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俄亥俄Stow3 条分享
2022年9月 • 夫妻情侣
Primitive camped on site 3 … the pictures have it appear flat when it actually was almost all on a hill. We did like the privacy of the site. If we were to camp again we will select site 8 or one of the ones in the far back. Latrines were clean as latrines can be. Running water available to wash dishes. Purchasing wood was a bit more expensive than ither places I have visited. And hiking trails were everywhere with pretty scenary. Lots of deer and chipmunks. Quiet at night - slept great. Recommended - just not sites 1-3
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Jennifer C
2 条分享
2022年9月 • 家庭
I found a maggot in our bedroom, spiderwebs everywhere, patio was nasty, and a lot of stuff got damaged by other people staying in cabins. A $200 fishing pole got broken and a motor that was to be delivered on the day we left, got damaged pretty bad. It's an almost $3,000 motor! The manager refused to give us some free nights in exchange for a terrible experience. Not very happy. All they told us was to call odnr and make a report. Very mad about management and housekeeping 😡😡
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俄亥俄Saint Clairsville2 条分享
2022年7月 • 家庭
The lake is great! Marinas are average because bathrooms are not kept clean. The lodge food is excellent. We stayed in Cabin 1 and it was filthy dirty with mold/mildew growing above the shower. For the price, I expect a place that I don’t have to clean myself. Docks for the cabins were substandard, wood could easily give you splinters and the black rubber was falling off the edge. I would definitely stay away from the pet friendly cabins. Notwithstanding the subpar housekeeping and dock issues, had a great time with my family on our boats and sitting around the fire!
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Sandra W
俄亥俄哥伦布35 条分享
We visited Salt Fork state park in June 22 for a day trip and did some hiking. We were impressed with how pretty it was - a bit surprised at the lack of trail maintenance. By the end we were actually doing a bit of clearing some of the trails ourselves. Theres a lot of flies and a fair bit of poison ivy. Long pants were a good idea. We visited Stone House museum which is a nice old house with a great view. The latrine there was surprisingly in that the women's side had some kind of wasps overhead and a very very large spider in there. I used the mens instead. There is a nice dock by the museum and we sat on that and had a snack - dangled our feet in the water. It was quiet and pretty.
We had some dinner in the lodge bar. Like everywhere these days I think they are probably struggling for help. There was just the one bartender/waitress there and she was swamped - but she still gave us good service and we thought our food tased pretty good.
We visited again for an overnight stay in the primitive camp ground in July 22. We brought our kayaks and paddled both days. The paddling was pretty great. The lake is huge and we explored two different parts of it. Because we had paid for camping we were able to use the main campground beach and kayak put in and the shower buildings over there. That was all quite nice. We enjoyed our post-paddle swims here.
The primitive campground where we stayed was quiet and maybe 40% full? Nice picnic table and fire ring. We were not close to the other tents. There are 4 clusters of tent camping spots and two of them have latrines in them. Only one had potable water. The latrines are pretty old style - like no lids on the pits which means the smell is worse and so are the flies. They could be nicer for sure. I'm glad I reserved a camping spot in one of the clusters farther from the latrine.
Very little traffic down the primitive camp road. Woke to a lot of birds singing. Saw a few scarlet tanagers flitting around as we ate our breakfast next to the tent. Saw a few hummingbirds as well.
On the water we saw turtles and many heron, and lots of fish jumping.

All in all I think Salt Fork could use some updating but its a really gorgeous place hidden in rural Ohio.
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Silvia C F
佛罗里达基西米732 条分享
2022年6月 • 家庭
Adoramos o parque! É lindo!
SaiMos da Florida de RV e fomos até o parque. Ficamos por uma semana.
Tudo funcionou bem: espaço da RV, banheiros, lavanderia.

Pontos à melhorar: a loja que vende gelo funciona das 09 ( ou 10 ) até as 06pm. Se vc precisar de gelo ( ou qq outra coisa) você terá que procurar um mercado.

Sugestão: oferecer alguns cursos, tipo de pesca ou canoagem.

Dica: peque seu spot de RV próximo a praianha.

No mais, voltaremos com certeza!
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14 条分享
2022年1月 • 家庭
My mom and I are in cabin 9. The cabin is horribly out-dated and needs repairs. Also, the cabin counter and tabletop surfaces were dirty. I was thankful I brought Lysol wipes and spray.

I am thankful to have a place to stay but feel like we may have made a bad choice. The beds are comfortable. There is everything you need in the kitchen: plates, bowls, glasses, silverware, coffee pot, toaster, and microwave.

The view of the lake is fantastic but is blocked by the blinds in between the panes of glass that are broken.

We’ll be here for a few more days because there is too much to load up and move. I’m disappointed because I would expect better from a State Park.
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Anne R
俄亥俄哥伦布1 条分享
2021年12月 • 家庭
Spending New Years Eve here and we are having a blast! We are a full family with kids (adults, teens and younger) and they have set up numerous things for kids to do; scavenger hunt, movies, archery, prizes, face paint, ice cream social … and much more. They had a schedule of activities thru the day. There was a kid friendly countdown and also a separate adults only countdown to midnight. The lodge also has many things in the lounge that are adult only for those that are trying to enjoy an adult night. Rooms and lodge are cozy and clean. Staff has been helpful and very friendly. We feel very welcome. We’ve been looking for a new kid oriented place to spend New Years Eve and we found it! We will definitely be back. I would recommend Salt Fork to anyone!
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Wyatt B
纽约州Johnson City18 条分享
Very nicely appointed cabins with big screen TVs and hot tubs included in each cabin, sleeps six with immediate access to the lake right out the back.
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伊利诺伊州芝加哥5,744 条分享
I visited Salt Fork State Park in Lore City with a friend on a day trip from Columbus on a fine summer day. The main purpose of our outing was to go on a couple of hikes. First we stopped at the Visitor Center (not open) and picked up a trail map. We enjoyed the short (1/2 mile) Mosak's Cave Trail where the trail ended at a cave with a waterfall. Getting to the top of the cave is prohibited due to the danger of falls from cliffs. Our second hike was the Stone House Loop Trail (about 2 miles). For the front leg of this hike we took the lake side trail, and had good views of the lake; and on the return leg we took the landside trail which had more rock formations. Both sections were quite woodsy. The Stone House was closed, but we still enjoyed walking around the historic building. The trail is well maintained. Note that the Stone House also has roadway access.

Salt Fork State Park is a nice park with lots of recreational opportunities, though we explored only a part of the hiking trails during our half day visit.
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Cambridge Springs254 条分享
Be sure to check out everything the park has on-line, as there's plenty to do. Love to come the next chance we get.
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