The Spa at Glenmoor
The Spa at Glenmoor



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Quinn G
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2024年1月 • 家庭
This place is HAUNTED! At least 3 of the employees confirmed it. I went for a wedding and upon pulling into the gated community, there were beautiful homes some still decorated in Christmas lights. Once we pulled up to the "inn" it looked like an asylum only to find out it used to be a seminary but gothic. What is that? Fast forward to my husband going to make a complaint and taped it discretely only for the staff to admit the place was haunted. He comes back to the room and lets me hear the footage. Once we got to them admitting to the paranormal activity, i got up and started packing. I tapped us leaving our room only to be greeted by an orb that i didn't even realize was in the picture and mentioned i was looking for pranormal activity only for it to move up in front of the mirror and start shining. There actually was 3 orbs after i watched again. I walked past the back room and the door was open. I myst appeared inches away from me. No lights were on so you could see it very well in the footage. I sent what i taped to my husband only for the orb to be nonexistent in a part of the video and me to be completely blurred out in the mirror. We both have new iphones so if you know what those pics look like, it looks like i sent it to an old model android which was also creepy.
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Jessika S
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2019年12月 • 夫妻情侣
This place is rushed and old I expected this beautiful fancy place and got sore eyes honestly this place looks haunted not to mention is really expensive like they are giving you a great experience ha. It felt like a bunch of unexperienced highschool students were doing the treatments. Seriously needs a remodel bad place everything smells like old musk. Amd the products they use on you smell expired and like old people. Just seriously don’t waste your money here haha. Its so old/cheap it makes us kinda laugh.
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Vicky H
俄亥俄哥伦布13 条分享
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Our couples massage was relaxing and wonderful experience. Pleasant music, smelled very nice, very good deep tissue massage.
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Susan K
俄亥俄Mineral City6 条分享
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2018年11月 • 好友
Terrible experience. My daughter and I scheduled birthday pedicures together, and mine didn’t even start until 45 minutes after hers. Felt rushed and overcharged.
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Madeleine Z
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2017年2月 • 好友
My mom and I always wanted to try the Glenmoor Spa because the marketing we saw described it as a luxury and exclusive experience. As we entered the country club property, the gate and houses were beautiful, although the spa was very hard to find. There were no signs that indicated where to go so we guessed a random door and we found it. As you enter, the atmosphere feels like a gym. It did not smell like a relaxing spa, more like workout machines and weights. As we were lead into the locker room, we were shocked to see a very dated room that was old and not the least bit luxurious. We then found out we had to drink our mimosas in the locker room, as there was no waiting room. Our massages took place in little rooms inside the locker room, where you could here other guests talking the entire time so it was very hard to relax and enjoy the service. The massage was good, but neither masseuse introduced themselves or asked what pressure we liked. My masseuse had a Dr. Pepper in her hand as she showed me my massage room. Our massage was a 60 minute Swedish massage and ours lasted 50 minutes. After our massages, we went to use the steam and sauna, both of which were not working. Overall, the experience was a total disappointment and we will not be returning.
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Julee M
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I took my daughter here for a first spa experience. We did facials, pedi, Mani, lunch. The over all experience was great! Our facials were beyond relaxing our Mani was great. The lunch excellent. Service was friendly and they constantly made sure we were comfortable and didn't need anything. I only have two complaints one was the pedi while they look cute now the pedis were very rushed, no relaxing at these pedis. My feet were in the warm relaxing water for about one minute.. Then paint and done shipped on our way. The second complaint is it was hard to find the entrance to the spa. They had no sign showing us it was there so we just guessed a door! Luckily it was right! Price was not horrible but not great. We will be returning just skipping the pedi!!
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俄亥俄坎顿149 条分享
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2015年3月 • 独自旅游
I get my haircut at the Spa at Glenmoor and sometimes a little color put in to give me a few years back. As a male who has just begun doing this, and admittedly a little shy, I find the smaller salon without the public more comfortable. The stylists do a remarkable job.
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俄亥俄坎顿17 条分享
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2015年3月 • 独自旅游
Although the massage was amazing, the environment was not. Spent my hour listening to people carry on conversations and laughing in the hall outside of the spa/massage room. Could not relax. Also, a work crew was working on the sky lights above the women's locker room, so I could not relax from listening to the pounding on the room.
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Jennifer F
Avon Lake38 条分享
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2013年8月 • 好友
You could just feel the energy and synergy from the exceptional staff who used luscious products while they pampered you in this exquisite spa. Lovely and relaxing.... very freindly staff... Highly recommend the experience!!
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俄亥俄坎顿218 条分享
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2012年12月 • 独自旅游
I went to this spa thinking it would be exclusive and wonderful. All it really was was a small hotel fitness area that offered a few overpriced spa services. No relaxing music. Bright orange walls. The women's locker room was like stepping back into 1986 -- teal and pink! Cracks in the ceiling plaster. Old plastic flip flops for spa shoes. Just plain tacky. If you want a wonderful spa experience in Canton, go to the Spa at Atrium. Don't waste your time or money at Glenmoor.
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