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Deborah N
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Where do I begin? WHAT. AN. AMAZING. EXPERIENCE! We traveled from Miami, FL. with our two young boys (6/7 years old) to enjoy Montreal and give them a taste of a real winter. We decided to do a day of dog sledding (initiation, 30 min) which was perfect for us, and the guided snow mobile tour. As a huge animal lover, I was very hesitant about doing the dog sledding, however, I saw first-hand how loved and well cared for the dogs were - they live for this, and it shows! We paid extra for lunch and a tour of the kennels - highly, highly recommend! The lunch was homemade and so delicious, such a unique experience. The kennel tour was awesome, and the guide was very informative. We ended with an hour guided snow mobile tour. Our instructor was Michelle; HE WAS AWESOME! Ask him to sing you a song! Our day here at Aventures Plein Air was truly a once in a lifetime experience; from the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the amazing activities provided, we left with the best memories!
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Kitty López
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Nos vendieron como iniciación (eso porque era lo único que tenían para el día que solicité) Nos dijeron que duraba 1 hora el recorrido, que a diferencia del otro que era de dos horas y que iba por las montañas, el de iniciación era por el lago pero ese día no estaba apto asi que el recorrido sería por una parte de la montana y nos dijo la señorita: "hasta va estar mejor".
Llegamos a la hora estipulada, nos llevaron al lugar, una mujer joven y un poco llenita, que era la capitana o algo así nos dio la explicación a mi esposo, hijo y yo (nosotros ya hemos tenido dos experiencias en años anteriores, es decir, ya sabíamos, solo buscábamos el paseo) y entonces inició "el paseo" SOLO FUE UNA VUELTA A UN ARBOL (ANEXO FOTO) QUE DURÓ 49 SEGUNDOS PORQUE TENGO EL VIDEO, y eso fue todo, entonces pedí que mi lugar se lo cediera a mi hijo porque para 40 segundos no habíamos viajado hasta la ubicación de Aventures Plein Air, la mujer de manera grosera aceptó. Además mi esposo dijo que nos dijeron que diraba una hora el recorrido y ella y el asistente dijeron que NO que es en el lago y dura 10 minutos pero por el mal tiempo solo era una vuelta al árbol QUE DURÓ 49 SEGUNDOS ni un minuto. REALMENTE NOS HICIERON FRAUDE porque para 100 segundos de trineo recorrimos 40 minutos de nuestro hotel al lugar, y lo peor fue el mal trato de las personas que nos atendieron no dejaban hablar a mi esposo. Pagamos además un costo por tan poco, ni los diez minutos de paseo segun que corresponde a eso de INICIACIÓN, nos hicieron FRAUDE, Asi que mucho cuidado cuando contraten este servicio, porque al menos a nosotros nos engañaron y fue un pésimo servicio, por ello no los recomiendo, Por este tipo de acciones uno se lamenta porque realmente, Canadá es muy lindo, Quebec hermoso pero lamentablemente te encuentras con gente que quiere engañar al turista y lo peor es que no son capaces de resarcir el daño solo dicen: "te aguantas, ya pagaste".
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Martha A
佛罗里达迈阿密1 条分享
2023年1月 • 家庭
We took the dog sledding it was an unforgettable experience the best , the staff just excellent.
Someone was always there with us
Looking out for us and the dog we’re amazing
We highly recommend it to all families
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佛罗里达迈阿密2 条分享
2023年1月 • 家庭
We took the dog sledding it was amazing , an unforgettable experience I highly recommend the staff super careful and super well trained you can tell they love their work , how they take care of the dogs .we loved it ,.
The best one ever
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Tim R
康涅狄格Westport35 条分享
2022年12月 • 家庭
We did the hour long snow mobile excursion and loved it. Our tour guide Fred was informative and helped us every step of the way. He let us have our fun, while making sure safety was the most important thing. The excursion area was beautiful, covered with snow both on the ground and on the trees— we truly felt like we were in a winter wonderland. The operation was first class all the way, from checkin, to getting the right gear through the instruction part. Will definitely do it again next time we’re in the Montreal area! One small suggestion would be to maybe cruise around the lake twice (instead of once)— that’s really the only area you can go full speed.
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伊利诺伊州183 条分享
2022年12月 • 家庭
this is a detailed review of Immersion Dog Sledding from December 21 2022, 10:30AM (duration 2 hours).
So many failures, you will question, do I want to be this family?
I will confess that 5 out of 9 sleds sent out probably had a great time and AWESOME EXPERIENCE, but it was not US.

