Mariner’s Cove Miniature Golf

Mariner’s Cove Miniature Golf(卡文迪西)

Mariner’s Cove Miniature Golf

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Robert L
加拿大Bedford63 条分享
2020年8月 • 夫妻情侣
If you want a real mini golf challenge and an excellently maintained course, this is one of the best we have played. It is true that the course has real sand traps and rolling fairways, which adds to the fun. You can bank of rocks and if you hit your ball too hard you may find yourself off the course. For us that makes this one of our favourite courses anywhere. We played it many years ago and we were so happy that it remains well kept. That doesn’t happen at every mini golf course. Play here and have some fun!
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Jennifer R
加拿大Coaldale48 条分享
Just came back from a bit of a "mini golf vacation." We did three mini golf courses in PEI and one in Moncton, NB. My husband and I both thought this course was the best. It was beautifully landscaped, the putting greens are of good quality and seemed to be well planned out, and it has real sand traps. I can only imagine that a great deal of work goes into maintaining it. Every time we went into a sand trap, we spread some of it around, so I am guessing employees spend quite a bit of time cleaning it up.

I would probably say that this was the hardest course we played. Often, our balls went out of bounds. Scanning through some of the other reviews, I can see other players have the same difficulty. I am surprised that people would rate the course poorly because of this. Being challenging does not make it a poor course. We played with our 6 year old and he still had lots of fun (he even got a hole in one), although it was not his favourite course.

Other courses in the area that we visited were Darnely Greens (which is a little ways from Cavendish) and River of Adventure in Cavendish. Darnely Greens is also very nice, has lovely landscaping, and a nice quiet setting, but probably does not quite match the quality of Mariner's Cover overall. River of Adventure was fun, but the maintenance is somewhat poor, so definitely does not match the quality of Mariner's Cove.
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Thank you for the great review! I'm glad you enjoyed Mariner's Cove Miniature Golf, and appreciated the effort that staff and landscapers put in to keeping it looking beautiful. It is a more challenging course, but the level of difficulty and the beautiful landscaping and water features set it apart from others. Thanks again for the review, and I hope you come back and visit us again soon!
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Ontario Canada6 条分享
no boards to keep the ball on the green. very uneven ground not worth the price nothing but sand traps
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宾夕法尼亚露营山15 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
My family and I love playing mini golf. We stopped in to play a round, but our excitement quickly turned to frustration. As others have mentioned, there are very few bumpers to keep balls in play. Balls go flying all over the place (especially frustrating at night w/ a dark green ball!!!) Also, there are very few of the traditional challenges found on mini golf courses. You will only find a lot of elevation changes and sand pits (which gets old really fast). Needless to say, the family was very disappointed and we left after 11 just got too boring. If you are looking for traditional mini golf which offers a new challenge each hole, this is not for you.
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I'm sorry to hear you did not enjoy your round! There is no side rails on this course, so guests do find it a bit more challenging. It was planned out like a real golf course, and it is reflected in the name: Mariner's Cove Real Miniature Golf. There are lights on the course for playing at night, so I'm surprised you were having trouble seeing the ball. But you are right, it is not like a traditional "mini golf" course. It's more like real "miniature" golf course, with sand traps, water features, and no side rails. I'm sorry you did not enjoy your visit.
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加拿大Grand Manan282 条分享
2019年7月 • 家庭
I’d say I play quite a lot of mini golf. And I don’t know if I’ve ever been so frustrated with a course. Its a beautiful course but I don’t know who planned out the holes because they aren’t very well done. Also, they could use some sides. You couldn’t hope to keep your ball on the course the whole time.
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I'm sorry you did not enjoy your visit! I should note, this course was planned out like a real golf course, and it is reflected in the name: Mariner's Cove Real Miniature Golf. It is like a "miniature" golf course, rather than the other mini-putt style of design. The result is a beautiful, lush, green course, that some customers find more challenging without the side rails. I hope you give us another chance in the future!
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Stacy B
纽约州Macedon316 条分享
2017年7月 • 家庭
My two daughters and I (11 & 13) had a great time on this course. While it was steadily busy, each hole feels rather private as there is plenty of shrubbery and water accents to divide them up. It was far from easy, but it wasn't discouragingly difficult, either. Average pricing. We strongly recommend it.
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Thank you for the great review! I'm glad you and your daughters had a great time on the course. I hope you decide to come back for another round!
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twinsburg, oh123 条分享
2017年7月 • 家庭
The nicest of the three mini golf places we tried in Cavendish. It could be frustrating for younger kids. It has a lot of sand traps and it's easy to go out of play. The greens are very fast with intentionally uneven surfaces. It's an interesting challenge for real golfers reading the greens.
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Thank you for the review! The full name of the course is Mariner's Cove Real Miniature Golf, because playing the course is like playing real golf, with sand traps, water hazards and lack of side rails. We are glad you enjoyed it!
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加拿大哈利法克斯87 条分享
2016年8月 • 好友
We ended up at this mini golf course because we had bought passes that included unlimited use of five attractions , this being one of them. The course itself is definitely challenging (and we are both adults in our mid twenties). When you looked around children were definitely having difficulty with this course and parents were just running around trying to catch the golf balls leaving the courses. We found it weird that the courses had no boarders along them so the balls would just leave the course. On one side of the mini golf course there is a huge hill leading to a bog where my friend had to go down and get her ball - it was weird and something I had never seen before. However the course itself was fun on a beautiful day. Lots of flowers and trees made it very appealing. There are lots of sand traps and hills on all the courses so it is challenging even for adults. I would not suggest this course for children - especially small ones.
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Lethbridge, Alberta5 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
This truly is a unique mini putt. Lots of sand bunkers, real golf pins, fun and challenging holes. We chose this as a date night and we loved it! We followed I ripleys believe it or not and were not disappointed!
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加拿大Lumsden41 条分享
2016年8月 • 夫妻情侣
Beautifully designed and challenging mini golf course. Lots of flowers, shade trees and a stream. This is a course for people who like a challenge, it has sand traps, lots of twists, turns and bumps. Probably not for little kids as I think they would find it hard. My husband, adult daughter and I had a lot of fun and laughs! One of the nicest and most fun mini golf courses we have played ( and we have played lots of them!).
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