National Trust Museum of Childhood

National Trust Museum of Childhood(阿什伯恩)

National Trust Museum of Childhood

National Trust Museum of Childhood
专业博物馆 • 儿童博物馆
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00
上午11:00 - 下午5:00



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Staffordshire Moorlands141 条分享
Visited at the same time as the Hall for the first time recently. Spent an enjoyable hour looking at all the toys. Although there were a few families and a couple of school groups there seemed to be more adults, all reminiscing about which toys they had as children.
As NT members we didn't have to pay, not sure I would want to pay £12 for about an hour though!
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Chloe Campion
英国Cheadle11 条分享
2020年2月 • 家庭
Despite the National Trust marketing this place as “The Children’s Country House” it’s impossible to do if you’ve got young children or a child with additional needs.
We visited today with our 3 year old and our 1 year old (who is in a pushchair). We were told we needed to leave our pushchair in the buggy park while we walked around the hall - it’s was a very tight squeeze due to lots of places being roped off and my 3 year old (who is currently being assessed for autism) was told off by one of the volunteers while I was trying to explain to him why he couldn’t go under the rope. My son needs to be spoken to calmly so he understands why it might not be possible for him to do something and as I was explaining, a volunteer came to us and said “no, not up there, it’s dangerous and you will fall and get hurt” - my 3 year old struggles if you raise your voice and shout when he doesn’t understand so we had to leave the hall so I could calm him down and apologise to him and make him see that he hadn’t done anything wrong. All the while, my partner was struggling with our 1 year old as he doesn’t like being carried. So we left the hall and decided to walk to the play area. Well, what a disappointment. Half of it was roped off and the other half was dominated by much older teenagers who were climbing all over it which meant my son was too frightened to even go onto it. We attempted to get into the museum and were told no pushchairs were allowed in there either. Absolutely appalling. It took us an hour and a half to get there and we spent all of 15 minutes there and had to come home. The car park is also a mile away from the house so if you have children who can’t walk very far, it’s impossible. We will NOT be returning with our children. I’m just glad as NT members, we didn’t have to pay to get in.
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Lee Studley
英国Studley34 条分享
Always love coming here with the family and this visit was even better. The house had a celebration of board games where as you walk around the property you get to play giant versions of Dragons & Ladders, Cluedo, Guess Who, and a lego challenge that we all enjoyed.
The museum was fantastic too with the addition of a giant Dalek going down well with my kids!
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英国Aslockton28 条分享
As with all National Trust properties this one was excellent, really knowleable staff and a gret day out.
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Adam P
英国Kelsall239 条分享
2019年10月 • 夫妻情侣
Very good fun for all ages. We really enjoyed walking round the museum which includes a number of interactive pieces which aren't just for children. There were then a number of interesting exhibits aimed more at adults. We really enjoyed it and free for national trust members means we'll almost certainly be back. There is plenty of parking available however this is a ten minute walk away. On the same site as a sudbury hall and there is also a reasonably priced cafe and gift shop.
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Anna W
英国Bolsover539 条分享
2019年10月 • 家庭
So many things to see and very interactive. Spent a good hour wandering around and playing. Great for a rainy day activity
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英国马特洛克114 条分享
The museum is good, but probably more interesting to adults than to children. What made it so much better for the children, was the Victorian classroom experience, which was very well done, and enjoyable at any age.
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Martin F
英国迪斯利15 条分享
This is a hidden gem! The museum as a wide selection of toys throughout the 20th century. It took me right back to my childhood.
The kids loved it as well.
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英国达文特里1,442 条分享
this is a delightful place to come and being members of the national trust gave us a good day out. Loads of nostalgia relating to our childhood
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英国雷丁989 条分享
For us "Senior Citizens" our visit was full of "We used to play with those" and .... "Our children had those toys".
Not sure if younger children would find the museum that interesting ........ although it does have a Life Sized Dalek
Worth a visit - if you are going to nearby NT Sudbury Hall.
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