The National Museum of Cambridge Glass

The National Museum of Cambridge Glass

The National Museum of Cambridge Glass

The National Museum of Cambridge Glass
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Rebecca V
俄亥俄Warren70 条分享
Beautiful and informative
2021年10月 • 好友
I love glass pieces and this museum did not disappoint. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I learned so much and now can’t wait to get home and see how much Cambridge glass I have!
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259 条分享
Interactive and informative
This glass museum does a wonderful job of integrating activities for all ages. Although it is a self-guided tour of the cases, the intrepretor does a wonderful job guiding multiple groups around and answering questions.

To begin you watch a brief movie introducing you to the history of the museum. The intrepretor answers questions, tells you a little more and shows examples, then she sends you to the displays. You can dress as a glass maker and do a rubbing of the plates to take with you.

There are shop areas where you can purchase pieces to support the museum.

Our intrepretor recommended we take a factory tour less than 10 minutes drive away to see the process in action.
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Casse Kartman
5 条分享
2021年2月 • 夫妻情侣
They are closed until April 1. Best to call first, since the info I found on the internet indicated they were open.
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俄亥俄West Chester6,071 条分享
2020年12月 • 好友
I can't say enough of how cool this museum is! Obviously it's dedicated to the local glass/glass making, but it's also a history Museum as well. Make sure you take a docent led tour, because you will get so much information that it'll be an even better experience - and the docents are AMAZING! Make sure to check their hours, because they are seasonal. Well worth a stop, and give yourself about two hours. Enjoy.
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Deborah L
1 条分享
Families that live there worked at The Cambridge Glass Company
Cambridge, the town is cherished by those that live there, it shines in the sunlight. When you are part of a legacy to leave for others education, you can't help but be proud of the history. The ladies in the museum were delightful. The glass colors were like the rainbow in the sky after a rain. Husband and I were on the interstate for the long drive east from Indiana to Harrisburg Pa. Daughter, who has visited, had just texted the address and the husband immediately took the exit. We are so glad we did, another adventure, just thinking about it makes you smile. So does my purchase from the gift shop!
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16 条分享
WOW what a museum
My wife and I were looking to fill a couple hours as we were headed North on I-77 after leaving West Virginia. The Cambridge Glass Museum had wonderful ratings so we thought we would give it a shot. Neither of us know much about glassware, but we do enjoy looking at"old stuff", so we easily found the location without much effort. We were warmly greeted as we entered, and appeared to be the only guests. The place was quite clean and well lit. We chatted with the friendly docent then watched a video concerning the history of the Cambridge Glass company. The video was quite informative and interesting. After the video and more small talk we started our tour. The glassware was arranged by year produced starting around 1902 and ending in the mid 1950's. I'll tell you, this museum has the finest collection of beautiful old glassware that I have ever seen. I would guess that there were hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful glass objects in all different sizes and shapes, beautifully arranged by colors, in case after case after case. I never knew glassware could be so colorful and visually stimulating.. These people that produced these items were truly highly skilled artists. I could go on and on. The back of the building had a separate room with old company items and much more information. There was a gift area with many many items of old and beautiful Cambridge glass for sale. I don't say this lightly. If you enjoy old glassware, this museum is a top notch, world class museum. Yes, it is world class in my opinion. This place is a very well kept secret that my wife and I stumbled upon by chance. What a wonderful two hours was spent.
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佛罗里达德拉海滩9 条分享
First Time’s a Charm...Second Time an Addiction!
2019年6月 • 夫妻情侣
One does not have to be a glass collector to appreciate the beauty of the display of colorful, high-quality, antique/vintage American glass. There are pieces/patterns on display that are extremely rare and others that are very obtainable on eBay, antique malls, & vintage/antique glass shows throughout the country. Why register your wedding pattern at Crate and Barrel and pay top dollar for cheap Chinese imports? Find a pattern/color here that you love, and go collect it! (The museum staff can help you identify patterns/colors that are readily obtainable...not something crazy expensive and/or rare.). The museum does sell “starter pieces” donated by members, and unlike other museums, they do not price gouge; they are priced very fairly. BTW, on your first time visiting the museum, you’ll probably hangout for an hour; your second’ll be there for four!
Note: I am a collector of Cambridge Glass (Caprice and Everglades patterns) and yes, I shop at Crate and Barrel, too!
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Thank you for the great review! We look forward to your next visit to the National Museum of Cambridge Glass.
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9 条分享
WOW, amazing
What an experience. To see how they blow glass, the whole history, and sooooo many examples of the different types of glass. Pictures of movies/series that their glass has been in. Our three year old grandaughter even got the chance to dress up as a glass blower, and have her photo taken on the bench, holding the pole used by the blowers. we were very fortunate to be able to buy some glasses, AND they didnt get broken on our flight home. Very much well worth the vivit.
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We are happy you enjoyed your museum visit and your Cambridge Glass made it home safely! Thank you for the nice review and come again some day.
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Guernsey Girl
俄亥俄57 条分享
The Elegance of a Bygone Era
2019年11月 • 夫妻情侣
This visit to the museum showed the wonderful history of Cambridge Glass from the early 1900's to the 1950's when the factory close it's doors. There is a short & interesting film showing how the glassware was made. It was filmed in the factory as it was being made by the employees. The glassware in the museum is displayed in a chronological order starting with the earliest pieces and progressing on to the later glassware. It is a self guided tour of the displayed glassware with a guide book, but there are Cambridge Glass members present if you have any questions. They also have a section where there are pictures of the glassware where it has been noted in films and TV shows. Also Cambridge Glass for sale which helps support it's operation. There's more I could say but it's worth the trip you will have to find out for yourself!!
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Thank you for the great review! We hope you visit again soon.
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俄亥俄朴茨茅斯143 条分享
beautiful glassware and history
This is a wonderful museum full of simply beautiful glass art. I love this type of glassware and told the host I was never leaving. He took us on a tour of the displays describing when and how the glass was made. Cases of thrilling pieces of artwork. There is also a short film (made in the 1950's) of the history of Cambridge Glass. There is then a display of how the glass was created. I collect this type of glass and this museum is breathtaking for me. Highly recommend.
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Thank you for visiting the National Museum of Cambridge Glass. We are glad you enjoyed your tour!
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