few key points, found this out after our arrival:
- large group during our timeslot, requiring 9 sleds. We are famly of 5, we require 3 sleds.
- early season, snow cover 3 to 4 inches
- you are driven to the higher portion of the mountain for this "immersion experience"
- couple that reserved full day excursion - dog sledding and snowmobilling, were 1st in line to go.
- all the guides go over the registration form, READING which people are part of which group/family << important

Since it was a 10:30AM run ( 2nd run of the day) and the group was large. The staff told us they are waiting for prior run to finish so we have sleds.
Concern #1 -- not enough sleds for a reserved timeslot.

While we were waiting, we were guided by a young lady with dreadlocks that kept referring herself as having "ADHD", just repeating it,
since she mentioned it over an over. The 1st step is the kennel introduction, beautiful dogs, everyone was able to pet them.
One of the dogs is in need of a $2k surgery, it has been waiting for the funds.. which was re-iterated multiple times.. I just paid $750 for 5 for 2hr trip, there
is plenty of cash flow.
Concern #2 -- how hard is it to come up with $2k when you charge over $5k per day.

The following was the 20 min overview of the sled driving. Pretty straight-forward, with focus on braking, hold braking.
Please pay attention to the sleds you are provided.
Some had ice buildup on the foot pegs, and I had to request to have the ice removed before leaving for the trip.
The guide tells you - DO NOT FALL OFF -- but there is ice on the foot pegs.
Concern #3 -- who inspects the sleds, and how often.

The previous run finishes, and the guides assign the groups to the dogs/sleds.
Lucky us, we are placed at the end of the line and we have the dogs from the just finished run.
Concern #4 -- we were told that since our son was going by himself, he needed a sled with 4 dogs, and needed to be on the end?
Why? that makes no sense or logic at all. Whatever. but as the story below will tell you, it was a key component to a disaster.

As the guides prepared the parties in front of us, one their sled breaks, they take ONE OF OUR SLEDS, and send them off.
While some parties are on the trail already, and other parties are being prepared, call comes over the radio, "someone broke a brake on their sled on the trail".
Everything stops, another sled is brought from the lake to replace the broken sled.
Everyone has to wait....
We are party of 5, require 3 sleds, we have 2. Now we wait.
and wait... finally we receive a smaller sled for our son, and it was just recently glued back together, yay!

After some time, now 11:45AM, finally all 6 sleds in front of us go out, and they are getting our 1st sled ready with out teenage girls.
They have 5 dogs, the guides send them off, one dog says no, they replace it, and no it will not go.. so they leave them with 4 DOGS, for 2 adults.
Same number of dogs as what my adult son will drive by himself. Interesting. No thrilled with the logistics, especially knowing that ending of the trail is a steep
uphill that requires assistance from driver to help the dogs finish the run.
Concern #5 -- The staff says it is stressful on the dogs, and they provide the best match of dogs for the sled weight, but allowing 2 young adults to go out with minimum horsepower ( 1 less dog),
how is this good for the dogs?

Another call comes over the radio - " Someone fell off the sled, and dogs took off".. staff is scrambling to correct.
Just remember -- our daughters are out on the trail, and we ( me, my wife, and our son) are still waiting.
and waiting...
We are being told by the dreadlock lady, they are working on a solution.
The main person in charge, Francis, says it will be short wait before we go.

After another 20 minutes, we are giving back bunch of logistical excuses how the:
- weather is impacting the trail causing the brakes to break ( not enough snow cover, rock, stump exposure)
- the order for extra sleds was placed, but they did not receive them.
why maximizing the profits if the equipment is not there?
- the dogs are not co-operating
DUDE! I am not on the sled, how would I know?
1st it is the sleds, now it is the dogs. If you do not have enough dogs, why do you book 9 sleds for a single timeslot?
- and this will make you cringe:
I almost lost it!

