Beamer Falls

Beamer Falls(格里姆斯比)

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ann b
Owen Sound44 条分享
2021年11月 • 夫妻情侣
Nice easy hike, beautiful escarpment and not many people there. A flock of robins and a few Bluejays followed us around the field.
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Marco A
加拿大King City141 条分享
Lots of parking for the trails and the falls, problem is markings are horrid about where the falls actually are. The trails themselves were not truly relaxing, must have been beside a busy highway with lots of large trucks and volume since it was really loud even in the bush. I think really it's the fact we walked all over the trails and there was almost no mention of a falls at all. Then we arrived at a road, no instructions which direction to go. We happened across the falls parking lot by accident, only to find we had driven right by it to get to the official entrance! (Of course, zero markings for the parking lot, we would never have known). Then when you finally arrive, there's barely a trickle. Of course, you can't blame the township for the lack of water, that's us humans ruining the planet sadly. The algae growing on the rocks was pretty cool, all kinds of colours. I think we were just frustrated by the confusion, there were lots of people asking us if we had any idea where it was - so I know we are not crazy. Really though, I think if you were to go there on the right day and in the right mood, it could be quite decent. We will try again some day soon I think.
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Brandon K.
加拿大Wainfleet62 条分享
With the autumn colours really starting to show, this was as pretty a place as we could have hoped for in the Niagara Region for an afternoon walk/hike. Know that some of the parking areas aren't right where the trails start. If you parked right near the waterfall, you have to cross the traffic bridge to get to the trail's start. Once you're in there, the views are really something. There aren't any railings or barriers on the edges so if you bring animals or children that you watch them closely (like you would with many nature trails along the escarpment). There are countless spots to take great photos of the view and of nature, in general. A big recommendation to any nature lover looking for a lovely place to walk.
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Amy L
加拿大Saint Thomas118 条分享
2020年7月 • 家庭
It was easy to find the falls and parking was great. We could hear water! My teens ran ahead and down to the base...and there was nothing more than a sad little trickle! Green moss and dried rocks.
I am sure this would be a totally different review if I came in the spring or the fall and we weren’t experiencing a particularly hot July!
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加拿大格里姆斯比9 条分享
2019年11月 • 好友
The fall colours were amazing last weekend! The views were beautiful and the falls quite wonderful to see! A great place for fall photography!
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Lisa R
德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥市63 条分享
Beautiful place to see all the fall colors. The falls were beautiful. Great place for an afternoon stroll.
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David B
加拿大卡尔加里465 条分享
Went for a walk at Beamer Falls recently, great spot. Parking was a it tight, but the walking paths are well maintained, the changing leaves were awesome, and the views amazing. The falls not overly spectacular in the fall, but still a great walk.
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Ontario Canada3 条分享
Great place for a short hike with spectacular escarpment views . Several lookouts available to view natural surroundings . Free parking is a bonus
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加拿大格里姆斯比20 条分享
Beamers Falls has a beautiful trail that leads to an awesome waterfall. There is a longer path to a even larger falls after the first one. If you like hiking this is a beautiful park that has a fairly easy trail.
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Michael Donovan
加拿大格里姆斯比25 条分享
2019年4月 • 夫妻情侣
Has 3 beautiful look out points overseeing Niagara region. Nice walk and it also has the hawk watch tower.
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