McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum

McKinley Presidential Library & Museum
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纽约州纽约市384 条分享
A bit disappointed that the McKinley Presidential Museum has only a limited focus on William McKinley. His exhibit is nicely done, but small, one room, and their is only a general overview of his term as president. I was expecting more about his life, and presidency. The museum also houses a very nice exhibit about Stark County with a Old Time Street, which gives you a feel for the history and life relevant to when the McKinley's lived there. We also saw a nice, temporary exhibit on Norman Rockwell, but again, not relevant to the McKinley's.
Outside of the main building, high on a hill is the final resting place for the McKinley's. A lot of steps, but it presents as respectful and quite grand, with beautiful views.
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加拿大奥克维尔3 条分享
We were warmly and enthusiastically welcomed by the staff at the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum. It was immediately evident that all of those involved have a passion for preserving history and celebrating the local heroes who made a significant impact on the United States of America. The displays throughout the museum were detailed, and engaging, including a blend of artifacts to view and read about, and interactive displays. The Hoover suction chair lift was a highlight for my 12 year old daughter! As a teacher, I also loved the detailed Street of Shops, which captured life on a typical Main Street in the early 1900s. I hope my students will feel as enthusiastic about all of the (non-flash) photos I took! Discover World on the lower level had several unique and interactive exhibits which allowed visitors to do things like play Tic-Tac-Toe with a robot, power a lightbulb with a hand-crank, and experience the motion of a tornado with steam. Ecology Island was less engaging for our teens, but well-maintained and a draw for younger visitors. This area of the Museum was less connected to McKinley's Presidency and more reflective of his personal interest in science and nature.

The price of admission was on par with other Presidential Libraries and our tour took about two hours - we did ride that Hoover suction chair a few times though! The Planetarium show was not running on the day of our visit, so call ahead if you hope to see that. We had hoped to visit and explore the grounds around the museum, but the weather did not allow it. This would definitely be part of our subsequent visit to Canton, OH. We climbed the 96 steps to the top of the McKinley National Memorial (in the pouring rain) which looks out onto the beautiful grounds of the Museum and out toward Canton.

The reason for our 4/5 review was that the Presidential Library is closed to the public, but this was not clear from the website (or even from the tour map). My husband and son are history and book enthusiasts and had hoped to even see inside the Library, but that was not permitted. Access to this would have made the experience complete!

The Ohio Historical Society is to be praised for the dedication to preserving this museum, and for the beautiful touches that enhanced our experience - the Christmas decor alone was worth the price of admission!
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新泽西Wenonah90 条分享
This somewhat out-of-the-way location was a pleasant surprise of our Midwest trip. The facility is nowhere near as large as some Presidential libraries, but documents McKinley's presidency fairly well (although there should be more McKinley and less Stark County Museum in the building housing the displays). We enjoyed the magnificent dome which serves as McKinley's final resting place.
The facility has room on the grounds for an expansion of the building to house ONLY McKinley information.....Perhaps that is the way to go here.
Serious presidential history buffs might be disappointed, but we had a pleasant time there, and learned a few things we did not know before.
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Beverly D
新泽西Morris Plains209 条分享
Only a portion of the museum is dedicated to President McKinley so the museum,s name is somewhat misleading. Other exhibits featured Stark County, a Street of Shops, a science center, and a planetarium. This may provide wider appeal,especially for kids, but we were there to focus on the President. The McKinley Gallery did cover the highlights of his life and career including his assasination.
Adjacent to the museum is the large domed tomb where brand his family are buried.
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Fort Atkinson1,096 条分享
If you're hoping for a summary of McKinley's life and times this isn't it. The museum is located in a beautiful park, the tomb/monument impressively sitting on the hill at the end of the driveway. That's the highlight. The museum building is a collection of old furnishings with little said about the times, struggles, issues that McKinley faced. Half of the building is actually another county science museum that does a good job of encouraging kids to race excitedly from one exhibit to the other, not the mood I expected in a presidential museum. Another section of the museum is period exhibits from the north central Ohio lifestyle, adding the mishmash that was unexpected and unsettling. The tomb/monument is out the front door. It has a couple of markers of interest that offer information. Note that the facility is owned by the county so the national park/recreation pass is not accepted.
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Seymour559 条分享
A few rooms about McKinley, but most of the space is the Stark County Museum or science or other exhibits for kids.
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明尼苏达明尼阿波利斯21 条分享
Monument is HUGE! We had no idea it was so large. Great views of the area from the top. There are 108 steps to get to it, but if you need handicap access there is a road that winds around the back of the hill and you'll need an access code from the visitor center/museum. There is a short movie in the museum building about the building of the monument that was interesting. The McKinley items in the museum are interesting, but it is only one room. The rest of the museum is a science center, local history information, and planetarium. Might now be worth the admission fee if you only want to see the McKinley stuff. Looks like a great hands-on place for kids of all ages though.
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印第安那印第安纳波利斯219 条分享
The McKinley monument is very nice, the museum has a little bit about McKinley, a little bit about Stark County history, and some natural history/science sections. There's quite a bit to see, and it is fun for all ages.
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伊利诺伊州Streator19 条分享
2022年5月 • 夫妻情侣
Impressive monument , the museum itself is on the small side and limited some exhibits for kids but most were down or closed when we visited.
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The museum reviews Stark county history. We enjoyed the exhibit by Norman Rockwell there now, which includes a lot of his Saturday Evening Post covers.
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