I told the lady in dreadlocks and another guide, this is YOUR FAILURE, THIS IS ON YOU, FIX IT.
This was not something they enjoyed hearing, they did not comeback to me to address the problem.
It was handled by Francis until the end.

The solution proposed by Francis was to WAIT FOR MY DAUGHTERS to finish their run, and go again together.
Per Francis -- they might not want to go again since they ONLY had 4 dogs, and they are working hard to help them.
Francis stated that he told my girls to take longer breakes going uphill? so we will have to wait longer due to your logistics.
Concern #6 -- What am I paying for, cardio exercise for my daughters or dog sledding?

Finally, all the sleds from our time slot arrive, and our daughters.
Our daughters says NO to another run, they are exhausted, why? over 100 dogs, but here, we can only squeeze you 4.
By the way, how did that their guide feel when bunch of 18 year olds could not tip him? He missed out.

Now it is OUR turn, can this be another failure??
Our dogs are still sitting there waiting with our sleds at the end of the line.
We are told by Francis, we are ready to send you out.
I am looking over, and Francis tells us the we will be using the dogs that just came back from the previous run.
We were told we have our own dogs that were being rested for the run, but then 2 hours later, after great rest, we get the tired dogs.
3 hours after our arrival, we finally went out.
Concern #7 -- wouldn't the rested dogs be better choice, even if you use less? or where you sparing these for next party, and just wanted us to move on?

We told Francis we were not happy, and he stated to address it at the front desk.
Was it enjoyable? no, it was foggy with anger, everything guide told me went in and out. I was done with it before I went out.
Our guide took a picture of the dogs and us in the sled.
We stopped on the lake, the dogs were laying down all over the snow, and we took a picture.
For larger tip, it would be better if the guide stopped us, then had the dogs walk the sled forward few steps.
I still tipped our guide, she was doing her best.
It was 2:30PM when we finished our run.
4 hours after our arrival, kids were freezing.

Not only was the entire experience a disaster in my eyes from the logistical and communication perspective, it ruined the remainder of our vacation day.
The late departure from the place, placed us in a terrible Montreal traffic, throwing the entire day schedule off, and missing out on another fun activity with the kids.

Maybe go 1st thing in the morning, 1st run.
Yes we agree, the dogs could be not behaving but
- it was over booked for the equipment available
- there is no backup gear available to provide on the spot, without impairing other parties experience.
- lack of ownership of failures is embarrassing
- when all the guides read the registration sheet, and then somehow forget that our daughters were part of our family group, that is unforgiven.

We called to receive partial credit back, nobody answered. Waiting for online reply.
Guaranteed to never come back, maybe will give dog sledding another try somewhere else.
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Southern Ontario16 条分享
2022年8月 • 家庭
Jeff was an amazing driver/guide on our 1 he keep ride through the hilly terrain. A highlight was getting to interact with the huskies that dog sled in the winter time. Jeff was knowledgeable and we learned more about plants you could eat in the bush, which mushrooms to stay away from and was happy to answer our questions. This made the excursion a real learning opportunity. We stopped a couple of times at some beautiful vistas and were treated to great scenery. We opted for a guide to drive but there is the choice to also drive yourself.
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Karl B
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Just did the Initiation to Dog Sledding with my wife and our 11-year old daughter. It was so much fun! The guides were helpful and friendly, and made us feel comfortable before the ride. I drove the sled, with my wife and daughter as passengers. Nice easy tour on the lake, and then we were able to spend some time cuddling with the dogs. Our daughter said it was the best part of our trip!
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瓜德罗普岛Basse-Terre Island33 条分享
Merveilleuse randonnée en moto neige en duo avec un encadrant expérimenté.

Après la prise en main sur un lac très proche, nous avons fait une superbe balade de 3h à travers la forêt, enneigée accompagnés par Jean-Yves un super professionnel.
Pour une première fois ce n’est pas trop long, nous reviendrons donc avec plaisir.

Merci à toute l’équipe très sympathique.
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Nora M
法国戛纳74 条分享
Une très belle expérience dans un lieu magique . L’équipe nous fait partager leur passion et est très disponible .
L’activité est physique mais a ne pas rater !
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