:00 - 上午2:00

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Robert J L
7 条分享
I enjoy the Atmosphere :-)
2016年7月 • 独自旅游
Sure the $5 cover is pricey, ( Friday and Saturday ) but the live music, spacious building with a diversity set of things to do, people to meet dance and tangle with is immense. The pizza is good too. Sure the parking lot is usually full but if you like next door is the only place that I prefer to stay the Travelodge Grand Forks :-) ( no drinking and driving involved ), it's worth the stay as you can soak in the Hottub after a wonderful time out. Have a great night, sincerely Robert J Landon
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hvac z
南达科塔州Bridgewater146 条分享
Fargo location
2016年6月 • 商务型
The Fargo location is not good either. Live music was nice but I ordered a Spicy Shrimp dish and there was no shrimp, I do not mean not enough there was no shrimp! I complained, mind you I had taken a couple bites looking for shrimp and it tasted pretty good spicy but not obnoxious. When it came back it was just reheated but it had shrimp, however I Can Only assume as Punishment it had so much red pepper flake it couldn't be eaten and I like hot food. Really pissed about the entire experience. Avoid if you want to eat if you want live tunes and a beer not a bad spot at all.
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加拿大温尼伯18 条分享
Don't bother!
2015年10月 • 好友
If your looking for a great place and friendly environment then keep looking! I should have realize this by the security guys attitude when we came through the front door but I figured they are all like that guy but It continues through out the entire staff. Poor service and expensive.
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Victoria R
20 条分享
2015年7月 • 好友
My friends did not like their food and mine was average. The menu was not what we were expecting. Although I'm sure it's a fun weekend spot.
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Jennifer W
北达科塔Lincoln45 条分享
VIP at lunchtime?
2015年3月 • 夫妻情侣
We went for lunch on my husband's birthday. As we were coming in, another couple was leaving angry cuz they didn't get service. We were pretty leery. We got seated in a round both that seemed like a VIP section of the lounge area (it was just the two of us lol) That was kind of strange, but our service and the food was really good. Good prices as well. Great choice to give this a chance.
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Lacey S
阿拉巴马伯明翰91 条分享
Service was fantastic!
Went for my husbands birthday. Took forever to get seated, but once we were seated everything was great.

They had tables, just not enough servers.

More of a bar than a food establishment, completely perfect for what we were looking for.

Food was pretty good. Drinks were strong, which was great! And the service was fantastic!

Chelsea was our server for most of the evening and she was awesome, even put up with all our drunk antics. Thank you to Elle and the other staff as well.
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Plymouth UK57 条分享
Casual dinner hits the spot
On our visit to Fargo we came here for an early evening dinner and a drink. The food was lovely. My steak salad was really tasty and in true American style fully loaded with bacon and blue cheese. My OT had the Six shooter burger that as he described as 'Damn fine'. Service was pretty good and prices were good. I'd definitely go back.
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科罗拉多拉夫兰40 条分享
Great patio!
2014年8月 • 好友
We had a great time on the patio of Shotgun Sally's while traveling through Fargo. The patio is set up for conversation, with sofas arranged around coffee tables---perfect for setting drinks and appetizers on. There are a number of different seating options designed to accommodate every size group. The plexi-glass surrounding the patio blocks out almost all of the traffic noise, and being outdoors allows for a number of people to be drinking and talking at once, without creating too much noise. We were there during the late afternoon/early evening, so the crowd wasn't too large. I have heard that by later in the night it does get incredibly crowded/noisy, so if you want to be able to chat with friends, go earlier. If you want more action, go a bit later! Our only complaint was that we wanted to move inside for dinner, and even though there were plenty of seats, it took far too long to get seated. We would definitely return for the patio experience!
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