Swadlincote Ski and Snowboard Centre

Swadlincote Ski and Snowboard Centre

Swadlincote Ski and Snowboard Centre

Swadlincote Ski and Snowboard Centre
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上午10:00 - 下午9:00
上午10:00 - 下午6:30
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Steven Mentos
4 条分享
I visited here with the mentos family as a Christmas treat. as we walked in we was greeted by the lovely staff who gave us all the equipment that we needed and then sent us out to the slope. after the first time of going down to the bottom this is where the problems started. we all tried walking back up and found that it was very slippy and hard to walk up. My daughter apricot got the furthest out of all of us until some absolute bloody baboon came down the slope on a big rubber ring and took her feet from underneath her, god bless her. she was very upset by this and was struggling to walk. they could have at least put some grit down on the floor to make it possible to get back to the top of the slope as we ended up having to just walk out of the complex at the bottom and head straight home. if anyone from the ski slope is reading this get in contact with me I still have your rubber rings in my car and they are taking up too much room. Wouldn't recommend going ever again, and I mean they didn't even have a beer tap
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Michael N
1 条分享
2021年10月 • 家庭
I booked a slide and ride session online back in October 2021 but due to the poor website I found myself booking two sessions by accident. I rang the ski slope straight away and explained what had happened and they said that I would be refunded for the additional session. I was promised the refund before Christmas but I still haven't received it. Poor service in my eyes.
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7 条分享
2021年11月 • 家庭
We took 4 ten year olds for my daughters birthday. Excellent check in, fast and efficient. Did the drop slide first which they loved. Didn't take long though so I would say 3 go's is maybe not quite enough. Literally was done in ten minutes. Then, on to snow tubing. The girls loved this and it was definitely their favourite, however, we started 5 mins late and finished on time so actually the girls only got 25 minutes on this. Lastly, the tobogganing, disaster. Teenagers hanging around near the track jumping over the tracks caused the girls to slow right down to avoid collision. Then, they were shouting things to my daughter causing her to get upset and she then wouldn't go back on. I did report this to staff who were straight on it clearing them away but the boys just came back five minutes later and did exactly the same. My daughter was terrified and we left. Security needs to be better as it looked like the boys had just snuck in to cause mischief. Also, health and safety!
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Daniel H
英国德比郡22 条分享
We came here for a kids birthday party (10 children), and had booked the "Sno-tubing" and tobogganing party package which included a hot meal for the kids afterwards.

We booked this over the phone in advance, staff were very helpful, party invites were sent out to our address to send to the kids ahead of time, and we were able to book our desired date and time with no fuss.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff who sent us upstairs to the seating and bar area whilst the party gathered. It is worth noting that this area is only accessible by stairs.

The sno-tubing (inflatable ring) was great for the kids (and parents too!). The instructors explained what to do and there were different sized rings for the kids (our party ranged between 4 and 10 years). The staging point was halfway up the main ski slope, which was still plenty of height and space for them to enjoy the ride down. There was plenty of time for the kids to enjoy the activity before moving on.

The tobogganing was a short walk away down the hill. Children under 8 had to ride with an adult, and each child had two turns as part of the party package. Although the initial hill climb was quite steep, the descent was gentle and each toboggan had a brake lever to control speed (along with signposted braking points). Again the children enjoyed this.

When it came to meal time, it took some time to bring all of the food out, but the portions were generous and consisted of typical kids party food (burgers, nuggets, chips, beans, sundae for pudding etc). We took our own birthday cake, but the staff cut it up for us and organised the birthday sing song. Staff were very conscious of dietary requirements and catered to a nut allergy with no fuss.

Overall, we were very pleased with the experience for the kids, it's something different for a birthday party, good value for money, and the kids enjoyed it.

Thank you :)


- friendly staff
- dietary requirements met
- value for money


- the upstairs seating area is not very accessible (ie stairs only)
- hill is very steep (prepare to walk!)
- more staff needed in seating area and bar (during meal times at least)
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英国Mansfield22 条分享
We booked the ‘slide, ride & drop’.
We had a fantastic time, the only thing you really need to be aware of is after every ‘slide and drop’ (tubing) you have to walk back up the slope with your tube to go again.
We were advised it’s actually better to go in a larger group (or book when other people have booked too) as it gives you more time to get back to go again.
We did feel we’d missed out a bit on the slide and drop tubing but that’s purely down to the walk back up and fitness, the going down the slopes was great fun.
Having said that, we had a lovely lady instructor who gave us extra time on the ride (toboggan) instead which we really enjoyed.
We’d definitely recommend it.
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英国Swadlincote128 条分享
2021年9月 • 夫妻情侣
This was a great experience, a treat to my MIL for her 68th birthday, as she is very active and love a little adrenaline rush. Was a really good few hours having pre booked the night before the experience was straight forward. We took part in the Snow tubing and afterwards the Toboggan which was brilliant.
The staff are all very helpful and polite and from what I observed very good with children.
Instructions are very clear and anything used by others thoroughly sanitised before they start a new session, which was good to see considering the times we are in with Covid.
Overall a brilliant and already planning to go with a larger group.
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martin j
英国曼彻斯特21 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
My kids are currently doing the tubing and tobogganing for £15. Good value, they enjoyed the activities. The place is absolutely shabby, so much more could be done with this place. What a shame. The toboggan ride kept breaking down.
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英国莱切斯特486 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Lots of fun, something different. Friendly and welcoming staff, who seemed to enjoy their roles. Kids loved it, and was money well spent! Worth the visit.
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Nicholas Hart
16 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Great morning of activities with experienced helpful staff and well organised covid secure activities!
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Sue P
英国伦敦46 条分享
2021年8月 • 家庭
Booked giant slide sno tubing and tobogganing and loved it all!

Fantastic family fun helpful friendly staff and a great morning out - wonderful! Highly recommend!
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